Feedback on 1.8


I like that the bags have the nutrition info and ingredients list printed on them. Looks almost like they could be sold individually…


I mix mine in a Ninja blender and cannot feel any sandy, grittiness with the 1.8.


I don’t get that aftertaste with the 1.8. I really like the taste and have stopped mixing it with frozen fruit or 100% unsweetened cacao powder. It tastes better cold.
I’ve been mixing it with less water so it fit’s into 2 measured shaker bottles, about 24 ounces each.
I have one bottle each day, during the morning hours. It tastes a lot better, thicker, and creamier mixed in a blender this way.
I’ll be increasing my amount - decreasing ‘food’ - now that I know I enjoy this 1.8 very much.


Powder 1.8 is DELICIOUS! I just tried my very first order today (I haven’t tried the powder before), and I like it significantly more than the normal 2.0 bottles. I even prefer it to Cacao and Nectar!

It has a mild, neutral taste that reminds me a little bit of cake batter (which I love) and it’s nice and smooth in consistency with zero aftertaste. Occasionally, a small amount of grit enters my mouth for a few seconds but it dissipates shortly afterwards, and it’s nowhere near a dealbreaker.

At this juncture I honestly can no longer stomach the cheerio-milk taste and bizarre aftertaste of 2.0, but I can definitely see myself wolfing down 1.8 without any added flavorings. The taste is genuinely addictive even at room temperature! It feels like I’m drinking a smoothie!

I’ll have to order a month’s supply now. I’m extremely impressed with the work that Rosa Foods put into developing this product.


I agree with you 100%. Drinking 1.8 right now and wondering why I even spend the extra money on bottles. 1.8 takes flavor perfectly but tastes great without. My wife and I constantly mention how “craveable” it is too. I wake up ready to have a cup of it.


Good news, at least for me. The first time I tried 1.8, I had more gas than I would like. I went for about 5 days before I gave up. That was a couple weeks ago. I’ve now tried it again and things are better. Maybe a little worse than 1.7. That means I get to go 100% on 1.8 again!

As with earlier versions of the powder, I became acclimatize to the taste quickly and really enjoy it. I love 2.0 as well, but like the price and being able to do three larger meals instead of five smaller ones. I also like how compact the 1.8 is compared to the huge quality of boxes needed for 2.0. When doing 100% 2.0, I have a “wall of boxes”. With 1.8, I have four or five boxes under my desk.


Same here…

So things are better now?


Maybe a little better. With 1.0-1.5, any fart was a “horror” fart. With 1.6-1.7 hardly any issues. With 1.8, I fart more but most don’t smell enough to notice. So WAY WAY WAY better then 1.0-1.5, but not bad enough to switch to 2.0.


IMHO 1.8 is by far the best yet. The flavor that I found highly unpleasant in the last two versions is now gone. This version takes way less flavor/sweetness altering additives in order to be enjoyable. Now a single ripe banana does the tick, and I am not sure I will ‘need’ that for long, it also accepts a wider variety of flavorings.
I am vastly more happy with 1.8 than any previous version.
The last two versions required so much work to make palatable that it took it far enough away from ‘balanced’ that it reignited various food craving in me, with 1.8 things are going back to where I am not having that issue.
Thank you.


Late to the party on 1.8 feedback but here we go:
Been on since 1.3, never much digestive involvement from me, maybe a little extra flatus when switching iterations but calms down pretty quickly.

Like 1.7, marginally less offensively sweet than I found 1.6, still rather sweet in comparison to 1.5 or 2.0 which have (imo) a very neutral profile. Here I guess my question is why is there still sucralose in this thing? There’s not a lot in there and it doesn’t seem to need the help being sweet, so why not just cut it?

Sweetness is less prominent when coolish or room temp, most prominent when cold, and does have a hint of corn, but I mean it has corn in it (duh), hard to escape the taste of all the ingredients entirely. No complaints specifically corn related here.

Texture is perhaps the smoothest yet, but retains that bit of oily-sticky feel present since 1.6. I’m not sure what’s at the root of that- overall lipid content or the type being used, or perhaps another ingredient entirely.

1.5 was the last powder iteration I was able to happily consume straight, the last three have required doping. I typically use a little bit of cocoa powder (check the label, some are loaded with sodium) with some mix of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. This mix seems to mask or “make sense” of the sweetness. Add all the extras to the pouch then shake up the pouch to prevent clumps, then pitcher prep per usual.

