Favorite part about Soylent for lunch


I recall a while back one of the ‘criticisms’ of Soylent was that it would lead to a dystopian future in which employees are forced to eat it to increase productivity and decrease downtime for food during work hours or some such nonsense. This is pretty silly, but as someone who works on a computer in a cubicle maze, I’d say my favorite thing is that my lunch time has been cut down to the 30 seconds it takes to walk to the break room and drink some Soylent.

This translates to being able to leave work around 4 PM, well before almost anyone else and right before the traffic gets bad, which saves me even more time. I get a solid 1.5 hours back in my day due to this, on average. It’s become one of the main reasons I eat Soylent, in addition to not having my usual after lunch crash and fighting to stay awake at my desk.

Just thought I’d share as someone who usually can’t tell the difference between a healthy meal and a terrible one as far as my body feels, and who hasn’t really noticed any other particular benefits of Soylent. The time savings alone make it worth it to me.


I work in Manhattan and have an hour lunch break, about a good 15-45 minutes was spent deciding on what I felt like eating, walking there, waiting in line and paying out the ass for something that I didn’t really want half the time. The rest of the time was usually spent eating or wandering around if I actually had time. Now I down my Soylent before I go on my lunch break and have an hour to myself to do whatever I want.


I too take a walk around the block at lunch time and take about 30 seconds or so to drink my lunch. Double healthy.


I actually spend more time at the dinner table now than I did before. I have a very small list of foods that I will eat. This usually made my preparation and eating at a different time than the rest of my family. Now that I don’t really have any preparation time from my dinner, I have started sitting at the table with my wife and daughter as they eat. So count me as another that calls BS on the idea that Soylent will make us all anti-social…