Fat question on intake


So, to obtain 65g of fat daily, the easiest way is to drink olive oil like this

olive oil , about 600ml each and every day?? is that right?


Different olive oils have different densities. You should weigh the serving size for your oil (15mL seems to be very common) to see exactly how many grams it is. The first stuff I bought was like 12g for 15mL, the stuff I’m using now is I think 7.5g … oh crap, my spreadsheet says 17.5g, I may have had significantly more calories in my drink yesterday and today than I thought, haha. Going to have to double check when I get home. But anyway, it pays to measure, there’s a great deal of variance and it makes a big difference in the outcome.

The stuff I’m using now is also 12g per 15mL serving.


I just re-measured my olive oil. This time it actually came out to be 12g, which is the same for both of the other two olive oils I measured, so maybe that is more common than I thought. Important note: shake up your olive oil a bit before weighing/using. I measured 5mL and my scale registered 4.159, last time it registered ~3.5, I’m assuming because I hadn’t agitated the oil and it was a bit thinner on top.


Olive oil alone probably does not give you enough of all the essential fatty acids, so a combination of olive, fish and linseed oil would probably be best, and I would add coconut oil to that, saturated fat is good for you, especially for men.


So, to obtain 65g of fat daily, the easiest way is to drink olive oil
like this olive oil , about 600ml each and every day?? is that right?

False, more like 80ml I think. 600ml would be so crazy!


It would also be like…five thousand calories :smiley:


Olive oil definitely does not give you a proper balance of EFAs. 65 grams of olive oil has .49g of omega 3, you need at least 1.6, olive oil has 6.35 grams of omega 6, and you need at least 14. To get proper levels of EFAs, you will need to blend fish, flaxseed (fish alone for omega 3s will likely have you overdosing on vitamin A) and grapeseed, then get the rest of your dietary fat from olive oil.


Flaxseed meal and Tahini (aka sesame butter, extremely liquidy).

Both are awesome fat sources for this purpose.

Plus, unlike pure olive oil, they make your soylent taste BETTER.


thanks all, I’m very glad I asked :slight_smile:


Hemp Seed oil is a good oil as well.


From 45g Olive oil and 25g Canola oil combined you’d be getting:

70g fat of which

  • 8g is saturated

  • 50g is mono-unsaturated

  • 12g is poly-unsaturated with 2.6g om3 and 9.1g om6

Does anyone know if this can be considered healthy long-term? The ratio of om3 and om6 seems very reasonable to me. You could lower the amount of both sources equally to be in the recommended om3 range but then you’d be getting less fat in total, which I would not want.
I don’t think that you need fishoil as an extra as the body can break the ALA om3 down to the oils you’d be getting directly from the fish source.
Appreciate feedback :smile:


Is it the title of this thread or aren’t there any fat experts in the forum?


I disagree with your assumption that you don’t need the fish oil. Your body will need to convert the Canola or OO to DHA before it can absorb it properly. The problem is that this is not a lossless process. Although I can’t find how much is lost with the conversion to DHA.

You might want to check this thread:

I found a reference to the efficiency to convert short-chain O3 to EPA/DHA and it is less than 5%
I was actually hoping that number would be farther north than 5%.