Spice Doping costs a little extra time and money, but both are pretty minimal increase (also cost would be less if I didn’t use swanky spices like cardamom), probably in the 25-50 cents a bag range plus an extra couple min of prep. I use 14 bags a month, so I still grocery shop, so no real increase in time spent buying spices.

Still generally happy with Soylent, remains the best quick and balanced food option for most of my work week.


Full disclaimer, I got a full refund on my 1.8 order after the first few bags I opened had an awful aftertaste and wouldn’t mix right. Later found out that part of my batch was contaminated with Whey and got recalled. So it may have just been the first few bags that were bad.

The point is, I kept trying my hardest to make this stuff edible. I think one of the biggest problems I had before while mixing is that I have hard water. This makes it more difficult for the powder to fully dissolve, meaning the pitcher is an ineffective method. Instead, I’ve been using a Blendtec blender, 13-14OZ of water and the included measuring cup. I find that this results in something I can quickly chug down without too much hassle and no sandy grit.

The past few bags I’ve had lack the awful aftertaste of before, so I’m glad of that. Think I may place another order sometime soon, as I’m starting to enjoy the ease of Soylent.


Water quality is IMO a wild-card variable that is responsible for at least some of the wide variation in how people react to “the” flavor of Soylent. If your domestic water is “hard” (has a lot of minerals) that will swing the flavor profile one way – and affect mixing, if what you say is correct.

Often people who say they have hard water, actually have a hard-water supply that has been “softened” by passing through a domestic water softener, which exchanges calcium and magnesium ions for sodium ions – resulting in water that is “soft” in that it lets soap make suds, but is slightly salty. The extra sodium will have its own, quite different effect on the taste and mouth-feel of a neutral-flavored mix like Soylent.

Very possibly if you mix your Soylent with bottled water, it will seem quite different.


I think the consensus around here…being a Soylent “newbie” and all, I will say Soylent is VERY versatile in powder form…one of the glorious features, is you can add MORE or LESS water…it just depends how you like it…I personally use a digital kitchen scale from walmart (~$12USD that I’ve had for 3+ yrs now) and measure out the soylent powder into my blender bottle and/or Nutribullet Cup…I’ve mixed mine up with whole milk, almond milk, water, EVEN coffee…though that got a lil dangerous haha…I obviously had to ice it down a bit first due to “expansion” in the blender bottle…I typically only supplement 1 or 2 meals with Soylent…so I haven’t yet tried making a whole pitcher…I still like the idea of “eating” my food…so I aim to chew at least one meal


I just moved to my first batch of 1.8 as I had quite a bit of the 1.5 (yes I know it says expired, but it was great).

All I can say is “wow… what a chemically after-taste”. Enough so that I’ve put my subscription on hold till I can figure this out.

1.5 was much more neutral, granted the texture was always chunky.


Just started drinking soylent recently and every time I always get a stomach ache


How many times have you had Soylent? What kind of Soylent? Liquid? Powdered? Flavored? Did you buy it from the main Soylent site or from somewhere else? How much do you drink when you get a stomach ache?

Some people need to get used to Soylent. You might try drinking half as much as you have been for awhile, and then slowly increase the amount.

Some people don’t like some kinds of Soylent and get better results when they switch to another variety.


I have the 1.8 powder that I ordered from the soylent website. I have tried it at least 10 times but I usually have at least 1 cup a day (full serving) and I always get a stomach ache almost immediately after.


That is unusual, thanks for the answers. Soylent is just food, I would not drink something that gave me a stomach ache ten times in a row, but I haven’t had a stomach ache that I can think of for 50 years or so.

You might want to consult a doctor. A doctor who isn’t familiar with Soylent might assume that it is bad for you, but
unless you have a strong reaction to some normal ingredient, it shouldn’t make you sick.


We’ve noticed a difference in taste between a batch of 1.8 shipped in April versus what we just got for May. The May batch seems slightly sweeter and more malty. It’s not bad, but I’m curious if anyone else has noticed changes to the taste of 1.8 and what might have caused it?


I’m not one who notices slight differences in food/drink products’ batch to batch consistency, but other commenters have noticed / wondered if they have correctly noticed a difference between batches in just about every iteration of the powder – and seemingly every other Soylent product as well.