Feedback Chai + Vanilla


I’ve almost completely eliminated caffeine from my diet, so even though I’m a hard core Soylent user I haven’t up to now tried any of the Cafe line. With my most recent order, however, I figured what the heck and I added a case of Vanilla to my shipment. On paper I’m the perfect customer for this flavor: I love coffee, I love vanilla, I love Soylent, and I really love Starbucks frappuccinos (which I’ve read many people describe Vanilla Soylent as tasting like) even though I stopped drinking them years ago because of the huge number of calories plus the ridiculous amount of money I was wasting at Starbucks. I figured that even if Vanilla Cafe didn’t taste like a frappuccino I’d still like it for all of the other reasons. Heck, I was a die-hard Nectar fan, and we all know how divisive that flavor was (rest its soul).

So I received my case this morning, ripped it open, popped a few in the fridge, gave them a chance to chill, and tried one this afternoon. It was… very, very strange. Not bad, exactly, and it may even grown on me as I work my way through the 12 bottles in the case, but it didn’t overwhelm me. In fact it didn’t taste like coffee and vanilla to me at all. If I had been given it in a blind taste test, I would have guessed that it was trying for a bitter peanut butter flavor. No vanilla, and not much coffee flavor. Just slightly bitter, slightly peanut, and slightly sweet Soylent. Very, very weird.

I haven’t heard anyone else describing Vanilla Cafe as having a peanut butter flavor, so it may just be my screwed up palate messing with me. Anyway, I finished it, and I’m sure I’ll finish the box. If I acquire more of a liking for it over the next 11 bottles I’ll even order more. I’m going to try Coffiest soon as well, but based on Vanilla Cafe I’m now a bit apprehensive about the rest of the Cafe line, and I’m even more hopeful for the next (fruity?) flavor that Soylent releases.


Figured I’d give my two cents on the matter. While I am not a diehard fan by any means, I do enjoy several of the flavors, and have been having one bottle a day as a meal replacement/me being too lazy to cook.

I will say that I’ve tried all three Cafe flavors, and while I enjoy Chai quite a lot and find Coffiest fairly good, the Vanilla has been extremely unpleasant to taste. I ordered a box of twelve, and have only managed to choke down two, each of which had a very bitter flavor. I don’t know if my batch got messed up somehow, but I don’t taste any vanilla in there. It’s just bitter. Not sure if anyone else has had quite this bad of an experience with that particular flavor. I’m a huge fan of Chai and Cacao, though!


I left a bottle of the vanilla at a friend’s house; she buys 2.0 from time to time but had never tried any of the newer flavors. She loved it.


Thank you! I thought I was going crazy. i love coffee, I love vanilla, and I love Soylent, but Cafe Vanilla is pretty bad to me. I’ve only managed to have two bottles from a case and I’m in no hurry to finish the rest. If I did get a bad batch I’ll never know because I won’t be ordering more. What a pity, I’d heard such good reviews. I hope Coffiest is better because I just ordered my first case of it.


I don’t think this is what you guys/gals are talking about but I had to throw away one of my Vanillas as it tasted like it had gone sour. I don’t even think I swallowed any but I gagged and almost threw up right away. It was my first ‘issue’ / bad time with a Soylent product so far…

Anyways, I just finished my 12th / last one and Vanilla has waaaaaay too much caffeine for me. The last 6 bottles or so, I did half Vanilla half Original and that was still waaay too much caffeine for me but it made it taste much better / less offensive (Cafe Vanilla tastes fine to me, but I don’t like the taste of coffee products in general). I guess I’m just really sensitive to caffeine these days as every time I drank one I felt strange all day and could not go to sleep at night (I haven’t had caffeine in years, even minimal amounts like from a Coke).


Don’t know that this is related, but we recently had a box of cacao (I don’t drink it but my partner does) that had something terribly wrong with it. In this case, she said it tasted like the plastic bottles had leeched into the product. She tried two of them and they both were just awful. Opened another box with a different date on it, and it was perfectly fine. A quick email to Soylent later, and a replacement box was on its way.

So if you think you had a specific problem with a particular order and want to make sure, contact Soylent and ask for a replacement. They’ve been very helpful the times I’ve contacted them with issues (which has only been a couple times in over 3 years)


Been doing Vanilla and Chai since introduced and I love the Chai and order a couple cases of month but the vanilla cafe didn’t suit my taste at all until I read a blog where somebody talked about mixing it half-and-half with Cocoa Soylent. I find the mix enjoyable and it really ameliorates the bitter taste Of the vanilla cafe. Originally I was not going to order any more Vanilla… I will now


Coffee upsets my stomach so this whole range is not worth trying fo rme. But tea does not. Why not make the chai flavour out of actual tea rather than coffee? I would 100 try it if that were the deal.


Cafe Chai contains no coffee.

(Coffiest contains both natural coffee and coffee powder.)


Vanilla and Coffiest are my go-to breakfast. I think they’re tasty. I tried the Chai but I really didn’t like it very much. Not really the products fault - I just don’t like Chai!


I haven’t been on this board in a long time. I got a couple of orders of the Chai and Vanilla when they released. I enjoyed the chai flavor fine, but the vanilla was not very good at all. It wasn’t very vanilla-y and had a weird aftertaste to me. The chai was sorta like a more subtle nectar, if I recall. I could see getting more chai, but I’m going to avoid the vanilla.


Vanilla is by far my favorite flavor between the two… still prefer Coffiest out of all 3. the Chai has too strong of a “pumpkin dessert” flavor to it in my opinion… but I wanted to like it so much!! I tried at different drinking temps and whatnot, but Vanilla by far takes the cake!!


Although I’ve been a subscriber since powder 1.1 I just now tried vanilla and chai. Vanilla just tastes weird, like cacao gone wrong. There’s a weird aftertaste I can’t handle.

Chai is fine. I’m not a huge chai tea fan to begin with so I don’t think I’ll re-order.

Philosophically, I drink Soylent in part because it’s cognitively easy: I’m hungry? Drink Soylent. If I also have to think about Do I Want Caffeine? and Do I Want Dessert? and What Flavor Do I Want? it starts using too many cycles. If I want choices I’ll go to the farmer’s market.


Wait! They sell Soylent at the farmer’s market?


I just saw some good deals a week ago and decided to give soylent a shot again. I havent had soylent since the first delivery powder for kickstarters way back when it first began version 1. I enjoyed 1 for what it was but knew i wouldnt be able to stick with it so i didnt end up buying more, especially with how backlogged deliveries were to. So anyway i saw these flavor ones and decided to come back and give it a second shot with the sampler pack and a 12 pack variety so i could try them all. Def i would rank favorite to worst being cacao, coffiest, vanilla, and chai. I really disliked chai out of the bottle, since i had 4 to go through i thought of trying to find a way to help it and found just pouring the bottle over a cup full of ice really made it ok to get through. From the comments here it seems im in the minority though. I wont be picking that flavor up again but will def stick with the other 3, they were incredible.