Fedex burned me!


Once again fedex has delivered my package to an address that is unknown to me. It was signed for by some RHID who doesn’t work here so there is that. I very seriously hate fedex, it’s to the point where I almost am going to have to refuse to order anything from someone that only ships via them. They are fully incompetent, absolutely infuriating to wait this long on something that I really was looking forward to, only for fedex to just give it to someone else.

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I’ve had similar problems with FedEx. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in complaining about FedEx delivery behavior to Amazon. Amazon eventually switched to UPS.

The good news is that FedEx is responsible for the incorrect delivery (assuming the address was correct, but the product was delivered elsewhere-- and I’ve had it happen to me as well.) OR Soylent is responsible for providing the wrong address (you do still have your address confirmation email, yes?) Either way, as long as you have proof you provided the right address, it’s not your fault and if Soylent won’t make it right you can always request a charge reversal from your credit card (you did pay with credit, yes?)

Of course, if you didn’t pay with credit, that has its own problems (I made that mistake once, years ago. Debit cards have much tighter rules about fraudulent charges, and if you even have a relationship with the vendor it becomes wholly your responsibility to resolve any disputes with the vendor-- no fraud protection. But credit cards have much better protection, especially if you make a good faith attempt to resolve the issue but the vendor does not work with you.)

I would counsel patience to start. Once you start a charge reversal (charge dispute) process, you destroy any incentive for Soylent to make it right.

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Please consider replacing FedEx with UPS or another shipper.


The Soylent team has been very good so far about making it right for customers with FedEx mishaps, so don’t rush to make a charge reversal.


Oh, the address was right according to the tracking email soylent sent to me. They never sent me an email to confirm my address was correct, but it was anyhow to that’s somewhat irrelevant.

This is all on FedEx, but that’s nothing new for me. I’ve have many problems with fedex before. It’s ridiculous, but I always just assume fedex is going to screw me. It’s certainly not even 50% of the time that they screw up, but it’s an absurdly higher percentage of time than UPS or USPS screws up. I shop primarily on Amazon and get a lot of packages via UPS. In years, maybe one or two times they’ve had issues delivering my stuff. Fedex in the same time frame and almost never using them as a shipping service, has screwed up on multiple occasions. Typically delivering to the wrong address, that seems common for me regardless of if I have things shipped to my home or to my work. In this case it was shipped to my work, and we were open yesterday, someone was there, fedex never came.

Basically, it is a bit frustrating because it seems like on these forums and elsewhere it is difficult to get any customer service out of Soylent. I know when they do respond they do things right, but I feel like… who knows when they’ll finally respond.


Would seriously be nice if someone from soylent would at least respond to me. It’s been pretty much 24 hours now.


I am sure that someone will help you,

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I’ve had similar experiences-- FedEx claiming that they attempted delivery, but the only way I know that is because they posted it online (they never actually arrived at my location-- and since I work from home, I’m always here during the day so they can’t miss me and no one else can accept the package.)

Likewise, when the package is signed for by someone else… and its not delivered to my home address…

Or when they say “left on porch” but instead threw it over the backyard fence (suffering impact damage to the packaging.)

The horror stories are extensive just on a personal level.

So I feel ya.


My apologies for such an incredibly frustrating start to your week, @plusEric! We’ll reship your order via FedEx Overnight, and once you receive your tracking email (tomorrow) you can call FedEx and have them hold the order for you at the local office. I understand this is an additional inconvenience, but for the time being we are locked into FedEx, and overall we have not seen a high rate of shipping SNAFUs such as the one that you unfortunately experienced. Again, my apologies for the poor experience.


Thank you @JulioMiles.


Condolences on your bad experience… what does RHID stand for? I enjoy colorful acronyms and I hadn’t heard that one yet; couldn’t find it in a search either. You could message it to me if it’s not forum-appropriate.


It says Signed by: RHID. I don’t know that it stands for anything. I assume it’s a last name. There are lots of used car lots around here and more than a few of them are run by foreigners so afaik it’s just a name.


FedEx should really work harder at improving itself :confused: fire the bad apples, improve the training and perhaps if it is a factor… Better working conditions. I am sure many of the general problems are area specific… But widespread at the same time


It’s a nice ideal, but the business demands are in direct competition with “better working conditions.” I have had friends who worked for both UPS and FedEx. I was told they added GPS devices to the delivery vehicles in order to provide customers with more “up to date” information about their delivery… only to have those same “customer focused” improvements turned into a way to manage employee behavior.

Like the fact that a delivery person is reprimanded if their vehicle is stationary for an “unreasonable” amount of time (a time limit which is lower than 5 minutes) which doesn’t allow for multiple deliveries to businesses or apartment complexes, or even multiple buildings in a short distance from each other.

I’ve had delivery guys who throw the package at the door and then sprint back to their vehicle and when you catch them they are terse/brusque because of the demands on their time.

Process improvement disease. It’s a cancer. An “improvement” in one area (massive cell replication) which causes an unhealthy imbalance in another area (the cancer grows to consume all available resources until the parent organism suffers system collapse and death.)


I’ve received no shipping confirmation emails. @JulioMiles @MattCauble @ana


Sorry about that, @plusEric – we reshipped your order manually, so it didn’t generate a shipping email. I’m going to PM your tracking numbers right now.


I’m also disappointed in FedEx, I had gone onto their website and specified “Hold at Location”.
That would work very well for me, there’s a FedEx/Kinko’s less than a mile from my house, and it’s
open until midnight every day.

But when I came home from work, there was a box sitting next to my door, where anyone could
just take it. On the website it said that since I hadn’t requested an adult signature, they figured
it was fine to just leave it outside, exactly what I didn’t want.

Lesson learned, next time I’ll specify adult signature AND hold at location. I had even made an
account with them and signed up for text notifications, and that never happened either.