Feedback Chai + Vanilla


I like the Chai a lot. Not quite as much as I like Cacao – quite a surprise since I love chai lattes and normally do not like chocolate – but I definitely like it. Ranks above Nectar for sure. I do feel like I get just a hint of artificial sweetener blerk with the Chai that I don’t detect in other flavors, but it’s still so faint it doesn’t interfere with me enjoying the overall experience. Especially since the caffeine content is fairly negligible, I will be making Chai part of my regular rotation.

The Vanilla I don’t care for as much, but that’s to be expected. I just don’t like the bitter taste of coffee. And for a beverage with coffee, Cafe Vanilla is more than decent. I’ll have no trouble finishing the box that I ordered but probably won’t order any more. And it’s just as well, because I have little use for highly-caffeinated Soylent. I usually use gum or mints to get my caffeine and l-theanine because I don’t necessarily (or even usually) want a meal at the same time I want caffeine. I prefer to decouple the drug from unnecessary calories. Now if they made a regular Soylent drink flavor with just the vanilla flavoring from this one and no caffeine or coffee flavor? I bet that would be dope.

I’m not sure how I feel about the new bottle lid design. On the one hand, I think it’s awesome that there’s finally nothing to peel off the top of the lid or under it. No extra steps and nothing to worry about disposing after you open. But on the other hand, I find the new lid very difficult to twist off. I’ve been using a bottle-opening device that I keep in my drawer to make it easy, but next time I need to open a bottle on the go I suspect I’m in for a great deal of frustration.


I like the Chai and Cocao, but original with a little bit of Hershey’s syrup is surprisingly my favorite. I like that it’s a much more mild and creamy taste with just a little chocolate. I find Cocao to be too heavily flavored and less creamy. Chai tasted like way to much cinnamon at first but after drinking a couple bottles it’s much more enjoyable. I will have no trouble finishing the boxes of Cocao and Chai that I ordered. There’s a small chance I’ll order more just for variety, but Original is going to be my main.

I’ll have to offer more opinion on nectar once I give it a real shot. From taking a couple test sips all I can taste is the smell of lemon pledge. I love lemon, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get past the fact that it tastes like a cleaning spray. Even if I think lemon pledge smells good, haha. I want to drink a full bottle of Nectar but every time I reach in my fridge I end up grabbing other flavors. I probably won’t try Vanilla or Coffiest as I’m not a fan of Coffee flavor in general.


I’ve been drinking Soylent since close to the beginning and I’ve never added flavoring to any of the products (I’ve tried them all except for Coffiest). Mainly because every product either tastes legitimately good to me or I do not mind its flavor at all, but partly because I’m too lazy. The chocolate syrup thing is obviously super simple and it is something I already have in my kitchen so I decided to give it a try last night and this morning with some 2.0 and I must say it is pretty great. I don’t know if this makes sense but it’s so lightly flavored but at the same time it makes it seem like a whole new drink. Pretty good and cheap way to add some variety when needed.

EDIT: And since this is a feedback thread about some unrelated products… I’m still sad about the caffeine but I still think Vanilla tastes okay and Chai is still great. People have mentioned cinnamon in regards to the Chai, that is all I taste now. And since all the other drinks taste like the milk after a bowl of different brands of cereal… Chai to me is obviously the milk after a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (one of my all time faves).


Oh yeah, I forgot to give my feedback. I was expecting to like Cafe Vanilla (I like Coffiest and I like vanilla, so why not?), but… I don’t. It’s alright, but I won’t order any more. I think for me I like vanilla, but when you combine it with the bitterness of the coffee I don’t think they meld well.

Cafe Chai, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never had chai before. The only familiar flavor to me is the cinnamon. At first I thought I didn’t like it, but I keep going back to drink more, so I guess it’s growing on me. I’ll probably order more.


Just tried my first bottle of Chai. “Cinnamon” is a good descriptor. I think I like it, but more research is clearly needed. :grin:


I would love to order more chai but the pricing is just to steep for us Canadians.


I would love to order more chai but the pricing is just to steep for us Canadians.

Have you checked both and Amazon?


Canadians have been checking Amazon and You can find threads about that. Try searching “canada”


I think Chai is probably my favorite of the 2.0 flavors I’ve tried so far (Coffiest, Cacao, Nectar, Original). All of the other flavors I’ve tried have an aftertaste or something else that doesn’t totally appeal to me, but I don’t have any complaints at all about Chai.

The only other flavor of Soylent I’ve tried that is similarly appealing to me is Original 2.0 blended with a banana and cinnamon.


