Feedback Chai + Vanilla


Dang! You weren’t kidding. Feel free to drop any other coming soon hints :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


CRAP we got all super excited thinking this was in response to the immediately previous comment mentioning (again) a vanilla Soylent. Then I saw it was specifically responding to someone asking about sample packs. SIGH. Times like this I really don’t like the discourse software.


We are working on tons of flavors some make it, some don’t.


sure, that’s not surprising. I just keep hoping some other flavors will come along that we like. At the moment the only winner for me is original and occasionally blending that with Coffiest though not often. A simple vanilla flavor would almost certainly go in my subscription permanently, and I suspect that’s true for a lot of others as well.


We are working on tons of flavors some make it, some don’t.

Please pass my commendations onto whoever designed the Chai flavor. That one is an absolute winner and now takes up fully half my subscription.


I think you’ll be surprised and happy with what is coming down the pipe line.


oooooh excellent!!! I tell ya, I’m already pretty close to being able to easily do 100% Soylent any time I wish with 2.0. It’s just the occasional desire for a different flavor that makes it tough. Having a vanilla option would probably be enough for me to go 100% any time I felt like it, and I love knowing that’s an easy option.

Looking forward to it!


“I think you’ll be surprised and happy with what is coming down the pipe line.”

Please just keep the naming simple… don’t try and be fancy. I can’t relate to words like Cacao and Chai. And nectar… ? Are you trying to attract hummingbirds? Those words do not make me want the product. I want Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, banana, blueberry; words I can eat.


Any flavored powders in that pipeline? $5 a bottle for us Canadians is too much.


We don’t do normal or simple :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:But you maybe happy with somethings.


Yes, quite a few. :yum:


Definitely would be a regular buyer of the Cafe line of products if there were a decaf version.


Chai would be my first choice, in a decaf version.


Cant wait :grinning:


I suppose I could take the $450 a month I spend on Soylent and buy some BOOST and maybe some groceries. That is an option I am considering.


Are the word on the bottle that important to you?

Cacao is obviously fancy chocolate, lots of chocolate bar brands use that. Chai is like chai tea, which many people are familiar with, it’s not pure cinnamon but does have a bit of it. Nectar I can’t defend, honestly I don’t know what else I’d call it, maybe lemon? That seems to simple though and would throw me off anyway because I like lemon and I don’t like Nectar.


It’s not “that important” to me per se but for a company that is trying to grow they sure are making a lot of missteps in branding and advertising by only appealing to a small demographic. Only trying to help.


I don’t necessarily disagree. It just sounded like you were going to pull your Soylent subscription because of Conor’s comment about being weird.


Anyway, I don’t see Cacao as being a weird name limiting a brand to a small demograplic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see cacao-flavored breakfast cereal or chocolate powder. And Chai is downright in style. There is a bunch of people of people called Millennials who are exploring their generation’s signature flavors, and I suspect that Chai is already on the list.


I am always considering pulling my subscription because of the high cost but also because of the ridiculous ads and the disconnect/disappointment with the overall branding and flavor of new products. I am not getting what I want as a consumer and that is important to me. I want simple flavors with conventional names i.e. chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, I want a high calorie formulation, I want lower prices and I want to see advertising that stimulates me to want more. It’s simple.