FedEx Delivery Problems - Please Consider a US Mail Alternative

Greetings from Alaska,
I recently had an issue with a shipment that took 8 days from order to delivery. In my case, it is because I live in Alaska. While I live in Juneau (a direct Delta and Alaska Airlines flight flight from Seattle), It often takes 5 - 10 days for me to receive my Fedex deliveries - even overnight deliveries. It is worse in other Alaska communities that have no FedEx service at all. It is not uncommon for FedEx to actually re-mail our packages using US 2-day mail because there is a local post office in every community, but FedEx only delivers in Fairbanks and Anchorage.

Please consider using US 2-day or even general mail delivery in Alaska rather than FedEx. It will save you money and we will get our deliveries in 2 - 3 days rather and 1 - 2 weeks.

This is not an isolated complaint. Please see this Forbes article: and this news aricle about now our US Senators have complained about FedEx delivery to Alaska I am sure other communities and territories have similar issues.

As a sidebar, when I complained using your customer service form, all I got were form letters 5 days later. That is not positive customer service. :frowning:

One other reason to consider US Mail. The US Mail will not deliver a package to your door in -50F In communities where FedEx actually delivers, they will leave that on your doorstep come rain, snow, or -50F temperatures. The Post office will leave a general mail notice for us to pick it up in the post office where it is kept heated at room temperature. Even if the strange physics and chemistry of -40 to -65F does not effect Soylent, carrying a -50F brick into your home is not a pleasant experience.

Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. I passed along your feedback to our operations team. It’s highly irregular for customer service to take that long to respond.

I appreciate your reply. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Funny, the opposite weather reason is why I despise USPS. In my location they took 3 days off this winter because it snowed, less than an inch each day. While taking those days off from delivering, they did find the time to mark my Amazon Prime deliveries as “Delivery Attempted, Business not Open” so as not to incur a penalty from Amazon. (And no, my house isn’t a business.)

Now that’s the opposite of dedication.

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I thought it was supposed to be…
“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Silly postal service.

FWIW I’ve been very happy with USPS… I used it exclusively when I ran a business and when I order stuff and have the choice between Fedex, UPS and USPS, USPS is always cheapest and usually pretty fast.

FedEx Ground has delivered 2 shipments to a neighbor who is #2 on an adjoining street. Unbelievable. Especially since FedEx Overnight never has a problem. I called the station to complain, and will do so agin when my next box ships. I’d be happy with the USPS too. They never screw up.

Here in Alaska, the postal service has extroidinary common sense and does not leave things in the weather. In the lower 48, things may get wet. Annoying, but rarely catastrophic. In Alaska, your insulin will explode, plastics will crack, and metal will construct and destroy an object in the cold.

This being said, the important consideration is that FEDEX does not deliver to most of Alaska at all (including our STate Capitol, Juneau). Therefore, we have to wait until Fedex puts it in the US Mail, delaying delivery up to a month and eliminating trackability. It would make more sense to use USPS for Alaska or allow those of us in Alaska to choose a delivery method that includes USPS. Heck, provide the choice for all Soylent users, IMO.

FedEx Ground is a different driver than the FedEx overnight driver. FedEx Ground was delivering to the wrong address. I had to call the local FedEx station on the day I expected delivery so they would call the driver en route and make sure he got it right. That solved the problem.