Feedback on 1.8


I have only had 1.7 and now 1.8. 1.8 is free of the cardboard aftertaste I noticed in 1.7. With 1.7 I had to add some type of flavor. I can drink 1.8 plain with only some added sweetener.

1.8 is much closer to the taste and consistency of Original Drink. Much much better than 1.7!


I just started on Soylent, I had the half off bottles and loved them, and then picked up the1.8 powder because of the price. It’s OK - I haven’t had any problems with the mixing (no clumps or anything), but I prefer the taste of the bottles much, much more. The powder tastes extremely sweet to me, while the bottles tastes a lot more like plain almond milk. I’ve never been a fan of sweets in large quantities, so the 1.8 took a bit of getting used to.

I’ll probably stick with 1.8 for now, but I would love it if you could tone down the sweetness of its flavor profile and get it a bit closer to the more neutral flavor of the bottles.


I was on Joylent (Jimmy Juice or whatever it’s name got changed to) when 1.7 went on hiatus.
Initial testing on 1.8 is good. It mixes in a big blender bottle and the small blender bottles I got used to with Joylent. I had trouble mixing 1.6 powder without a blender but don’t foresee need for blending up and bottling vats of 1.7 anytime soon. The blender bottles handle it well enough.
I liked Joylent since it mixed without a blender and had flavors. But 1.7 mixes fine and I don’t care enough about flavor for it to matter. Despite Joylent having a warehouse in Jersey, I’d still get battered shipments from overseas with dust in the box since one of the pouches would invariably leak. Add foreign charge card fees and, fun as it was, Joylent was generally a clumsy affair.


2 days in and only on soylent and coffee.

Let’s start with i love food… I’m a professional reviewer actually. I’m trying this because I start dental school and need alternative to nasty protein shakes that make me crash.

I don’t feel hungry. I don’t feel tired. I’m not crashing. Again only 2 days in so we’ll see.

But… some issues with how it’s packaged.
Packet says serving size 400 cal or 1/5th bag. This isn’t a useful measurement. Also the scoop is 250 cal not 200, if it was 200 everything would line up. Make the serving sizes easier to understand. After a few calculations i can figure it out but it’s inconvenient. How many cups per serving of powder to water ratio printed on bag would be most helpful.
The pitcher has no markings on it. Since 1 bag goes in… It’s 5 servings. Tick marks for each serving of 400cal/ 1/5th of a bag on the pitcher would be most helpful.
Again… a few calculations later and i got it but it’s not user friendly. Biochemistry degree came in handy though. Yay!


I never use the scoop, never have. I’ve been using Soylent for over two years. I make a whole pitcher’s worth and that’s how much I typically use in a day. A serving is how much I decide to pour at any moment. Only the total at the end of the day really counts for much.


I’m new to the powder and so can only comment on that.
I like it myself. I mix it in a blender to get a real creamy texture and to make sure it’s well blended.
My first serving is always plain 1.8 and I like it much better than the bottles that I’ve had before.
I find 1.8 thicker, creamier, tastier, and more filling.
For the rest of my servings, I add either cold pressed coffee or different frozen fruits blended in for a variety of flavors, and 1.8 mixes very well with them.
I’m a fan, it’s a keeper.


I use my shaker cups I had for protein shakes. They do have measures on them. After mixing the pitcher and bag together to make a full pitcher, I can then pour 14oz into a shaker cup.
I have it measured out:
1 cup Soylent to 2 cups water = single serving
scoop = 1/3 cup
pitcher = 2 liters


I also mix 2000kcal at a time… usually.

For travel I purchased a small wide mouth shaker bottle (about 500ml) and use a small plastic scoop (from a former whey protein tub… I think) to mix powder on the go. It’s not an exact science but with this config I mix about four of these scoops in the shaker per bottle per meal and end up with about 4 “meals” per bag. I leave the scoop in the shaker bottle prior to opening a bag and in the bag after the first meal.

This makes for a fairly compact travel kit. TSA almost always swabs the Soylent bags…


Soylent Fun Dip, anyone?


I just drank my first serving of v1.8 for lunch. Overall, it’s still pretty similar to v1.7, which I enjoyed very much. Version 1.8 now has a subtle “popcorn” flavor. As Jeff mentioned, taste is surprisingly adaptable, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the flavor of v1.8 just as much as v1.7 in a few days.

This comment from Jeff has me worried though.

Soylent fixed the fart issue for me in versions 1.6 and 1.7. I fully blame the oats that was used previously. Now the oats hasn’t returned in v1.8, but we’ll see how I process the new soluble corn fiber source. Fingers crossed.


Stop revealing all our future product ideas!


Just my quick opinion… I absolutely loved 1.7. It quickly became one of my favourite foods. Blended with a ripe banana it was heavenly. Off topic, but I can tolerate (at best) 2.0.

