Feedback on 1.7


That’s exactly what happened, actually. :astonished:


I wish LifeTree had access to this instead of their usual canisters. I also wish they fit more than 5000 calories, since that’s just over one day’s worth for me. 5 lb (rectangular!) tubs would be a good start.


So far I am enjoying 1.7 a lot, taking it a little slow as I have been having GI issues with Soylent since 1.4. After a couple of days with breakfast & breakfast / lunch, so far so good.

I really have preferred the taste / consistency of 1.3 to every version subsequent. I’ve been using Soylent since 1.0 … to me it’s sort of like the 1.2 consistency with the 1.3 flavor profile which is perfect to me. It’s exactly what I have always wanted.


@conor thank you for all the work on this!


So why do you guys think they need to reformulate for Europe?


I’d imagine it’s because ironically it wouldn’t be a soylent (nutritionally complete) by Europe’s standards. Soylent only contains 60mg of vitamin C per day, whilst the EU RDA is set at 80mg. This will stop being an issue when they have to switch to the new Daily Values by July 2018, or if they choose to do so before then.

If you’re interested in the different RDAs, I made a spreadsheet ages ago:



Don’t Europeans have issues with GMOs? Not sure to what level that’s regulated…


I’m new to Soylent. 1.7 is the first and only one I’ve tried. I’ve done other meal replacements in the past (metrx, myoplex, etc).

I like it. Not much taste at all. I did have it once with room temperature water and the flavor wasn’t as good. I suggest drinking it cold.

I like it enough that I’ve ordered more.


I was wondering about that too. But Mendel was European.


We have fairly strict laws for initially bringing them to market but no blanket ban.


I never tried 1.6, and I still have 4 boxes of 1.5 that I will never consume because it is completely unpalatable to me. Anyone who hated 1.5 that loves 1.7? I am hesitant to purchase after wasting my money on a month of 1.5.


1.5 and 1.6 / 1.7 are pretty dissimilar. 1.7 is almost but not quite entirely unlike 2.0.


I tried 2.0 when it first came out and I loved it, the formula is absolutely perfect, so I might give 1.7 a shot. I don’t mind some variance from 2.0, but the closer it gets the better.


I wouldn’t call them similar but would call them the most similar vs the previous powders.


I may want to buy your 1.5. What’s the expiration date?


1.7 is my first time trying Soylent (finally!) and I am pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it is. Reading feedback on this and previous versions had me very worried about the flavor and texture, as I was expecting something between gag-inducing horror and sweet cereal milk. While I’ve loved drinking the first bag, I’m still hoping the other pouches taste as good, and there isn’t a lot of variation among batches.


I’ve never really noticed a variation between batches among any of Soylent’s versions/products (never had Powder 1.4 or Coffiest though), which might make me less qualified to give input since I guess I have defective taste buds or something.


I just had my first serving of 1.7, it is definitely more neutral tasting, everything else seems similar to 1.6.


I couldn’t post the following elsewhere, so I am posting it below. why is the following still unedited on the main site, under my orders? I got my full order not long ago. I assume what is below is false.

Soylent Powder is Backordered

We recently experienced a slight delay in our supply chain, and new production runs are currently on hold. Because of this delay, all orders of Soylent Powder will be put on backorder.