Feedback Chai + Vanilla


This thread is to get feedback on our new Cafe flavors. Please keep the topic to feedback only, if you wish to drift off into other topics such as the benefits of caffeine, etc please make a new thread.



I got my Vanilla and Chai orders today. I’ve had one Chai so far and it was really really good!

My Coffiest subscription is definitely getting diversified!

Addendum: the wife tried the chai and also loves it. We have now both tried the Vanilla and the reaction is not negative. It’s basically, imagine Coffiest were vanilla latte and not mocha. We like coffiest and the vanilla but it’s just a little off.

The Chai is very reminiscent of high quality Milktea you’d find in a Japanese Convene! I can’t say enough good things about it!


Had my first Chai today, very happy with the spice flavor (more than just cinnamon and clove) but I’m a little surprised how sweet it tastes. Think, Starbucks chai latte rather than actual Indian chai with milk and a touch of sugar. I am pretty sensitive to artificial sweeteners, and I don’t get that at all which is good. Definitely will not eat it room temperature but it is very good chilled. Because of the sweetness, I wouldn’t eat Chai every day, but work it into my rotation. This has inspired me to try the non-cafe flavors (I was wary of the Nectar flavor because reviews mentioned Fruit Loops).

Side note: The new bottles are so hard to open! I almost gave up because I was afraid I would cut my hand.

Context: I am a Coffiest drinker from the beginning, will tolerate Soylent 2.0 in an emergency, and will only eat original Soylent if blended in a smoothie or baked in pancakes.


I had my Cafe Vanilla today. It was sweeter than I expected, but overall it tastes like a gas station vanilla cappuccino. Definitely drinkable, but nothing fancy. No real surprises here. Definitely good to add some variety so it’s not Coffiest every morning.


So much information on the new bottles but what I’m looking for is not there. How much caffeine?

Imagine somebody at the store looking at these two bottles Chai and Vanilla. They look the same except for the flavors. Oh except one of them has 5X the caffeine content of the other one!

Look at that, it tells me how much Molybdenum is in there which I could care less about. But no info on l-theanine which is a drug.


Is the amount of caffeine labeled anywhere on the package? Sorry about asking this if this discussion is just about the flavors.


Does Cafe Vanilla have real coffee from the bean or is it an artificial coffee flavor? Just asking because I can’t consume coffee.


I don’t think so, but the blog post listed the amounts:

Approximately 150 mg of caffeine in Cafe Vanilla and 30 mg in Cafe Chai.
75 mg of L-Theanine in Cafe Vanilla and 25 mg in Cafe Chai.

[emphasis mine]

IIRC Coffiest also has the 150/75 mg caffeine/l-theanine split.

I hope I like Cafe Chai; the caffeine is low enough (for me) that I could drink it at pretty much any time of day.

Both Coffiest and Cafe Vanilla contain coffee powder as an ingredient.


I wish they would use brewed coffee or something that doesn’t taste like cheap a$$ coffee.


I’ve never got a “cheap coffee” taste from Coffiest. Tastes great and rich to me, and I’d drink it 24/7 if the caffeine content were optional. I’m getting some vanilla soon and will report back, but if you want a different coffee taste try making some cold brew and mixing it with some 1.8 or original 2.0. I doubt Rosa would add complexity to the manufacturing process for a product they’re trying aggressively to keep costs down on, but who knows.


The Chai tastes great to me, my only comment is that it might be the tiniest bit too sweet. But I’ve also only had it warm, and it’s really really close to perfect (like I definitely wouldn’t want it more than 5% less sweet). It might be spot on cold. All the spices do a really good job of hiding any unwanted tastes or aftertastes,

I don’t like the vanilla. There’s a bitter taste in there that’s masked or comes out as ‘good’ in Coffiest, and the flavors seem to work a little better together in Coffiest.


All 3 Café products (I’ve never had Coffiest, I don’t like Coffee or caffeine, but I’ve been curious about it) were supposed to arrive on Saturday but FedEx delivered it to my neighbors… luckily I just noticed it sitting outside their front door while I was walking the dog.

Anyways, I’m drinking a Chai now and it is great. I rarely go to Starbucks, but when I do I get a Chai Tea Latte. I like them really spicy so I get 8 pumps in a grande (11 in a venti), this Chai is not spicy at all really but oh well it still tastes good.

Gonna try a Vanilla for breakfast tomorrow. Maybe for lunch but I don’t think I can handle or want 2 caffeinated drinks in one day… I might OD or something, especially with Vanilla having a lot more caffeine in it.


Drinking a Vanilla right now. It tastes like a gas station / McDonald’s French vanilla iced coffee. I do not mean that as a criticism, it’s just that those places are my only point of reference for this type of beverage. As a non coffee drinker / coffee product hater, this tastes a lot better than I imagined it would. I would not mind this for breakfast if I needed caffeine, I will not have a problem finishing the box (I haven’t had a problem finishing a box of any Soylent product). But since I don’t drink/need caffeine, I have no need for this product, and its coffee flavor profile makes it the least appealing Soylent option for me (until I try Coffiest, I assume)… but still quite drinkable.

EDIT: Oh, and whoever said the new bottles are harder to open was correct. Not really an issue though, IMO. With no wrapper to deal with, it’s actually a worthwhile tradeoff.


Just tried out the chai and damn is it tasty. It oddly tastes almost identical to the homemade eggnog my mom made when I was a kid. Up til now Ive only had the powdered versions, kinda curious what 2.0 tastes like now.


I ordered both as soon as I saw the announcement! First of all, bottle 2.0 is here and it’s awesome! The issue with bottle dents might finally be fixed. A couple of subtle, but welcome changes: the cap is much easier to open and the opening has rounded edges that are not as sharp on the lips when you drink it. Now that the content of the drinks is printed on the bottles they could be sold individually. Yes!

So far Chai is my favorite followed closely by Original and Cacao. Vanilla, Coffiest and Nectar are ok.


New Bottles - Awesome, love no wrapper and the square design. Smooth edges on top of bottle made drinking much better. Only problem gf says hands are weak in the morning and couldn’t open the soylent :frowning:

Chai - Tastes amazing, my favorite flavor so far. Sort of like original soylent with cinnamon.

Vanilla - Tastes like original soylent and then when you swallow you get a coffee taste. I like better than Coffiest but would like a non caffeinated version.

Overall the new bottles and the new flavors are a tremendous upgrades to Soylent.
Only need a few more non caffeinated flavors and I think my weekday binge Seamless meals could disappear.


I have one problem with the Chai, I cant stop drinking them, haha. Plan was to drink one every morning to replace a tea and breakfast wrap but I just cant resist drinking them in the evening as well.


This recently appeared among my tweets:

@soylent: Soylent to Test Ready-to-Drink Meals at 18 Participating 7-Eleven® Stores in the Greater LA Area


Oh man. We should have a topic for that–wonder how long to roll it out further?

ETA: oops, missed the new topic.