February 13, 2013. The day Soylent started


Why does Reddit have all the good Posts?

February 13, 2013. The day Soylent started. A bit of perspective for the complainers of how far this product has come in a stunningly short time…



interesting reading this again now that I’ve been on 100% DIY Soylent for over 2 weeks. I am happy for Rob that he experienced all these wonderful miracles but I can’t say the same is true for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my DIY and I can’t say that I’ve had any negative effects, but other than time gained from not having to prepare and shop for food, I can’t claim sharing just one of Rob’s extensive miracles. My skin is the same, my hair is the same, my energy level is the same, blood pressure and blood sugar are the same, hunger and cravings are the same and I’ve lost only 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s because I’m more than twice Rob’s age, maybe it’s because I want to lose weight at 5’5” / 141 lbs, or maybe it’s because I have no plans on starting a Kickstarter campaign selling my new discovery. Bad, bad girl. I don’t really mean that. I’m forever grateful to Rob because this post has led me to become a Soylent backer which led me to this forum as well as to the DIY site. I just recently requested a refund from Soylent because I don’t like the taste of the product in comparison to my DIY and it was followed up on and granted within three days. Super friendly customer service, btw. But I really wouldn’t mind experiencing just one of those benefits Rob’s describing in his article.


Actually, @amy, if it continues steadily then losing 2 pounds in 2 weeks sounds great. At 5’5"/141lbs, you don’t have a ton of weight to lose, and in general it’s much healthier to lose weight slowly.

But yeah it would be awesome if everything else in your life improved as well!


Yes, a pound a week is what docs recommend if you want the weight loss to be sustainable.


@wms and @asympt: I’m really happy with my slow weight loss, I wasn’t complaining.
Rob said in his post from the above link: "I feel like the six million dollar man. My physique has noticeably improved, my skin is clearer, my teeth whiter, my hair thicker and my dandruff gone. My resting heart rate is lower, I haven’t felt the least bit sickly, rare for me this time of year. I’ve had a common skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris since birth. That was gone by day 9. I used to run less than a mile at the gym, now I can run 7. I have more energy than I know what to do with. On day 4 I caught myself balancing on the curb and jumping on and off the sidewalk when crossing the street like I used to do when I was a kid. People gave me strange looks but I just smiled back. Even my scars look better. "
I don’t know about you, but those words pull the $$ right out of my wallet.
So my post meant to be sarcastic (in a loving way) by comparing my 2 lb loss to Rob’s 12 lb loss in the same time frame just like I was comparing his sky-rocketing energy level to my same-as-before energy level, etc… and I was implying that the big (at that time potential) Soylent payday may have had more to do with Rob’s benefits than the actual Soylent. I’m probably wrong though; after all I’m on DIY. I’m sure most of those consuming official Soylent have thrown out their dandruff shampoo along with their teeth whitener on their 7-mile run.


Not saying their have to specific miracles, but for the craving you should probably finetune your DIY to take your cravings into account. @axcho and @livingparadox do try to adjust their DIY a lot with help of their cravings. @livingparadox for example found that he needs more Vitamin C and salt and that helped a lot with his cravings etc. afaik.
Cravings are mostly the body telling you something is missing. (not always, but mostly)


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You’re the censorship type, aren’t you?


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JulioMiles specifically mentioned criticism was acceptable on the forums. Having an issue with shipping was explicit listed as a criticism accepted on the forums.

You may have a problem with their “whining” but Rosa Labs seems to see some value in allowing it on the forums.


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I actually tweak official Soylent, but other than that, spot on. To add a little more, supplementing my Soylent in accordance with my cravings has resulted each time in a change in my cravings, usually removing my desire for whatever I was craving before.

@amy I would echo stp’s advice. Your cravings are how your body tells you it needs more. What I like doing is walking through a grocery store and see what sticks out to me, looking up what nutrients it’s high in. I usually find some common thread between them (fiber, omega 6 fatty acids, and vitamin a I’ve each noticed in turn). For me personally, increasing my fat intake (especially by adding more of the official blend) has allowed me to experience more of Rob’s reported benefits.


The people complaining about the complainers have become much more annoying than the complainers themselves, as well as much more damaging to the community and to the reputation of Soylent as a whole.

It’s okay if someone has a different opinion than you. If you’ve allowed yourself to become this upset about being exposed to different viewpoints than your own, maybe you should take a break to allow yourself to cool down and relax.


I couldn’t agree more. This seems akin to “I will not tolerate this intolerance!”


I have 0 issue with anyone complaining on this forum. If I was part of the staff at Soylent, I would 100% support it. Far better for people to come here and vent than anything else.

You probably have Soylent as I have had it for months. If I still hadn’t received Soylent I would be very angry too. Don’t open threads that are certain to contain criticism and move on.


I agree that the whiners and complainers are neither helpful or constructive, but then, you’re not being particularly helpful or constructive yourself. If you dislike it so much, just ignore them.


We are trying our best to keep the same topic coming up over and over. If members could assist by pointing folks to the topic that is already created to voice their displeasure, it would be greatly appreciated.

@JulioMiles and crew have been very specific that they want the good with the bad. They read everything.

What they dont want is incivility. Tonality with typing words is a tough practice. To be articulate about your point of view and not make it seem like constant whining is an art that comes with practice.

For example, @SoylentJesus has gotten a lot of flags. While I see your point and dont have any issue with your POV, what other folks are seeing is very aggressive. Your message gets lost when things are typed that way.

Im not saying everything must be quoted with flowers, but there are ways to make your point w/out the same posts all over the forum. If anything they are taken more serious when your post is well thought out and articulated.


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Based on the past few days, the Mods have banned one member. Since then, in my opinion the posts have been pretty free of conflict.

I say give it a little bit more time as things seem a bit calmer now…


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