FedEx says shipment was delivered but package is no where to be found


I really enjoy soylent but it seems every month it’s a fiasco just to get my shipment. The FedEx tracking says that it was delivered today but I can’t find the package anywhere.

What needs to be done to get my next months supply? I am almost out of the previous month.


I’ve noticed Fedex routinely just leaves stuff on our front doorstep without even knocking. Strange.

The tracking says they left it on the doorstep but it’s not there.

House or apartment? I don’t know about FedEx where you live, but around here, if you’re in an apartment, FedEx is terrible about delivering stuff to you. They’ll leave it in the office, or by the mailbox, or… wherever, as long as they don’t have to expend any effort.

I live in a small townhouse complex that is tucked away behind a low traffic street. You can’t even see my house until you’re inside the complex. I have never had problems with shipments before.

Have you tried calling FedEx? I’ve only ever had an issue with them myself once, and the package I was expecting somehow ended up getting delivered to an address across town. To this day I’ve no idea how the address got mixed up, but they keep very good records of what got delivered where, so if the same thing somehow happened with you they should be able to tell you where it got delivered.

Looks like FedEx did deliver it to the wrong location. Whoever had it, left it on my doorstep this morning.


@ibanezedb605 Sorry to hear about the troubles with your shipment – you mentioned whoever received it left it on your doorstep – do you have it now? For your next subscription shipment, if you’re worried about proper delivery, you can opt to have it held at a local FedEx facility – the option will be presented on the tracking email that is sent.

I do have my shipment now. I have never had a problem with FedEx before so I’m not worried about that. Just frustrated because this is my 4th month on Soylent and the 3rd month in a row that I had to deal with a problem to get my shipment. The first two being that even though I’m set up on a monthly subscription, the order said it wasn’t going to ship out for several months.

Hopefully I can continue to enjoy Soylent without having to dealing with anymore surprises when it’s time for my next shipment.

I once had a delivery from fedex I thought didn’t get delivered, turned out they went into my alley, and threw it up to the 2nd story balcony where it broke (it was electronics) and got rained on for 2 weeks before I discovered it. Don’t ask me why they didn’t leave it on my front porch.

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… wut.


this literally just happened to me. Ordered it… fed ex says delivered on set by front door. Come home… nothing.

Much like the OP your gripe is with FedEx or one of your neighbors.

Maybe it got stolen did you ever think of that