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How do you like it? :sunny:


I assume the name is from Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2. At least it’s not Berry flavored!


I’m surprised they aren’t peanut butter flavor.


I just received my first batch of Soylent food bars. I think it is great, good flavor and very convenient. I was used to 2.0 (liquid) and I’ll keep it as my preferred option for food replacement, the only disadvantage respect to the bar is that 2.0 definitely tastes better when refrigerated, while the bar is perfectly good at room temperature and seems more convenient to take it with you outside home. On the other hand I can drink a bottle of 2.0 almost in a gulp, while the bar requires chewing and takes a little longer. So I’ll have the bars just in case I had to take some with me outside home, while at home I’ll keep drinking 2.0 from the refrigerator.


the texture is great - the smooth/crunchy mouthfeel of halva tahini.
the taste is fine, but too sweet for me.
there are plenty of other (cheaper) fortified candy bars on the market.
I wouldn’t want more than one a day.
I’m currently at 2-3 bottles of 2.0 each day,
four days a week.


Just to add to my review above: My roommate who is a daily drinker of Soylent 2.0 just tried a bar and he thinks it’s way too sweet also. He was really surprised to see corn syrup is the second ingredient. (I was too)

I’m pretty surprised/disappointed in the bar to be honest. After 2.0 and Coffiest, it seemed like RL was on a roll and had a good beta testing program in place. I guess it’s hard to hit a bull’s eye every time.

I was hoping the bar would taste more like Space Food Sticks. Is anybody on this forum older than 40? I used to eat these things all the time in the early 80s. Loved em. They were a perfect blend of bland/chocolate/sweet:


I remember the space food sticks! I thought they were so cool lol. I remember the texture, kind of bland, slightly crumbly & a little chewey, with a vitamin-y aftertaste. I wish they would bring these back yum.


I understand your arguments regarding this, but I just find that the bar is far sweeter than any other Soylent product up until this point. I don’t see how this is the case without there being something added that is unhealthy/unnecessary. And I get that the corn syrup could possibly be used as an adhesive for the rest of the ingredients, but I’m sure there are more neutral ingredients that could be used for the same purpose.

If the ingredients are listed by concentration then having it be the second ingredient seems a bit excessive–especially because on the website the bar still advertises how it uses Isomaltulose for energy, and does not mention anything regarding corn syrup. I do agree that there should be a blog post written regarding the use of corn syrup, but because there is nothing mentioned on the website about it, it does seem like a bait & switch situation.

I’m not a nutritionist by any means, but one of the main reasons why I liked Soylent so much in the beginning was that it seemed like a no-frills, no-BS food substitute. I would almost prefer that the product taste awful, than it taste good with extra refined sugars & unnecessary ingredients.


Sad to hear that the bar is sweet. Earlier Conor made a comment that they don’t do bland/unflavored bars because the algae is too salty so the flavor needs to be masked, but it’s a shame that RL always adds sweetness to mask the algae. I love sweets, but only in small amounts; eating/drinking a meal of sweetness makes me nauseated. Because of that, 1.6 was undrinkable to me, and the bar might not work either. Maybe the bar is small enough to be OK as a snack (I do like candy bars after all), but as a meal replacement it won’t work.


I understand your arguments regarding this… I don’t see how this is the case without there being something added that is unhealthy/unnecessary.

I’m not sure you understand my argument at all then. The reason why corn syrup is considered unhealthy is because it’s often used in excess and without something to slow its digestion (i.e. fiber.) It’s the same reason why fructose, which is the main sugar in fruits, has a bad reputation and fruits do not - in junk food/soda it’s used in high concentration with no fiber causing blood sugar to spike. It’s also calorically dense and often not filling enough by itself, which leads to obesity. This is not an issue with the Soylent bars because there is enough fiber in them to negate the effects of the various sugars/carbs, therefore there is no reason to say it’s unhealthy. This is exactly why I called for a blog post to clear up some of this confusion.

Also, just because something is sweet does not necessarily mean that there is “something added that is unhealthy/unnecessary.”


I hope the new packaging means less waste (air space inside, thick cardboard), easier to open/get bars out, doesn’t come unglued on it’s own, and has better graphic design (though I don’t care much about that one).


@Conor knowing that you guys steal names from SciFi, is Food Bar from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2? Or independent origination?


Me and my girlfriend tried the bars this morning. She didn’t like it; said it was too sweet. I think it was okay, but I’m not fond of the caramel flavor. Would prefer something more bland, like an unsweetened oatmeal type flavor. Also, $2 per bar seems excessive. Looking forward to further iteration from Rosa labs.


Got a shipment of 60 bars today. Overall it’s very tasty but too sweet.

I can see myself having 2 a day as a snack.


We actually did not take it from anything. We just called it food bar. Look for changes soon. :wink:


Wait, what does that mean? Changes in the name or changes in the bar itself based on feedback?


I’m still in favour of Soylent FÜBAR. Beyond all recognition!


Foobar will be good when they make one for their original audience.


Along that line, why three different sweeteners? The bars are decent, but almost cloyingly sweet. I’d love to get more of them because they’re a great mid-day follow-up for Soylent, but the sweeteners chosen aren’t terribly IBS-friendly, and they’re way too strong.

@Conor Has RL considered making an IBS-friendly/low-FODMAP bar or drink? I don’t have trouble with one Soylent a day, but two gets uncomfortable. Over all, it’s been more helpful than harmful. If it didn’t use isomalt or other high-FODMAP sweeteners, I’d gladly buy a lot more. Not sure what to suggest, though, since that’s one that most people handle fairly well. The rest of the Soylent 2.0 ingredients are pretty fantastic.