Feedback on 1.7


I don’t think we’re the only ones really, I’ve had a lot of help from Super Body Fuel and others - I just feel these products can be extremely beneficial to people, and there’s enough room for a lot of different companies to fulfil different requirements.

Keto is certainly subject to debate :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve personally seen enough evidence to be convinced of its benefits, and have found it to be extremely good for me personally - but others may disagree. We’ll get to non-keto soon enough :L


So, I left a review after two days of Soylent. Since then, I have finished off my week’s worth of 1.7 and also tried and ordered a month’s worth of Schmilk. Here I am, though, craving the taste of that 1.7 so much that I had to reorder and subscribe to Soylent. Can’t wait for that order to arrive tomorrow.


How did you like the Schmilk?


I do like the Schmilk. It has a great flavor and the texture, while not as smooth as Soylent, is quite nice. It definitely has an “oatiness” to it. I have the Original flavor and, true to what the website says, it does tasty like an oaty cereal milk (and it is quite good!). That said, I don’t ever really crave it like I do the Soylent. I feel like, due to the sweetness, I could easily become tired of the taste over time. If you are looking for something with more flavor to enjoy, Schmilk would definitely be the way to go.


Just finished my stockpile of 1.3 and moved to this. I can’t stand the smell. The taste is not bad but it smells like clay or paint or something along those lines. The texture is also not great. It seems slimey to me compared to 1.3. 1.3 was just about perfect in every way. I wonder if it is some challenge related to moving to powdered fat vs liquid(oil bottles). I’ll stick with 2.0 in the meantime. I love the taste of 2.0 and coffiest.


I just tried the 1.8 powder for the first time and I also think it tastes like rancid oil… The boyfriend doesn’t seem to taste it, but even with loads of chocolate and caramel syrup, it still tastes to me like someone dumped half a cup of rancid oil in there. 2.0 is super delicious by comparison.