Feedback on 1.7


Food Bars also had whole algal flour (but no aftertaste), and as I said, every other Soylent (since 1.0) has had “fake sugars” as well.


Bars covered the flavor with different sweeteners/flavors. Again, 1.6 had MORE.


Perhaps you mean something special by “fake sugars” that is not what I assume you mean? “Fake sugars” isn’t exactly a precisely defined term.

How are you so sure the Food Bar was able to 100% cover the offensive flavor whereas 1.6 did not? I didn’t detect even a hint of 1.6’s flavor in Food Bar, whereas it was front and center with 1.6.

I mean, believe what you want, but you’ll need to be a little more convincing if you want to sway me.


No kidding. Soylent 1.0 had 60 mg of sucralose per bag; 1.6 had 23 mg per bag. That’s pretty significantly lower per calorie. It’s definitely not the sucralose or I would have hated many other products, including Food Bar (about 30 mg per bar), which I loved.

I’ve also got a bag of sucralose powder in my kitchen. One of the first things I did with 1.6 was try adding some, which made it taste sweeter but did nothing to mask the taste. I also tried cocoa powder (with and without additional sucralose) to no avail, and after all that failed I tried purchasing a bunch of flavor oils (mentioned in a thread here); none of which were able to effectively mask 1.6’s flavor.

I know you think you’re right, but you’ve done nothing to convince me. I’m open to suggestions. Seriously. Even though it doesn’t matter since 1.6 is no more, and I don’t think we’ll see a regression in flavor from 1.7… but I’m still curious if anyone has any plausible theories.


I think we have hit the jackpot! Finally a good tasting right away soylent. Furthermore I had ZERO GI complaints. (despite every version getting more digestible) I didn’t mix the correct water and powder amounts but it was smooth, went down easy, no weird tongue left overs.
Love it[quote=“synapticsmith, post:1, topic:26662, full:true”]
Obligatory feedback thread! @Hieronymus, hope you don’t mind me copying your comments over here to start.



Can confirm that 1.7 is very similar to 1.6 – I’m a big fan!


For those that lift, what do you supplement 1.7 with?


A guess: Protein? lol!


I’m not sure that’s necessary. Soylent 1.7 tastes more like watery jizz than the familiar, tasty, well-textured meal Soylent 1.6 was. This stuff is gross.

Lucky me I have an enormous bag of xanthan gum and stevia, so can try to touch it back up to 1.6 standards.


Lol how you imagine it tastes or do you know from experience? Please let us know how much you end up mixing in.


Thank you for asking so I didn’t have to.


Let us know how much xanthan gum and stevia you add.


I’ve already consumed more 1.7 than 1.6. It’s really not bad at all.


100%? Do you supplement at all?


It’s already way past Conor’s self-inflicted deadline, but once he posts the spreadsheet we will know exactly how much to add. :slight_smile:


1/2 teaspoon Xanthan per bag seems okay. Not as thick as 1.6, but passable and palatable.

1/4 teaspoon Stevia is way too sweet. I need to find a 1/8 measuring spoon. Stevia is 1/32 servings, so 1/4 is 8 servings; methinks halving that would be better.

Note I approximated 3/4 of a 1/2 tsp of Xanthan Gum in a 3/4 full pitcher. I’ll try 1/2 teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon straight in the next bag.

You should be able to find a pound of Xanthan gum and a pound of Stevia for $11 each on Amazon. Just avoid anything that says “Organic” or some other 500%-markup promotion, or else you can expect to shell out $35 for the same compound.


What do you mean by “stevia”?


Why are the boxes taped instead of glued/tear-off like Drink? Since they are from different copackers? Btw, why is the copacker stuff super secret information now?


Be sure to specify your stevia! :scream:


What? Why the hell would you interpret “Stevia” as anything but Stevia? They make packets of Stevia mixed with Dextrose to fill the volume, but that’s not something anyone would seriously buy by the pound, is it?