1.8 is a disappointment for me. Its taste is just a little different, but in a way that makes me perceive a weird chemical sweetener flavour and then a not-so-preferred aftertaste. It also seems to separate quickly. I left some in the fridge overnight and it got weird.

While I understand the history and reasoning for the change, I was also quite fond of the algae as a food source that Soylent used to heavily promote. Perhaps unfairly I’m not such a fan of replacing algae-based ingredients with corn-based ones.


So I am not a Soylent veteran but I have been drinking the powder for a few months and I do 1.7 at work (I had some bags there when I got the 1.8 shipment) and 1.7 at home. 1.7 was awesome, taste, texture I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it…1.8 isn’t bad and I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I liked the taste better in 1.7 and there is a gritty after effect as if some of the granules didn’t dissolve. I have a bag and a half of 1.7 left, and I will be sad when its gone.


I’ve been using soylent since 1.5, usually having half a bag per day (once in the morning and once late evening). It’s always tasted like cardboard to me and I usually mix in one scoop of chocolate protein powder for flavour. Overall, I like the texture of 1.8 more than 1.5-1.7.

One small problem I’ve had is with bowel movements. With 1.5 I instantly noticed an improvement with my bowel movements, all very solid and normal. Since then though, 1.6 - 1.8, my bowel movements have been very soft (almost diarrhea consistency) and I usually feel cramps right before needing to go. I usually skip soylent on the weekends, my bowel movements are fine on those days. I just stayed off 1.8 for the past week and haven’t had the usual bowel movement issues I was seeing. I’ve had my protein powder still though and that hasn’t caused any issues for me, so I know it wasn’t the protein powder I was mixing in.

Anyone else experience this issue? I’m going to start taking soylent next week to see if my bowel movements go soft again.


Overall Rating: 5/5

Not knowing what to expect, Soylent 1.8 has exceeded my expectations.

Full Text:
I’m new to Soylent. Just finished my first week of 1.8
The inital taste/texture was a litte strange. I’ve never really been into protein shakes or supplements, so I don’t have much to compare it to. But the actual flavor of Soylent 1.8 I find rather pleasent. I describe it as the smell you notice when you are standing in front of the healthy cereals at the grocery store.

The liquid one concocts is decent and creamy, though there definitely is a noticable grit. I personally don’t mind it as I’m used to chewing food. Haha. (It’s not that extreme). Also, I think it’s an easy grittiness to accept knowing that it’s just granulated nutrients and not beach sand.

I haven’t noticed any digestion issues. There is some mild gas, but nothing unbearable or inconvenient. Granted I’m a single dude in my early 20’s.

I haven’t intended to be 100% dependent on Soylent this past week as I’ve been getting rid of stray food items in my fridge/freezer. Once my resupply arrives on Monday, my intentions are to rely on Soylent for all of my nutritional needs, hopefully for the rest of the year. So I’ll update my input here if anything drastic changes.

Finally, I know this thread is intended for feedback on the physical powder and the drink it makes. But I do have some comments on the instructions and packaging. Perhaps someone more familiar with this discourse can point me to the right place. Or if anyone is interested you are welcome to inquire.


I’ve always made the pitchers whole, like geneven. But your criticisms are spot on. Having a 250 cal scoop for 400 cal servings is illogical, and not marking the pitchers to reflect serving sizes is a similar oversight. Since I never made partial pitchers–I’d make blender bottles when travelling, but that’s the only exception to full pitcher production–I never really paid attention to those details before. Now I’m primarily on 2.0 and its cousins (even nectar), so I notice even less. Until now.


It looks like they’ve got a new 200kcal scoop.


I just had my first glass of 1.8 and I’m pleased. I began with 1.5 (which I found more filling than subsequent versions). I thought 1.6 was too sweet, but I learned to counter that sweetness by the simple addition of cardemon, cinnamon or other spices. 1.7 was very like 1.6, but both had that odd chemical back taste. I’m not detecting that in 1.8, the flavor seems “cleaner”. The consistency is a bit thinner than I would prefer but that’s easily remedied in a variety of ways.


1.8 is the only powder I have had, I usually drink the 2.0 but switched to save some money.

It definitely tastes completely different. Has a very gritty chalk experience, but not enough to stop me. I feel like it might turn a lot of people off though. I even tried blending it, but it did not reduce the grit.
A positive is that it seems to fill me up much more than the bottled 2.0.

I also hope Soylent will bring back the algae. That was one of their major selling points.
Was it the suppliers quality controls? Cost? Or just too high a percentage of people who couldn’t consume it without negative effects?


Let’s speculate!

It sounds to me like they’re still committed to algae based macronutrients even though they split with their prior supplier under less than ideal conditions…

Are there other suppliers? Or perhaps they are investing in their own means of production?

The introduction of a new algae based macronutrient might not warrant a change to 2.0 but would we end up with a 1.9 powder? What happens if there’s a problem with 1.9? 1.9a?