Feedback on 1.8


Thanks Guys!

The reason I got the powder was because it was cheaper and easier on my budget.

I’m drinking it for breakfast and lunch, blended up with fruits and some honey. I think I’ll gradually reduce the amount of fruit I put in it, and let my body figure out that this actually tastes good !
(I’m eating solid food with my family at dinner time)


Just tried the first ver. 1.8

The taste is ok, however the artificial sweetener that was added is a bit strong. It is the best tasting since version 1.3 but not nearly as good as 1.3.

So far no issues with nausea.


Switch to canola ruined this for me. Soylent has been basically my fav food. I’m starving now. Not 100% sure what caused the reaction but canola is my main suspect.


I just got my first box of Soylent powder pouches. I have not had powdered Soylent before so 1.8 is my first.

I was told I would need to adjust to the flavor of nothing, a very neutral taste, that’s how it was described to me by a friend, who generally does not flavor his soylent.

I would somewhat agree, it’s low on flavor, creamy in texture when mixed in a blender, but it’s not neutral. There’s a mild taste of vegetable or nut oil that has gone a bit rancid. It isn’t the most awful thing I’ve ever tasted, but it would be hard to like. It suggests there is a shortcoming in the sourcing or storage of the oil/fat content of the powder.

Anyone else get that impression?


The powder is basically my staple meal. For me, it’s a no-brainer of a food product. With that said, it’s also nice to have variety and flavor so I always buy 2.0 bottles. It drives the cost up, but it makes my package complete.

Thanks for creating such a holistic and convenient product!