Feedback on 1.6


OK, 1.6 finally out, so folks should be getting it soon. I figure we might as well have a place to post reactions to the new formula. I’d prefer to scroll through this thread to see what 1.6 is actually like than to keep following the back and forth over soy. I mean, it’s in the name, and it’s a done deal, so I see no to re-litigate the wisdom of increasing the soy content. I feel bad for those who are allergic, but I don’t expect they will post in this thread as they won’t be able to try the new version. So for those who have tried it: post your feedback here. We who have just received shipments of 1.5 will appreciate your insight.


Yeah it is pretty annoying all the complaints about soy content in a product named SOYlent


Sooo…no one has gotten any 1.6 yet? I’m dying to know what it’s like.


I don’t think its shipped yet. I believe they said it was still a week or so before they start shipping


Currently, the “Powder” page of the Soylent website still displays information about 1.5. This seems to suggest to me that if you put in an order today, they would ship you 1.5.

But I wanna hear what 1.6 is like right nowwwwwwwwwwwww :anguished: :anguished: :anguished: /whine


I could’ve sworn the announcement said they’d start shipping 1.6 on Monday of this week. Still, that means that the first shipments will be arriving today.


They are taking my money for my subscription on Thursday, the 30th. If I get 1.5 I will complain.


I usually get me deliveries in the first week of the month. I want 1.6 also! I’ll be really frustrated if I get 1.5 then have to wait another month to try 1.6.

If that happens, I may sell my 1.5 - it looks like a bunch of people don’t want soy protein, so they will probably want all the 1.5 they can get.


However there is precedent for the expectation of no soy in a product called Soylent… as even Soylent Green contained no soy, be it “high energy plankton” and presumably other humans, probably the allergic ones… which is interesting that our soylent is battling the most efficient protein delivery method just like the folks in the moviei. Here’s to hoping they choose a different path! (disclaimer: a post in jest, from one of the soy allergic folks, who still buys soylent for other family members and continues to follow hoping soy protein is transitional)


As of Wednesday the 29th, the subscription portal still says 1.5…



Refreshing the product page like


it still says “Soylent Powder 1.6 is on the way soon, details in our 1.6 blog post” on the powder page.

So I would guess orders today will still be getting 1.5.

But you never know. :soon:


Yes. we wanted to give a solid week for people to cancel and be aware of the Soy change.


So what will happen with my subscription set to be renewed today? When you said

“Shipping for Soylent 1.6 will begin next week.”

I thought I could relax. I don’t want to get another month of 1.5. @conor


You better pause for a week (or more) then we 1.6 is shipping you can un-pause.


It looks like 1.6 is now go! Huzzah! :tada::tada:


I wrote customer service. They told me good news, I would get 1.6. It doesn’t make sense, but I believe them.


1.6 Powder is live on the site.


I reactivated my 1.x Powder subscription the second I saw 1.6 was available!!! If this cures the death farts (2.0 did so I hope 1.6 will too) then I’m the happiest person on the planet. Well, definitely in the top 7 billion!

Keep up the incredible work!