Feedback on 1.8


This is my first Soylent! My tub is a mixed batch it seems. One serving tastes like protein powder and soy milk (overly sweet) and the next tastes like flour mixed in water(mix of bland and bitter in places). I have my first serving mixed with 8-12 fl oz of coffee(refrigerated), then subsequent servings with ice water. I sometimes mix it with milk. I use a standard blenderbottle and it does seem a bit gritty. I noticed this even in a batch I used a blender for. It can be a bit off-putting in the last sips. I soldier through it. I still tolerate it enough to make it 60-85% of my caloric intake. Even though it reminds me of sweet protein powder, it’s low enough in sweeteners that when I had my first candy bar since starting (which was an 80% cacao dark chocolate at that) I felt sick.


It’s considerably cheaper bought by the box in one-day pouches, you know. Now that you have a tub, you could buy those and refill the tub with them!


@Zenman I don’t know and what’s odd is that this is the first version of the powder where I’ve experienced enough discomfort to stop using it. Now, that I’ve been off for a while, I may go back to see what happens.


The tub had fewer servings and since it was my first go, I didn’t want to get too many and be stuck with them. If I repurchase I’ll get the packets.


I can’t tolerate the grit any longer; I’ve canceled my 1.8 subscription. Why do they keep making Soylent worse with each subsequent release? I wish they’d just go back to version 1.3.


Because many people consider it better with each subsequent release. I liked 1.3 but I also like 1.8.


I understand that flavor is subjective. But I can’t imagine how people could possibly prefer a mouthful of sand that crunches when you close your teeth together immediately after drinking. Some changes are rather easy to predict that more people will dislike them than like them.


I barely even notice the grit. I use an immersion blender so that might cut the grid down a bit.


It seems like the sandy grit would be impossible to miss, unless the version I received is different from what everyone else received (which is certainly possible – the quality control on Soylent is not very good, in my experience).


I didn’t notice any particular grit, and I didn’t notice any quality control problems with any version of Soylent. Some people are more sensitive than others. I don’t understand why people like alcohol, for example.


I don’t share the view that all or even most updates to Soylent have been negative – I got on board at 1.5 and I think everything from there to 1.7 was an improvement, plus it sounds like there were big fixes in digestibility from the earliest versions – but I would have to concur that 1.8 seems like a step down. The grit is very, very noticeable to me compared to 1.6 and 1.7.

Caveat: I consume the Drink version almost exclusively and have only tried each successive powder iteration out of the vain hope that someday they will make a powder that I like.


Here’s an idea to turn these subjective impressions into something objective. I propose the following “grit test”:

  1. Swish the prepared Soylent 1.8 in your mouth and swallow.
  2. Close your teeth together.
    Do you feel a texture like “grains of sand” when you close your teeth together?

With the batch that I received, I am certain anyone would be able to detect the grit using the above test. It might not bother you (a subjective thing), but you would certainly acknowledge that it was there. If you can’t detect grit using the above test, then that implies that people are receiving radically different formulations of Soylent 1.8.


I 100% agree that he grit is there. Worse yet, I just ate some popcorn and looked in the mirror. Horror! There were bits of popcorn crammed between my teeth!!!

Sorry, bit of a troll answer there. Sometimes comparisons can let you see things in a new light. I 100% know there is grit and it 98% doesn’t bother me. :slight_smile:


I am currently drinking 2.0. I should be back to 1.8 soon and will try the test.


I mostly only notice grit when I get to the very very bottom of the pitcher. I’m sensitive to a lot of textures, but this one doesn’t bother me.


I tried your test. I felt teeny tiny insignificant grains of sand.


Newbie user here!

I got my first shipment of 1.8 last week, and the first time I tried it, I was really disappointed. I guess I was expecting a sweet protein type of drink, since that’s what I’m used to. It actually really brought into prospective just how sweet mass market shakes are!

For now, I do have to doctor my shakes up a bit. I add banana and cinnamon, and a touch of honey, and blend it all up in individual servings when I need them.

So far, I haven’t had any death farts, and BM’s have been the same as usual.

I eventually hope to wean myself off of the additions to the shake, and get used to the plain flavour of it.


I always add Stevia to Soylent powder – it gives it the sweetness I crave.


Welcome to the Soylent life, @poukiebear! Not sure if you’ve already looked into this, but if you don’t like the taste of Soylent powder, you might want to try the ready-to-drink format. IMHO, the taste and texture of the Original drink flavor is much better than the powder. And if you want something sweeter, you might like the Cacao (chocolate flavor) or the slightly-caffeinated Cafe Chai flavor. The drink is unfortunately quite a bit pricier than the powder, though.


Welcome, welcome! The “death farts” were mostly fixed in 1.6, so probably not a surprise it isn’t an issue. As to the taste, I have found that you get used to the taste in a day or two and then begin to actually like it. My theory is that your body likes getting everything it needs and which changes how it tastes. As @geneven said, stevia is good if you like sweet. It is very likely you can get it at your favorite store for very cheap. I used it for about a month and then noticed I didn’t need or want it anymore. I also make sure to let it sit overnight, but some people like to mix and drink immediately.

Good luck and, as you’ve already noticed, there are lot’s of people who love to help. :slight_smile: