Feedback on 1.8


It is not predictible when it will be changed again, so if you want to be sure of getting this version you need to buy it now, though in practice you might be able to buy it from third-party sources in the future, even if RF stops selling it. Someone who loved version 1.3 is still consuming it now, because they snapped up all the extra bags private parties put up for sale for years.


Not a fan, when compared to 1.7. I find that 1.8 doesn’t dissolve nearly as well (the same amount of shaking as w 1.7 leaves me with large chunks). It also doesn’t keep as well–I can’t really take any with me during the day, because by lunch time it’ll smell a bit off. And by the end of the day, any residue left will smell quite a bit like rotten fish.


I’ve had 1.8 for a few days over the past week. Overall, it’s great! The corn fiber grit gets to me a little bit, but it’s very minor. No GI problems. Tastes a bit better than 1.7.

That said… 1.7 definitely became my favorite over time. Went down smooth. Took flavoring really well. Mixed easily and didn’t separate. 1.8 separates fairly quickly. Shaking it after sitting overnight seems to take care of that like it did with 1.5 and prior versions though.

I’m also wondering about the nutrition factor of Powder after all these iterations; am I getting enough Omega-3s, for instance, after 1.6 knocked out the Life’s DHA? Canola heaps on the ALA in that case, but I know conversion rates to EPA and DHA are relatively low. Most other ingredients are the same as far as I can tell, but if not, are these still sourced for their bioavailability?

I can only assume the nutrition advisor (forgot his name) has to rubber stamp everything before it goes into production, but I’d like to know Rosa still stands behind the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” tagline. This is still at least 60% of my diet most days.


Worst case conversion rate is 8.5% of ALA to EPA+DHA. Most boards recommend a combined total of 500mg of EPA+DHA per day, so around 5.88g of ALA is sufficient for that need. I’d supplement with flaxseed up to that level to be safe.


I think 1.8 is good enough, but I preferred 1.7. I still had a 1.6 bag around and tried it to compare to the other two, and even if the taste was more pronounced (which I liked), it was more filling to me than 1.7, and even more than 1.8. I always take the same amount of Soylent everyday, and 1.8 leaves me hungry at the end of the morning, when 1.7 didn’t. Also, and maybe linked to this, I found that 1.7 was thicker than 1.8, which seems very liquid. I understand they put less creamer in 1.8, but it was supposed to be compensated by the corn fiber from what I remember.

Anyway, I like it enough to continue my powder subcription for weekday breakfasts and suppers, and with a bottle of 2.0 for lunch everyday, but I hope the next iteration, or next project about powder, will be more filling. I can’t wait to see what they are designing in-house about that.

Also, big algae supporter here! :wink:


The differences between 1.7 and 1.8 are fairly subtle. I’m not noticing the grittiness others have mentioned with 1.8; it feels quite smooth to me and doesn’t have that slightly sticky feel of 1.7. I’m quite pleased with 1.8 and look forward to consuming it for the (un)foreseeable future.


As somebody who is new to Soylent (but very excited), I was initially disgusted by it. I’ve been a long-time fan of the drink Ensure Plus but had to stop drinking it as it was making me extremely nauseous after drinking it (perhaps due to the high sugar content). With Soylent, I was expecting something bland, like flour mixed with water. Instead, I was greeted by a rather strange cardboardish-mineral taste. It tastes like chewing up a multivitamin with a chunk of paper in your mouth, and there is a sandy consistency that grits on my teeth (despite filling the pitcher entirely. Perhaps more dilution would help, but I can only drink so much) and a mean aftertaste.

I’ve found that dumping huge amounts of Hershey’s Chocolate syrup in and holding my nose can make it palletable, but other than that, I’m pretty much at a loss with the taste. Also, that much sugar can’t be good in the long term and I’m sure it’s approaching or reaching the sugar content of Ensure Plus. Doesn’t taste early as good as other meal replacement shakes on the market (then again, not many other meal replacements are nutritionally balanced).

Haven’t decided if I’m going to keep my subscription or not, it really is hard for me to choke down.


You could consider the bottles if you can afford it.

With that said though, there are dozens of nutritionally balanced meal replacements available.

Check Blendrunner and EatComplete if you’re interested.


Don’t feel the grit? I feel it in my teeth no matter what I do, I tried making it the night before and refrigerating it, which does make it smoother, but the grit is undeniable for me at least…if anyone has any suggestions that have mitigated the grit I am all ears.


I’ve only had one serving of 1.8 so far. I did my usual mix of 400mL of water and the precise number of grams for a 400 calorie serving in a blender bottle and chilled it overnight. I also had a single serving of 1.7 mixed the same way prepared (again, chilled overnight) and had two glasses going to compare the two. I expected 1.8 to be gritty because of the feedback here, but I got nothin’. The only differences I really experienced were the flavour and the lack of a little stickiness that is present in 1.7.

I guess I would say 1.5 was gritty, but that was negligible for me.


You may recall that the algae oil was the cause of a small percentage of users getting strong allergic reactions, so they took it out (of the snack bars at least). I think they are still using a little powdered algae oil (or something like that). If I’m getting this wrong, someone correct me.


Here is my mini-review - mini because I don’t have all that much to say, but most of it is good. I have been a regular user since 1.4. I think with 1.8 Soylent has made improvements over 1.7. For me, the reduced fiber content was resulting in less satisfying meals. I was beginning to order Joylent (now Jimmy Joy) and mixing it with Soylent to get some of that extra fiber (they use oat flour if I recall correctly) that my digestive system likes. I am very glad to see that RL has addressed that issue by trying out yet another source of roughage, a corn product. I wonder where it comes from - the leaves, the fibers, the cobs? Well, whatever part of the plant is being used, I like it because my Soylent shakes are now as satisfying as ever.

