Feedback on 2.0


I think I am using version 2.0. I have tried both Original and Nectar multiple times, still unable to finish an entire bottle due to nausea and horrible tastes. I thought Original might taste a little like vanilla Ensure, but no such luck. Since you are using an artificial type of sugar that is metabolized slowly, please make Soylent sweet, like Ensure. Then it might be palatable. This is so frustrating, since your ingredients seem so good. If you want me to taste samples of experimental liquid Soylent, I’d be happy to volunteer and report my honest experiences. Are you brave enough?


Companies aren’t people, so they can’t really be brave.


Wait, in the states corporations are indeed people…


Won’t believe it until the state of Texas executes one, etc. And as far as I know, there’s no American legal definition of “brave”.


LoL. Corporations are taxed as people, have rights like people, are liable and can be sued like people, and can donate to political campaigns like people. Sigh.


Grammatically, you are correct. However, the issue is whether the makers of Soylent would actually spend some effort to solicit opinions, find out where the bad taste (for some) comes from, and improve their product. Version 2.0 doesn’t work for me. No way, no how.


I feel like there’s more differences between people and companies than grammar!

It’s just that saying “are you brave enough?” sounds like a bit of a basic attempt at emotional manipulation, and I suspect employees of most companies won’t do anything just because someone on the internet implied a lack of bravery on their part.


Sure. Aside from donating to political campaigns (reform political funding, everywhere, now), I suspect those are all pretty sensible and useful features of the way the law treats companies.

It’s interesting to think about how lots of everyday things would work if that wasn’t true. If I want to work for a company, who’s my contract with? The CEO? If I get injured at work, is she directly legally liable for any injuries I suffer at work? Would that be more a effective deterrent to workplace negligence than making the company liable? And so on.


I think you are right. Judging by your lack of better suggestions, I think you are implying that giving up is better than challenging people to do the “right thing” according to our opinions. I offered to do tasting for them, but I’m not much interested in pushing if you aren’t. Nobody wants to be alone in pushing for something better. If you think that 2.0 tastes great, then my discussion is done. We’ll just agree to disagree.


I do. Makes me feel special :slight_smile:


Do you find Original version 2.0 palatable?

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Do you find Nectar palatable?

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  • No

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Do you find Cacao palatable?

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  • No

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Do you find Coffiest palatable?

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  • No

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I guess in this case, yeah. It seems like you think the “right thing” for Rosa Foods to do is to make their product taste more like a different product (and involve you in this reformulation process as a taster), because you dislike it. That seems like a bit of an unrealistic expectation.