Fedex Delivery Issues

Good day all,

I am writing this post as my last recourse. I am a recent subscriber after trying Soylent in the past. I initially ordered 12 bottles of Soylent and they were delivered as scheduled. The next month I bumped my sub up to 60 bottles. The problem is my sweet Soylent Nectar never arrived. I immediately contacted Fedex when I realized my delivery of two boxes (one 53lbs, one 11lbs) which had been marked as “delivered” had in fact not been delivered.

This was a week and a day ago. They assured me they would investigate, but just to be safe I tried to initiate contact with the Soylent team via an email that included the pertinent information. While I received about 6 or 7 calls from Fedex , I never received any correspondence from the Soylent team.

One week after the supposed delivery, and the loss of my two packages, I received a call from Fedex declaring “the packages lost”. I emailed this information to the Soylent team hoping to get a reply, but one never came. I have read some others experiences with shipping issues here, but there is no evidence of a resolution.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Note the message from dhoover1 above.

That will get the attention of Conor, the RF representative here. He will probably ask you to send him the details,
INCLUDING THE CORRECT EMAIL address you used to contact customer service and to place the order, via PM.

I’m sure your problem will be fixed. I suspect that the bigger issues, like yours and mine, get forwarded to someone in the company who is particularly busy, so there is more of a delay in solving them than there should be.

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I’ll be looking into this fully later. But we have put in some changes to prevent fraud. Seems like your change from 1 case to 5 cases might of triggered our fraud system.


Thanks for your assistance!

Wow, I am honestly surprised and very disappointed at the non-deliverance of product that has occurred. Despite some unknowns about the soylent team, I believed in what now seems to have been only a semblence of excellent community interaction and customer feedback.

It is now more than two weeks since my package was scheduled to arrive but never did. This despite other packages successfully dropped off on the same day.

After a quick pm from conor that completely obfuscates the core issue and tries to establish a different problem as the core of my complaint, I heard nothing more from him or the Soylent team.

No communication. No compensation. No Soylent.

That’s what I unfortunately have decided. I must cancel my subscription. I cannot trust Rosa labs or the Soylent team to uphold their end of the bargain, nor can I believe they are willing to find workable solutions for their customers.

I write here to help anyone else who is to have issues, frustrations, or trepidations in dealing with Rosa Labs and the Soylent team.

Bye! Sorry you just got a semblence of help! That’s great help you are giving others who have problems – they should just give up!

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