Feedback Chai + Vanilla


I think you might find that you’re not in Soylent’s primary demographic. You may be better served with another company’s product… Soylent has clearly decided what direction they’re going and it’s targeting the “young & hip” crowd. Sounds like maybe that’s not you - it’s definitely not us either but I don’t care what they call it as long as it meets our needs which at this time, it does.


Big fan of Cafe Vanilla, like it far better than standard Coffiest.

And not to subtweet, but there is nothing wrong with Soylent naming or marketing, if anything a ‘hipper’ naming convention helps clarify this isn’t Ensure.


I feel like an oddball but I’m not a fan of the Chai. I can’t stop thinking about hand soap when I drink it, with cinnamon thrown in. Usually I really like anything chai, whether it’s plain chai black tea or the sugary chai latte stuff from Starbucks. But this doesn’t sit well with me. I’m trying to pawn off as many Chai as I can to my SO in exchange for Original.

Vanilla, on the other hand, I find pretty tasty. It does have a bit of a bitter chemical aftertaste, but I can tolerate that. I prefer it over Coffiest, though I’d still rather have normal coffee over both. I could see myself getting more Vanilla in the future as an occasional morning breakfast.


It is interesting that anyone actually decides to buy or not to buy a product based on its advertising strategy. I have felt more or less immunine to such consideration since I was a kid in the 1950s, when I sang a parody of a Bosco chocolate syrup jingle:

“I hate Bosco,
Cause Bosco’s bad for me.
My mother tried to put it in my milk,
And tried to poison me!
But I fooled Mommy
And put it in her tea!
And now their’s no more Mommy
To try and poison me!”

Despite this violent parody, this didn’t affect my like or dislike of Bosco. Ads were one thing and the actual product was a totally different issue.


LOL that’s a riot. Talk about precocious…

I have never forgotten the time when I was probably 8-9 or so, (early 80s I think) when I went skipping through the house after having seen a Lucky Charm’s commercial. I got it in my head that the alliteration of starting each word with the “F” of “Frosted” sounded cool… so I went running around shouting “Fros-ted Fuck-y Farrrrms…!” at which point I heard it out loud and realized - uh oh.

Fortunately it seems nobody else in the house was paying attention at the time. LOL


First experience with Vanilla!

Just got it in a variety pack on order! Packaging is similar to Chai and Coffiest flavors that I bought in singles at an LA-area 7-11!

The flavor is Vanilla-Coffee, not purely Vanilla, as expected. It’s similar to the ‘milkshake/coffee/vanilla’ drinks you’d get at Starbucks or premium coffee place. The coffee component to the flavor is not as strong as Coffiest, but it’s there.

For the most ‘vanilla’ flavor, meaning a neutral flavor, your best bet is still the original Soylent flavor.

I find Coffiest to have a rich, dark coffee flavor, as powerful as the Chocolate in the Cacao drink. But the Vanilla Coffee is, I would call, ‘medium strength’. On the other hand, it is more strong a flavor than the Chai.

This is good enough to be on the rotation for me. I found it great to drink, with the creamy texture found in other flavors. I’m quickly becoming a fan!


“I think you might find that you’re not in Soylent’s primary demographic.”

So what youre saying is theyre ignorant of possible gold mines of potential customers like construction workers, hospitals, retirement homes, truckers, bush workers, remote indian reserves, remote mines… seems like bad business to me. There are only so many hippies and the world doesn’t end at the California state line.

(Comin’ at ya from Northwestern Ontario Canada where I just picked up my 120 bottle order for this month)
There are more customers like me out there, Rosa simply needs to learn to connect with them with more effective advertising. By the way Cafe Vanilla tastes great. My new fave


lol wtf r u even talking aboot? bush workers???


Isn’t the issue more on you for overreacting to a name? Is your masculinity or image so tied to every product you use that you’ll stop using a product that works for you because the naming is ‘fancy’?

