FedEx Delivery Exception, Again

This is mostly me venting with a bit of a rant.

My second monthly order was supposed to come today. I got a delivery exception, “incorrect address - recipient has moved.” WTF? I have it shipped to my workplace, the public library, and it most certainly has not moved. I called, and they had the correct address. Multiple shipments come to the building every day, yet somehow they thing we moved?

And this is second time. Last month, first I get notification that “business is closed,” while I was sitting at work while it was very much open. I wait for the next day, and I get notification that the package was delivered, but it is not delivered, it is nowhere to be found. At this point, I notified Soylent, and they very graciously sent a second package.

I don’t get it. FedEx shipments come to building multiple times a day, I’ve otherwise not had a problem, but somehow they can’t figure out where to deliver a Soylent? Why is that delivering Soylent confuse them? I called FedEx, but they were not helpful. I reported the issue to Soylent. I don’t blame them of course, but I hope someone can figure out what the heck is going on.

I met somebody a while back whose business would regularly get packages from some delivery service (can’t recall if it was FedEx, UPS, or another) returned to the sender, labelled “No such business at that address.” Later he figured out that this happened only on Wednesday, and that he hardly ever got any deliveries an Wednesday. Finally he found out that his business was the last delivery on the route, and that it was far away from previous deliveries, and directly away from the warehouse…so the driver who did Wednesday’s route would always finish work 20+ minutes earlier by claiming that he went to the address and the business wasn’t there. The drivers who did the other days of the week were a little bit more honest and would take the time to make the delivery.

Maybe something similar for you. Are there certain days when the library doesn’t seem to get any deliveries?

Not that I know of. But now that you mention it, the last delivery with was also supposed to be on a Tuesday. Coincidence? I have no idea. But then, we’re in the middle of Manhattan, and they do dozens of deliveries on the same block, so it’s not like we’re out of the way, or hard to find.

I do have problems with USPS when they try to deliver on a Saturday. They don’t just try again on Monday; they mark it delivered, and it doesn’t show up until Wednesday. It’s infuriating.

I had that problem at my workplace for a couple of months. One day of the week, packages would be labeled as undeliverable due to an invalid address.

But because my office was the much smaller satellite to the main campus a few mikes away, the next day FedEx would relabel it with the main campus address. The main campus would refuse delivery (because I wasn’t located there) and it would be several days before the package was returned to sender – usually just in time to be resent for delivery on the problematic day.

I once had a package going in circles for most of a month before my boss convinced the mail room at the main campus to accept delivery for anyone at our office.

I’ve heard the problem’s stopped, but I’ve long since switched to taking my chances that packages won’t be stolen off my front porch at home. Or paying extra for UPS-specific delivery to the local UPS store-front, when that’s an option.

Had a similar problem with Canada Post. Getting all kinds of weird ‘errors’ for the delivery. From ‘no one home’, when we could tell from the security cameras no one had been here, to ‘incomplete address’. Eventually worked out the Canada Post worker just didn’t have room in her truck for the delivery so was leaving it at the depot before she left, and recording it as a delivery attempt.

So, the package arrived today. There was a second sticker, with a one sentence printed summary of my conversation with customer service, and written on it in big red marker was ADDRESS IS CORRECT. So the driver got the message. I hope he or she got a good talking to.