Feedback on 1.8


I’m not sure why whey would make it super-sickeningly-sweet. But whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re sending me a replacement. Not sure what to do with these six bags of sweet stuff though.

Other people are discussing the issue in this thread.


Just got my subscription of 1.8 and it tastes nothing like the week I tried earlier.

Not sweet at all…Not bad but way different.

Just broke open all the boxes so I don’t know the run or batch number but I’ll check them out tmro.

Isn’t Soylent supposed to be state of the art, hi tech, trend setting , completely monitored or regulated ? Why the wide swing on something that is supposed to be done in a repeatable fashion?

Even one of my boxes was sealed/taped close differently than the others.

Beginning to wonder if the micro/macro ratios are being hit consistently etc…I mean if there are flavor swings what else is off?

Sorry no time to check other posts on this. Probably others, just wanted to hop on now off


We just add 5-6 drops of cinnamon oil flavoring per serving and it’s delicious.


That is how Rosa Foods makes Soylent Cafe Chai. :grinning:


Just got my first shipment on my renewed subscription today. Last version I ate was 1.5, around 17 months ago.

I use a blender, mix it up and then let it chill in the fridge in the blender bottle.

I was hungry so i let it chill for a bit more than 3 hours before having a late dinner!

I love it!! its much better than i remember 1.5, i’m not getting any grit, its smooth and easy. I will flavor it but it is a relief that i find it palatable right out of the bottle.

given some replies in this thread have referenced variation in taste and mouth feel and after taste, i’ll remain aware of that as time goes on.

thanks RL


So many flavors coming out for liquid soylent, why no love for the powder?


Background: I started on Soylent back when it was 1.0. I liked most of the versions up until 1.4. Didn’t care for 1.5, and discontinued use.

Just tried 1.8. The flavor is not as good as early versions of Soylent, but it is tolerable. But oh my, the grit! So gritty, like sand in my drink. Big turnoff.


Perhaps you should try 2.0.


I don’t mind some level of grit; all of the powdered versions had it to some extent, and the early powdered versions were my favorite. But 1.8 grit is extreme!

The texture of 2.0 is certainly smooth, but the flavor of 2.0 varies wildly from batch to batch. I don’t understand why the quality control on Soylent 2.0 is so poor.


That’s strange. i get pretty much no grit in my 1.8, but I remember a fair amount in 1.4 (I didn’t try 1.5-1.7). 2.0 is the smoothest for sure though.


How do you mix your 1.8 to get no grit? I’m using a hand blender.


I also experience the grit, but it is always the worst on the last sip. I mitigate it now by leaving a last large gulp instead of a little sip, the smaller the sip the more grit. I still get it a little but it isn’t as bad. Nothing else I have tried has worked.


I just shake it up in the soylent pitcher and let it sit overnight. Maybe letting it sit is the difference. My husband usually finishes the pitcher though, so if the grit collects at the bottom I couldn’t speak to that. He likes grit, so I doubt he would have mentioned it.


3 tablespoons of Hershey’s Special Dark cacao per bag of Soylent 1.8 (mixed in a blender for zero grit) is absolutely sublime. Reminds me of an ancient Mayan cacao elixir.

I’ve only been having my Soylent this way lately, and I love it to death. Really cuts down on the sweetness, too.


The grit doesn’t seem to be water soluble. I’ve tried letting it sit in the fridge for over 24hrs and still, it persisted. I don’t notice it that much on consumption although I certainly do when I’m cleaning out the pitcher. What is this stuff anyway?


Taste, texture same as previous versions (1.6 & 1.7). Maybe slightly less filling though. I definitely prefer powder over the 2.0/drink product.


Thanks for the feedback!


Letting it sit does not get rid of the grit. To me, it feels like it is fine particles of sand.


I’ve had to stop 1.8 due to intestinal distress, which is a shame because I think it’s the best tasting version since 1.3. I don’t even mind the grit. I’ve switched to 2.0 while I wait for 1.9.


@darby, what part of 1.8 do you think is causing the problems for you?