A lot of people have been talking about the grittiness - that is not really an issue for me, since I recall grittier iterations in the past - and a touch of grit doesn’t bother me. Come on folks, this isn’t a milkshake, it is a utilitarian meal replacement product - and if you want it to taste better, there are things you can do, but that is another thread. For me, the flavor is just a bit better than 1.7, but there isn’t a significant difference. It still doesn’t taste as good as the bottles, whose flavor I have come to really like, but I am a powder man for a number of reasons - cost, environmental impact, and the ability to change the calorie content of my meals.

So I like it - step in the right direction and all that. And I want to say thanks to RL too. My workday lunches are now longer and more pleasant (because I can just drink my Soylent anywhere), and I have noticed a bit more cash in my bank account as well.


Soylent 1.8 doesn’t have any more fibre than 1.7 did, it’s just that the source has been changed from isomalto-oligosaccharide to soluble corn fibre.


I find 1.8 like a milder version of 1.7. They’re close but 1.8 only has a hint of the disgusting chemical fake sugar flavor that is very strong to me in 1.7. I will not be re-starting my subscription yet. I’ll wait until 1.9 and re-examine. So for those keeping up, 1.8 is a milder less disgusting version of 1.7. I don’t notice much grit (I just dump in a pitcher, shake and let it sit overnight, no blenders, never saw the point) but it does seen appreciably more sticky on my teeth that previous versions.

The good is that it’s easier to mask the hint of disgusting fake sugar (rancid cereal milk) flavor in 1.8 with unsweetened cocoa or fresh fruit blended in. But I don’t want to add stuff to my Soylent I want to make a pitcher and be done with it.

In the meantime Coffiest is still just awesome but I feel guilty buying so much heavy liquid through the mail; it doesn’t seem like a very green solution.

1.8 seems to have better miscibility than 1.7. They’re definitely going after milk, it’s obvious it’s their target flavor, consistency and appearance. 1.8 still kinda smells like exterior house paint to me but not as strongly as 1.7 did.

I deeply wish Rosa Labs would offer variants or at least older versions. The customer is always right I’ve been told. While I like versioning a food I think Soylent suffers from Feature Creep.


AFAIK, the ingredient that caused negative reactions was algal flour, which is a different product than algal oil. They had been using the algal oil for a while – and I think for the moment, are still using it in Original Drink – without issue. I hope they can get the intolerance problem figured out and return to using more algal ingredients in the future!


Started with 1.8 last Saturday. I thought it would be a good way to prepare my body for a lower calorie diet. My weight last week was 284 lbs and I am down by 11 lbs. I can’t finish the whole pitcher so I usually only get about 3-4 servings a day. As such, I’ve been feeling noticably more tired but generally satiated, no mood swings or low blood sugar. Only side effects so far has been some D (started​ three days ago) and intestinal gurggling.


That fiber increase is really killer until you get used to it; that’s probably what’s causing the diarrhea (not a taboo word on this forum by any means) and stomach gurgling. If you’re tired, you might consider eating a little bit of other less fibrous food to make sure you’re getting enough calories. A little grogginess on a low-cal diet is normal at first, but if it lasts longer than a week, or if you’re dead tired, you should probably be eating more.


Another user here who switched from Bottled 2.0 to Powder 1.8 in order to save money. I was also interesting in dictating the concentration of the drink, hoping to basically mix a thicker 2.0 that would serve as roughly 1.5, or maybe even 2x the number of meals per drink.

I think you have to add me to the group that laments the switch from algae oil to high oleic canola oil. I was basically gas-free with 2.0, but I’ve unfortunately had quite a fair amount since switching to 1.8. However, since I wasn’t able to try earlier iterations of the powder, I don’t know if this is because I’ve been mixing a higher ratio of soylent to water, or if it’s the difference in ingredients (ie canola oil). It’s also true that I don’t exclusively consume soylent, and I’d like to entertain the idea that my body could adjust to it.

The taste isn’t bad, but not as good to me as 2.0 either; I agree with earlier comments that there’s a butteriness to it, except it’s almost more dessert-like, almost like a cake dough, to me than popcorn.

I’m keeping my subscription – it just works too well in helping me maintain body weight – but for now, I hope they can switch back to algae and make it as close as possible to 2.0 in future iterations.


Gas-wise 1.8 seems to digest almost as nicely as 1.7 did for me (I disliked 1.7 greatly though because of flavor and odor of the mix).

1.8 after two days in the fridge is MUCH milder than it initially was. This is unexpected. There’s almost no bizarre fake sugar aftertaste and while its’ still present the exterior house paint smell is much much less to my nose.

There’s a grit that remains, crunchy like tiny bits of a sugar or salt texture which I don’t mind. I miss the grit of 1.3 still. What I think Soylent has done with 1.8 aside from targeting milk as a goal consistency, look and texture is largely create a blank canvas of sorts to flavor.

I can’t help but wonder if this is intentional as they plan to release flavored powder soon-ish. 1.8 takes flavors nicely in my experiments. I’m still going to hold off on my subscription but this gives me a glimmer of hope for the future of powder.


Just wanted to say that I was pleasantly surprised by 1.8!

I started with 1.5 early last year and have stuck with Soylent all this time. I was never a big fan of the updated versions of the powder, but I eventually got used to them. 1.8 has been nothing but pleasant surprises though, the flavor was actually about the same (very very slight improvement actually) and the powder dissolves in water significantly better in water and doesn’t stick to the sides of a container when mixing either!

Well done guys, thank you for the wonderful product!