I love Chai. (haven’t had Vanilla yet)


Thanks, I just checked amazon but it costs even more on there. It comes to about $57 from and $68 from Amazon for 12 bottles. I will just stick to powder for now. I remember when soylent first came out there was talks of eventually dropping the price once production got up and going but all the price has done is go up. Biolent has increased in price as well and there new formula puts it below soylent taste wise.


Just tried vanilla for the first time. I was so looking forward to this, thinking it was actually a vanilla flavored Soylent. Sadly… no. It’s coffiest with a vanilla creamer in it. Definitely not a fan and we won’t be reordering it as we already order coffiest anyway (which I also have to cut with my regular 2.0).

We both really, really, really wanted this to actually be a vanilla flavored Soylent. So bummed to find that it’s still a coffee flavored drink. Here’s hoping they come out with an actual vanilla flavored Soylent in the future - with or without the caffeine/theanine (I already have that in capsule form anyway so I can take or leave it in my drink).


This was my first Soylent experience: I’ve been interested in trying a small quantity, and when I discovered that it was available at select locations in the Los Angeles area, I happily made the multi-freeway journey to pick up a few samples. The location had Chai (new!), and existing Coffee and Cacoa.

Chai has caffeine, I notice!

The drink is more pale than a standard chai tea latte. The texture is very smooth, though it’s different than being creamy.

I enjoyed the flavor, though it was ‘lighter’ or ‘less intense’ than I expected. It is definitely a chai flavor, the spice notes were present. If you would have told me that the flavor was ‘pumpkin pie’ or similar, I would have agreed. I didn’t sense any coffee or tea flavors, though that’s not a problem.

The flavor is really good, I think. I don’t know how the flavor strength compares to other Soylent flavors. It could be stronger, but doesn’t have to be.

If I’m drinking Soylent daily, this is Definitely ‘on the rotation’.


:flushed: what a surprise. Tried my first Café Vanilla yesterday. I think I was expecting it to be like that yummy malted flavor of 1.0. When I noticed on the label it contained coffee I was concerned it would have that fake vanilla syrup taste like the big coffee chains. But - NO not at all. It tastes like a straight up Latte. So if Coffiest is a moca lattte Café Vanilla is straight up real deal.

Trying Chai is a stretch for me. I’ve had really good Chai in an Indian restaurant in Kyoto. Most of what I’ve tried her is diluted spice water. So my expectations were low. Boy was I wrong. The creamy cinnamon clove and nutmeg blend is a burst of happy.
Thanks @Conor and Team @soylent for another great experience.


I feel like I’ve seen this comment somewhere before, but I just wanted to second it @Conor - I’d really encourage Soylent to do a variety pack of some form. I’d had most of the flavors (been drinking for nearly two years) and wanted to try Chai, but couldn’t w/o ordering a whole case. Bc I enjoy Soylent so much I took the plunge - and that’s how I ended up posting here.

I think I got about 4 sips in before realizing it was too much for me - flavor was too strong - and now I’m stuck with almost a whole case that I’m not going to drink. Still love Soylent, it’s just really frustrating.

Edit: Just realized this is prob in the wrong thread - apologies


The variety pack has been suggested many times, but RF says that there are logistical problems that keep that from happening. I think that means that each kind is manufactured at a completely different location, so to create a variety pack you’d have to ship boxes to a new location, open them and repack them – i.e., a big hassle.

RF has always been great at refunding money to customers who don’t like the product they bought, though, so if you bought some flavor and didn’t like it, you could probably just notify RF and get your money back – even without returning the product!


My review: the new flavors are accurate. The Cafe Vanilla tastes like a latte with vanilla syrup. The Cafe Chai tastes like a chai latte, as far as I can remember from that one time I ordered one several years ago.

I don’t particularly like the flavors, but they’re accurate. They’re not terrible and maybe even okay. I might drink them occasionally for variety.

Like others, I think there’s a place in the lineup for a plain Vanilla, at the risk of people confusing that for Cafe Vanilla.


It’s coming extremely soon.


We’re getting a sample packs?!?! Sweet!


I’m drinking a Cafe Vanilla right now and I still like Coffiest better, but it’s a good change of pace every once in a while. They still taste like “cheap” coffee to me, maybe because I’m not a coffee connoisseur and whenever I do get coffee I put a lot of milk and sugar in it, so maybe that’s why I think it tastes “bad” because I think black coffee is completely vile. I would love it if they made them taste like Starbucks Double Shots, even though I’m not a fan of Starbuck’s actual coffee haha

The Vanilla does seem to have a slightly artificial or “chemical” aftertaste to it, nothing like Nectar though. Chai has been hit or miss for me, at first I liked it, but the more I drank it I was just like “meh” and removed it from my next shipment. Cacao is still my all time favorite by a mile.