Feedback on Bar


I would have bet the farm that the bar would be less expensive, per calorie, delivered, than 2.0. What a disappointment.


I have made similar comments in the past, amigo.


Having now tried the bars, all I have to say to RL is:

I, and most of the subreddit, now understand why they made such a small batch. I guess after a year they decided they had to ship something.


This is a misconception. If a company that pays 20% in taxes gives $10 to a charity, that means they can write off that $10 from taxation - saving them the value they would have paid in taxes aka $2. That means the company effectively spent $8 while giving a charity $10 with the government subsidizing the difference.

Just because it’s a tax write-off does not mean they benefit, it still net costs them money, being a tax write-off just means it cost them somewhat less money.


This photo was actually meaningful and important to me. I stopped using the powder and started using 2.0, but I travel internationally, and I usually don’t check luggage. That means I can’t take Soylent with me any more when I used to… now with Soylent Food Bars, I can take it with me again! Passport, indeed!


I’m not sure how representative Reddit and this Discourse are of Soylent customers. How many people post at all? A few hundred? If it’s just us buying Soylent I’d have thought Rosa Labs would struggle to stay in business.


My dad, mom, girlfriend and girlfriend’s mom all liked the bar! They actually said they could replace a few meals with it if it weren’t so expensive, but agreed it was a bit sweet for them. Congrats RL on making something so many people are happy with. I hope the price is reevaluated, because I’m consistently hearing “Let me know if it gets cheaper!” from friends/family I give it to.


I think many of us here (rightly so) are still in a Powder/“Soylent as 80%+” diet replacement frame of mind.

RL has clearly reached the conclusion that the real market is not in the 80%+ diet replacement so much as the <50% occasional meal replacement market.

2.0 should have been our first clue… but coffiest and the bar make it pretty clear.

I guess that’s unfair to coffiest as that’s just a breakfast replacement… but the bar COULD have been serious competition to the powder if the price were right… say closer to $1/250kcal. But at $2 it’s just an occasional meal/snack replacement like your average Clif bar.


I don’t comment much on these forums, but I do like to read through them to see what folks are talking about. I’m surprised at how disappointed everyone is. I love the different products they’re offering. The bar just came out 10 seconds ago. I don’t mind the price at all, but can’t we see how the dust settles before we dump on RL so fast? Soylent is still the best thing out there for what we’re all looking for.


The only reason it’s not a representative group is that the fact that we discuss Soylent online, which means we are bigger fans than most.


Or we like discussing stuff on the internet more than most.

Either way, I’d guess Rosa Labs’ main aim (or at least the aim of their venture investors) is to grow, in other words to get people who don’t currently buy anything from them to do so.

As such, what their biggest fans want might not be particularly relevant.


My bars just showed up, that was insanely fast especially since Im in Canada. They taste great but more like a candy bar than a food bar. They were definitely aiming for a snack with this. Im still waiting for something with macros like biolent flex but in solid form and I dont want it to be too sweet. I might give mealsquares a try just wished they had a little more protein.


Both forums can be an echo chamber. But we valuable both groups. I mean I was hired as a community manager :smiley:


I loooooooove the Soylent bars (taste, texture, etc.), but I have a sweet tooth. I also frequently purchase granola bars, protein bars, etc., and I’d say the Soylent bars taste better than a lot of those (and they’re a lot more nutritious!). Sadly, they will be an occasional treat rather than a staple for me because of the price. I think Soylent bars have the potential to become way bigger than the powder/drinks with the addition of more flavors, but the price will probably limit the market.

Also, I ordered 24 bars and only received 12 (!). In addition, both sides of the (inner, white) box were unstuck, but still sticky. So the box was glued shut but it failed, presumably in transit. The bars were free in the outer box (and somewhat smashed, but none of the wrappers failed). I’ve contacted customer service; hopefully they’ll take care of me and perhaps look into their adhesive. I’ve never seen a Soylent 2.0/Coffiest box come undone like that.


It’s a rolled oat.


Conor, it’s a rolled oat your third ingredient



As long as the powder remains affordable, sustainable, and healthy it’ll always keep going strong! IMO Soylent powder is the only product that really falls in line with the original goal of the product, which is to provide a cheap-as-possible, sustainable food alternative. I supplement with 2.0 when busy and I’ve started adding in the bars and coffiest for a small portion of calories, but powder will always make up the largest portion of my soylent calories.


I had one of my boxes due the same, no bar damage so I just threw the bars in a bin on my desk


Its the difference between people who treat soylent as a grocery item as opposed to a lifestyle. I got a friend to get into soylent, but she just treats it as a meal replacement drink that she has like once a week at most. alot of us treat it like an ideology, hence we’re more interested in discussing it.