Fecal Soiling Remedy


Has anyone had issues with inadvertent fecal soiling or leakage? If so, any remedies?

My feces had been large, solid, and bulky before starting Soylent. After about 2 mos on 2 meals a day Soylent and one regular meal, I’ve noticed a consistent much softer character to the beige/brown stool. This has been generally good, except that it takes multiple wipes with toilet paper to get adequate cleaning. It’s almost as if the Soylent stools have a thin oily character that is really tough to adequately clean, and/or that this thin frictionless stool continues to “leak” a tiny bit after every bowel movement.

It’s not enough to stop using Soylent, but I would love a solution since it is a bit irritating/disconcerting.

Thank you!


Yes, this has been discussed quite a bit so you are not alone. Out of the goodness of my heart I am going to give you the solution, like someone else here did for me: PSYLLIUM HUSK!

Aw yeah, this stuff rocks. I’m not currently on Soylent but I still take 6 capsules a day. A lot of folks simply add a tsp or two or three to their pitcher. I wish I had discovered this stuff 30 years ago. So much toilet paper, time, and discomfort would have been saved.


On a related note… We got bidet toilet seats a few years ago. LIFE CHANGING. I wouldn’t have thought so but(t)… wow. Get one or more, they’re amazing.


Thank you! Will definitely try it.


How do you take these PSYLLIUM Husks? Do you mix them with soylent? Won’t that result in a paste or pulp?
What exactly did they for you?
As I am reading the Wikipedia article I am wondering why I’ve never heard of them. Sounds like they have no downside and are like… The best thing.


I added a level tsp of psyllium to a pitcher of soylent and I couldn’t tell any difference in consistency. Other people add more and I haven’t heard complaints. I take capsules usually, with a tall glass of water. I use the yerba prima brand.

Note, mix it in with the Soylent powder first, then add water. If you add it on top of already mixed Soylent/water, it will clump.


I would suggest capsules over mixing it in to your soylent. I did notice a significantly less homogeneous texture after adding psyllium husk the few times I did. It sort of went from mildly gritty to generally weird.


I added it directly to the powder and had no issues.

In regards to the potential for downsides mentioned by our German friend above, the only downside is that it makes you a bit thirstier (soluble fiber absorbs water), but if you just compensate with more water there’s effectively no risk of overdoing it.