FedEx Website Frustration - Can't Customize Delivery

I’m never home during the day, and always request that packages be held at location.
I’ve been notified that there’s a shipping label that’s been printed, with an estimated delivery date of today.
But I can’t request that they hold it at their office.
“Customize Delivery” is greyed out.
They don’t offer that until the package is on it’s way.
Even though I already have the tracking number.

Why not??

I ALWAYS want my packages held at their office.
I’m NEVER home during work hours.
Why can’t I specify hold at location as soon as the tracking label is created?
Or even better, I’d prefer to set it that way at order time.
That would be as good as Amazon Locker.

I don’t want FedEx to even attempt a home delivery.
I don’t want my package left on my porch.
Where anyone could take it.

Could Soylent make it an option to select hold at location at order time?
Or even specify that delivery requires an adult signature?

Have you tried to contact FedEx about this?


@Conor can you answer eric’s question?

Yes, I just called them, 800-463-3339.

I was unable to speak to a person, but the computer said that “hold at location” was only available after the package had arrived at FedEx.

I already know that.

My question is, why not?
What could it possibly hurt?

I want my package held at location, just like every other package they send me.
Or at least require an adult signature… but that option is greyed out also.



I’ll forward this request onto our operations team. Unfortunately for the time being this is how we ship,we don’t have control over fedex once it’s in their hands. Could you potentially have Soylent shipped to your place of work?


That’s a good idea, I’ll consider doing it that way next time.

I understand that Rosa Labs really has no control over what
happens to the package once it’s been handed over to FedEx.

But according to FedEx, they don’t have it. Rosa Labs printed a
shipping label, and thus assigned a tracking number, on July 31st.
But, according to FedEx, that package was never shipped. They are
still waiting for it.

My original complaint was that FedEx wouldn’t allow me to set the hold
at location for this package. Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal,
most places have FedEx come by to pick up their packages the same day
they print the label, or sometimes the next day.

When FedEx created their website, they never expected that someone
would issue a tracking number, and then just sit on the package.

So now I’m asking, why this strangely prolonged interval between
issuing the tracking number and shipping the package? Why issue
a tracking number if you aren’t ready to ship?

The letter I got from Soylent on August 1st said my order was shipped
FedEx Home Delivery and expected to arrive sometime between August 3rd
and August 7th. Note the past tense, they say it WAS shipped. Now I
think I am a reasonably patient person; I waited over six months to
get my Soylent the first time.

But it is now August 9th, and FedEx says the package was never shipped.
What went wrong? I can’t believe it’s supposed to work this way.

I had this same issue the first time I ordered 1.5:

Only three days between phantom tracking and actual reception, so not as bad as yours.

455 days, here. :grimacing:

Ordered: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 2:16:16 PM
Actual delivery: Tues 8/19/2014 9:41 am

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UPS has a neat little system(UPS MyChoice, I think) that allows you to set permanent preferences regarding delivery times/holding packages so that every parcel will be treated that way unless you specify differently for a specific one. It’s kind of a broken system because they don’t always adhere to your preferences, but it’s a cool concept and if they applied it correctly then it would save them the time and money that is wasted every time the delivery man attempts delivery at an empty home. Seems like FedEx might benefit from a similar system.

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I think they may end up doing something like that eventually, if only to compete with Amazon Locker. Home delivery is great if you live with family or room mates who are home during the day, but it’s not so good when the house sits empty all day long.

The last thing I want is a package left on my porch.