Feedback on 1.7

Obligatory feedback thread! @Hieronymus, hope you don’t mind me copying your comments over here to start.


So the general consensus is if you liked 2.0 more than 1.6, you will like 1.7 more than 1.6?

Yes, but don’t expect 1.7 to be much like 2.0.

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1.7 is the same as 2.0 except for necessities due to being a powder.

Which makes the two significantly different in taste, texture, nutrition profile, etc.

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IMO 1.6 is closer to 2.0 in taste than 1.7 is.

I’m drinking my first 1.7 right now, and it tastes NOTHING like 2.0 to me. I have to say, I really am not digging the aftertaste that this has. If it doesn’t grow on me quickly, I’ll be using the blender for the rest of it so I can add in things to try to mask it.

If that doesn’t work, then I’ll just stick with 2.0.

This seems far from “neutral” to me - it tastes a little salty when drinking it, and then the aftertaste (that I can’t really seem to describe) kicks in.


I am an ascetic. So the fact that I can depend on each version to taste bad (always in different ways) helps my practice.


Hi DigitalScrap, is the aftertaste like in 1.6? Chemically, Elmer’s gluey, fake sugary?

I had never had 1.6, but it is definitely “Elmer’s gluey” - I was trying to place it, and that pretty much nails it. No real fake sugar taste though - it is a little salty initially and then I got the glue aftertaste.

I’m going to give it another go tomorrow and see how I do with it.

Thanks for the report, Eric. While I want a savory/umami flavor, salty doesn’t sound good!

I agree. I’m more of a 2.0 person, and just had my first 1.7 this morning. Mixed last night, kept in the fridge overnight. Was a little bummed out when I tasted it.

Important to note: I like and enjoy the taste of 2.0. I crave it. It’s delicious.

My initial thoughts on 1.7 were, “this sorta tastes like really wet paste”.

I’m sure other folks still enjoy 1.7, but I think I will be sticking to the 2.0 bottles for now.


I’m having my second serving of 1.7 right now (I do individual servings when I make it), and maybe I have gotten over the initial shock of the aftertaste because it isn’t quite as bad as it seemed yesterday. While it isn’t as bad to me as it was yesterday, I still don’t LIKE it (and it still tastes a lot like glue).

Like you, I really like the way 2.0 tastes, and I too have found myself craving it - really looking forward to my next one. I was excited about potentially switching to 1.7 because of the savings, but once I run through this box, I’ll probably be sticking with 2.0 and Coffiest.

Eric, I’m convinced you stop tasting it as strongly because your brain tries to protect itself from the horror by severing the neural connections responsible for detecting that taste.

Ok, first taste… very similar to 1.6. Perhaps a tad less sweet and a tad thinner. While thinner might not be preferable for mouthfeel, it certainly is easy to work with (mix, clean etc). I suppose if you want it thicker you could always put in less water…

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Salty? Do the TerraVia ingredients taste like they are having a hissy fit, and taking their ball and going home?

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First glass is going down the hatch as I write this. It’s exactly what the release notes describe: a thinner, slightly saltier, less sweet rendition of 1.6. And, of course, no nausea whatsoever.

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Holy crap!

I ate lunch and then my 1.7 arrived a day early. I held off as long as I could. I used my scale, meant to do 108 grams 500 calories but accidentaly did 111 grams. Blender bottle with frige crushed ice, no chilling. No whey or pb2, I wanted the pure experience.


Texture - not like anything else, mind you Ive never used a scale before today, and I do not measure water, just fill my 30 ounce bottle up. Not today because I accounted for no extra ingredients. I know it is suppose to be thinner and it is, but its ok.

I think they hit a home run on this one, not as good as 1.5 in flavor but more like 1.6 on “mouth feel”. Honestly it was like drinking 2.0 with less sweetener added.


I think it’d be 106 grams of 1.7 if my math is correct. Mine hasn’t arrive yet, but the nutrition facts say 84.8g for a 400 calorie serving.

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It’s always interesting to see how differently things taste to different people. I’m glad that some are liking it!

(of course, angelic spit still doesn’t sound very good to me…)