Café is an accepted term for a small serving of coffee. Nectar connotes sweetness, which is an apt description. Cacao refers to the seeds from which cocoa and chocolate come. Chai is widely accepted as tea with milk and often honey and/or other spices. So Rosa is trying to build a unique brand and imply certain flavors/qualities in those drinks.

Your argument seems to be that these names don’t appeal to ‘regular guys’ like you and that RL should change. Or am I reading too much into your statements? Are you implying working class or rural people are incapable of grasping (or might be offended by) Soylent marketing as too complex or highfalutin? Not trying to be caustic just confused why this offends you so much?


We have finite resources. Nothing is being neglected. We are focusing on easy to reach demographics, gamers, college students, programers, startups cost less money for us to reach.


I love the cafe chai. It has a great taste. I like the milder amounts of caffiene compared to the coffee drinks also. In my opinion the amount of coffee mixed in should be halved for a milder coffee drink similar to a Frappuccino. The coffee taste is too bitter as it is right now. My GF also loves the new Chai flavor!


Same here. I have cut WAY back on coffee, from 5 - 6 cups a day to 1 decaf every morning. I love the flavor of coffee but I can live without the caffeine. A decaf Cafe line (Decafe?) or even just a single decaf flavor like UnCoffiest or NilMocha would be awesome.


Lol, I could not be further removed from either of those two groups. I’m just smart enough to not care about pointless things like clever product names, funny advertising, and beef flavor packets that I’d have to buy with bitcoins on the spookynet.

Is it complete nutrition, is it convenient and affordable, does it taste good, do I get feedback and resolution if there is a problem? Great. Here is my money.


I’ve been holding my fingers crossed for a decaf version for a while now. In the meantime, here are some compromises I came up with (to reduce the caffeine amount):

  • Mix original soylent with highly concentrated coffee (squirt bottles). One squirt is enough to give it a coffee taste with less than ~30mg of caffeine. Works for me, but not an ideal solution if the concentrate has sucralose, which means you can’t get a strong coffee taste without increasing sweetness.

  • Mix soylent powder with cold-brewed decaf coffee. Taste is bearable but not great.

  • Mix original or cocoa soylent with cafe soylent, half-half, for 75mg caffeine in each bottle. Store one bottle in the fridge until next meal or breakfast. This is my current go-to.


just curious, are original and cacao and nectar considered decaf versions? :-p


Ummm no, I said no such thing. I expressed my opinion that you mmight not be Soylent’s core demographic. Incidentally products can and usually are targeted towards more than one demographic, so just because you aren’t a “core” demographic doesn’t mean you aren’t important to the company as a customer type.

My basic point is, if you don’t want to buy a product strictly based on the company’s marketing methods, then don’t buy it. Personally I consider a whole lot more than a product’s marketing when I’m considering a purchase.

Hah… right there with ya! Reading the original Vice article on Soylent was definitely a “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!” moment for me. Signed up for a “full-boat” subscription right then & there before I’d even finished reading.


Yes, but only in the sense that all foods that never had caffeine in them are “decaf.” Like water is decaf, or milk is decaf, ya know?


I think you guys mean non-caffeinated. Decaffeinated means something else (caffeine was once present) :confused:


Yes, but close enough for casual conversation, like on the Internet.


After trying out the sample pack, I was impressed with the new Chai flavor. My go-to and current subscription is still for Cacao, which I still modify with a tablespoon of maple-flavored simple syrup, but I may soon change that to include some Chai.

My main issue is the flavor of the artificial sweeteners that are unfortunately present in all the drinks. I add sugar to cover that flavor, but it seems to me that replacing the artificial sweetener with real sugar shouldn’t affect the nutrition that much, right? And it would improve the flavor.

Currently, I only drink one per day as part of my meal plan, but this is mainly due to the fact that it is more labor intensive since I add sweetener. If this step wasn’t necessary, I would be able to open and drink at any time. I hope this is brought up for consideration.

In regards to the other flavors in the sample pack - I was pleased to note that the Coffiest no longer had the gritty texture that made me avoid it previously, and the vanilla flavor wasn’t bad but didn’t appeal to me.