Feedback on 1.6


Ordered! Woohoo!

Very good idea to delay the switch and give people a chance to evaluate the new formula. Batman says he’s very sorry.


Dammit! I got my shipping notice TODAY, and it says I’m getting 1.5. I was pretty excited to try 1.6 but now I need to wait a month. I must have gotten 1.5 sent on the very last day it was going out! :cry:


That happened to me with 1.2. It sucks.


If 1.5 was good this past month, it will be good in the next. Versioning food does make people want the latest and greatest though.


The note I got from Rl said:

We appreciate your interest in our product. Good news! At this time we are manufacturing and shipping our most recent versions of Soylent, Soylent 1.6 powder. Each time we update our formula, we ship only the available version, which is the newest. When you open a Soylent subscription, your order will update each time our formula does, as the older version will no longer be available. So even if you see 1.5 from your end, what will shipped out would be the 1.6 since that is the recent version we have.


When should we expect release notes?


I’ve just received my monthly shipment of Soylent powder and surprise, it was V1.5
Oh well…


That’s interesting and sad. When was your payment accepted?


1.6 is a success by all target metrics! Very close to 2.0. And, like 2.0, it is best not chilled.


Payment accepted on June 29th. I thought since the release announcement was out for 1.6 that they would be shipping it.


They pre-announced so people wouldn’t end up with automatic orders that didn’t want soy. The announcement indicated they weren’t shipping yet.


Fascinating, Ode. What do you think Conor meant when he wrote:

“Shipping for Soylent 1.6 will begin next week.”

In what way do you think that statement means they wouldn’t be shipping this week?


They did ship this past week. Many have already received it.


I haven’t seen any posts here or elsewhere from anyone that’s received 1.6. They only transitioned the site from 1.5 to 1.6 late on Thursday.

Correction: I’ve seen two people report receiving 1.6 and that was today.


That’s awesome to hear. Glad they kept pricing the same too. Does it have that there newfangled nutrition label?


People should start really seeing solid feedback this week.


I wish the release notes were published. At least they aren’t shipped in every box any more.


We are trying to cut down on excess. :slight_smile:


I will get my 1.6 delivery on Friday and will be posting my feedback once I get to make my first batch.


I just received my shipment shortly before noon on Wednesday. I cut the tape and pulled up the cardboard and there was a small shower of powder, the first time that has happened in the last year and a half since my subscription started. I checked several packages and didn’t see any that had been cut, though I haven’t checked them all yet.

I immediately made a days’ worth of Soylent and drank a cup without chilling it. The neutral taste was even more neutral than with 1.5 and I think I’ll go back to adding some Stevia to the mix, though the taste was fine. I mixed the batch quickly without a blender and there was some clumping, which I don’t mind – the clumps have a mild, peanut butter effect, it seems to me.

All in all, I was happy with the batch. The difference between it and 1.5 was obvious but not very significant, it seems to me. 2.0 still tastes better, I think, but that is a plus to me, because I don’t want an addictive taste.

I look forward to lots more 1.6!