Feedback on 1.8


Hey Soylent Pioneers,

With 1.8 out and shipping we want to hear your feedback. Please post all 1.8 related feedback here and try to avoid off topic discussions. :smiley:


1.8 Impressions
Is the current powder 1.8?


It seems to me that the thread titled “1.8 impressions” meets your guidelines and could be moved here.


I’ve been a powder user since 1.6 so I only have those products to compare to. First, I liked 1.7 more than 1.6. I compared them side by side and found that 1.7 had a more neutral flavor and removed something that I can only describe as “artificial” tasting in 1.6. But they were rather similar in taste and texture. I liked them both and was a happy customer with both.

Now that we’ve moved on to 1.8, I think that there is a much bigger difference in taste and texture from 1.7 to 1.8 compared to 1.6 to 1.7. I personally don’t like the taste of 1.8 as much. It has an aftertaste that is different that I’m not a big fan of. Kind of a “corn-like” flavor. Not enough to cause me to cancel my subscription but it just doesn’t taste as good as 1.7. Totally subjective, I know. As far as texture, there is a little bit of grittiness to 1.8 that was not present in 1.7. I mix my Soylent in a Vitamix so it’s not just a case of it not being blended properly. Again, not a deal breaker, but as a fan of 1.7, it is a step back for me.

I just started my first bag of 1.8 this morning so I don’t have any feedback on digestion yet but in the 4 hours since I’ve eaten 1.8, no problems.



I’ve always found it takes me a day to get used to the flavor of a new version. After that it all tastes the same. When I was doing DIY, there were a couple versions I originally said “OMG there is no way I can drink this.” A couple days later it tasted good. YMMV as well. :slight_smile:


Just drank a bunch of chilled 1.8… Not bad. Very neutral. smooth but at the same time an odd grittiness…? Not objectionable to me…

P.S. just mixed a 2nd bag and noticed they’re now printing the nutrition label (rather prominently) on the back of the pouch…


I was hoping that 1.8 would be better in grittiness in order to be palatable for my wife. She is ok with all 2.0 except Nectar, but can’t quite dig the powder. After I mix my first bottle of 1.8 I guess I’ll see.


I have always noticed a cardboardy aftertaste in 1.7. Did anyone notice that as well? If so, is it still present in 1.8?


Just got 1.8 yesterday and tried some last night and this morning. I think I like the taste just a little bit better than 1.7. Maybe a little sweeter. No “horror farts” so far. All that means, I get to continue my Soylent life!


I’ve never had gas from Soylent (started with 1.3) but I have to admit I’ve been a lot more gassy since starting 1.8 a few days ago. I can’t say for certain it’s the 1.8 but it has been 75% of my calories for the last 4 days.


Unfortunately, the farts have come back with 1.8. I had horrible trouble with 1.0 through 1.5. I didn’t have any trouble with 1.6 or 1.7. The partial good news is the it is just farts, not “horror farts”. I’ve been 90% 1.8 for about 4 days and the wife hasn’t mentioned anything. With 1.0-1.5 she would smell the farts by just walking by the room I was in.

In any case, I hope the farts will lessen as I get used to it. I’m very worried that I will have to go back to 2.0 if they don’t. Hopefully, there will always be either powder or drink that is fart free for me.

As to the rest of 1.8, I think I like the taste a little bit better. There is something like “grit” but it feels “softer”. It doesn’t bother me, but it might be enough to turn others away. Mixing and the rest seem to be about the same.


I’m a fan of powder and I’ve had all versions since 1.0. I was disappointed by side effects of 1.6. I had to cancel my 1.7 subscription because it reminded me too much of 1.6 and I couldn’t stand the aftertaste. Just finished my first bag of 1.8 and so far it’s ok. It has the same smooth texture as 1.6 and 1.7. Taste is somewhat similar to 1.7, but a bit more neutral and seem to have less of that artificial sweetness. I have to constantly tell my brain that this is not 1.6 and it’ll be ok. While I can drink 1.5 as is I prefer to add some flavour to 1.8. (banana and coconut work well for me)


It is a sad day. The wife noticed the smell so I will have to give up on 1.8. That’s too bad because I liked it better than 1.6 and 1.7. I guess that means going back to 2.0. I did a little investigation of Soylent competitors but got depressed and gave up. Now my biggest fear is that they will come out with a new version of the drink so I can’t use it or powder. I’ve considered going back to DIY as well. Luckily I’ve got a months worth of 1.7 + 2.0 so I’ve got some time to think.


I’m enjoying 1.8. As with all Soylents I’ve had, every powdered version since 1.2, I add a few droplets of stevia. I liked the more exotic ingredients but am not sure with a blind taste test I could tell the difference between 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8.


What was especially depressing? The sheer variety?


Good question! I looked at and didn’t find much in the US, probably because of Soylent being available here. The stuff I saw didn’t look at professional as Soylent. I really didn’t want to buy stuff in zip lock bags. I want to be able to trust that the guys making this stuff have a clue about what nutrition is. I also wanted something near Soylent powder price of $7.70 a day. I know I can make DIY for something like $5 as day. That’s basically where I’m at. Trying to convince myself to pay more for somebody to mix it for me.


I think you are selling @axcho (SuperBodyFuel) short, he’s been in the biz as long as Rosa Foods, his “Schmoylent” (now Light Fuel) and other mixes are prepared in an inspected facility, and he did a lot of research to design his custom micronutrient mix that is used in his and other products.


I’ve been here since the beginning. @axcho is definitely on the short list. I love milk, so that might be a nice fit for me.


I’ve been doing about 50% Schmilk (Super Body Fuel) for the past couple months and I’ve been loving it. It tastes great (you don’t have to wait to “get used to it”) and I feel good throughout the day. I calculated out the cost, and when you factor in the price of buying whole milk, the cost ends up being about the same as Soylent powder.

I highly recommend it. (Also, you can buy 1 meal samples, unlike most competitors)


I also enjoy Schmilk, having both Soylent and Schmilk on hand. I find Schmilk to be very flexible, blending very nicely with fruits and greens.