Feedback on 1.8


There are many threads offering a huge variety of flavoring options. You don’t need to rely on sugar. I am not a fan of the stand-alone taste, either, but have been drinking it since a few months after its release. (I placed my initial order within a few weeks of its initial release, but there was a months-long backorder problem then that took a long time to overcome. This brand has come a long way.) But back to your point–I always used vanilla extract and Splenda, until vanilla got over-farmed and now is exorbitantly expensive. Now I use Milksplash, which is no longer being produced. Others use fruit, I stand with those who like Bailey’s (though not at work, necessarily), and those threads will show you many other options, most sugar-free.


I have been using Soylent 1.8 for the past month or so throughout the work week for breakfast and lunch. The first few bags went down fine. When I reupped and received my second case, whether I take a couple gulps or drink a 12oz meal I am immediately nauseous and feel a downswing in my mood. I recover after about 1/2hr but its a little odd. The issue is not a big enough detractor to stop using it though. I’m really enjoying only cooking one meal a day and I feel better overall now thaT I am routinely having “food” for breakfast and lunch. Prior to soylent seldom did I eat breakfast or lunch.


I had been meaning to give my feedback on 1.8 but I wanted to go through my backlog of 1.6 and 1.7 before I tried 1.8. (I won’t miss 1.6 or 1.7.) This is the best-tasting powder since 1.3 (I guess? It’s been a while). I’ve tried all the powders since 2.0 released, but I’ve kept ordering 2.0 mostly because it tastes so much better. I still think 2.0 tastes better than 1.8 (it’s certainly smoother!), but 1.8 tastes good enough that I’ve actually stopped drinking 2.0 almost completely. The big disadvantages of 2.0 to me are the price and dealing with all the bottles; I find it much easier to clean a single pitcher than worry about recycling a million bottles, and obviously the powder is a much better deal per calorie.

So, not bad. What I’d like to see in 1.9:

  • Smoother texture
  • Better taste (flavors?)

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with 1.8.


I had terrible death farts on my first batch of 1.8 (7041) but my latest batch (7104) hasn’t been an issue… not sure what the differences are between batches but I hope all future batches are more like 7104…


I like everything about 1.8 (batch 7096) but the farts.


My experience when I first tried Soylent: I tried 2.0 and 1.7 powder and I didn’t really like it. I WANTED to, but I didn’t… so It just sat around for a few months until I decided to try again. As it turns out, now I actually enjoy the flavor of plain 1.7. Haven’t tried the 2.0 again, but I will.


I’ve had the same experience with different versions of Soylent and DIY soylent. My body/taste/whatever seemed to adjust quickly to whatever flavor and I liked them all after a couple days.


With every new version, I like it more! With version 1.8, I don’t have to add anything for a better flavor.
My problem is that I pre order and had a lot of left overs when a new version came out, I will order less now, in anticipation of a new version coming out.


After drinking it for two weeks I’ve noticed I’m consuming Soylent v1.8 much faster than any previous versions I’ve tried. And it’s the first version I’ve had that I’m able to drink without flavoring (though I still flavor it about 50% of the time). I have had v1.0-1.5 and 1.8. I skipped 1.6 and 1.7.


1.8 version is more gritty than 1.6 and 1.7. Otherwise it is fine.


The grit for me isn’t until the last sip, I am not sure if it is present before then but it seems that the last sip is always sand



I absolutely LOVED Soylent 1.4. It reminded me of liquid pancakes. So delicious!

I’ve been waiting for the version that goes back to that kind of flavoring.

Soylent 1.8 is it, and it has surpassed 1.4 in every way possible. I hope that 1.8 is the final composition, as it can easily be the 100% meal replacement for me now. SO GOOD!!!


Used up to 1.5 then switched to 2.0…Just tried 1.8 and I’ve got to say, I’m surprised.

I notice a sweetness for the first time and a oats type of aftertaste.

I just used the first bag up this morning…Took a few days, going slow.

I did a 7 bag trial and I’m gonna up it and slowly increase my intake…

So far I like it better than 2.0 in the way it keeps me fuller for a longer time. Can’t beat the easiness of 2.0 though.


Dude, one fifth of 64 ounces is basically a smidge under 13 ounces. It’s not rocket science.


There may be a problem with some batches of the powder. I just tried a batch of 1.8 and it was super-sweet, but my previous batch had been just fine. There may have been some sort of manufacturing glitch.


I absolutely LOVE soylent, and drink it everyday. I feel like 1.8 is way too sweet though. I have never had any digestive problems with any versions, but I would definitely prefer a far less sweet profile.

Thanks for all the hard work!!


I just posted, and I could have SWORN that my previous batch was not that sweet! Hopefully it is just this batch, but you are absolutely right, my latest box was SUPER sweet.


There was a batch that was contaminated with whey I think? It’s possible your sweet batch was one of those. Soylent is offering a replacement or refund on the contaminated batches if you ask and provide your lot # or something to identify it.


Thanks, I did go this route, I thought I was just going crazy or something
so it is nice to see that others had the same experience.