Feedback on Bar


Yes, but let’s hope they change up more than just replacing the algae. Because let’s face it, it was bad in several ways.


I believe you are the one (or one of ‘the ones’) who have ‘argued’ for a whole food product that you could go 100% on with similar pricing to powder (as opposed to 250 calorie snack bars with ‘higher end’ pricing). That is something I have also been / would be very interested in.

But as for the already established bar, my feelings remain (but obviously wouldn’t mind alterations/improvements or whatever… but that stuff goes over my head).


We are working on reformulation.


What are the other ways? I liked the taste. The size was fine. The texture was fine. I’d prefer a lower price, but I say that about everything.


Most are around having a solid 100% option. So taste would need to change (neutral or variety), caloric density, etc. I liked the texture. But taste bugged me even as a snack.


Yes! +1!

I look forward to ANY RL product that can match (or beat) the price/kcal of the powder.

And it’s not just because I’m cheap (although I certainly am).

So far powder seems to me the only product that actually fits nicely into a 90%+ soylent diet.

All the attention towards discreet smaller serving sizes and more flavors leads me to think RL is headed into the crowded and not all that exciting “meal replacement” world.

And hey, if that’s the best business model, so be it… But I think the utopian view RR sold us on a few years back where algae farms would mass produce all our macronutrients in an uber-environmental way for costs that would permit feeding the masses… well… seems distant now.

A 400kcal flavored drink that costs over $3 might be perfect for the yuppie on the go… But it’s a far cry from having soylent dispensed from spigots…

/rant off


Yes, unfortunately I don’t expect any true innovation on Powder for a while. I wish they used the other products to bankroll serious powder R&D.


I’d love to see the bar come back. Having a range of flavor options would also be a nice re-entry for that product line.


We are actively working on powder.

  1. More algae sourced ingrredients
  2. Calorie/nutrient density
  3. Long term spoilage control

Just a few of my guesses


Yes, I know. But I said truly innovative changes.


Would would you consider innovative?


If I knew it wouldn’t be innovative. Let’s say 100% produced in a bioreactor as a good target. The only input after initial DNA load would be water and electricity. It should treat (clean, purify, etc) the water. It should work in micro/zero gravity. I’d like to own it but they will likely want it to be leased, so the money keeps rolling in. I’d like RF to set up a system so I/we are able to donate these to needy people as well.

Overall, I’m saying I want a big focus on the Powder (or a new form factor meant for folks like the initial backers, 100%ers). I know they aren’t neglecting it, I just want more focus on it. I want hipster sales profits to mostly go towards more R&D, not the SV fat cats.

Here’s some other ideas, some more innovative than others:

How about custom blends where you can specify macro and vitamin and mineral amounts? Built to order in an automated factory.

And how about shipping to the EU and Asia, with South America to follow?

Drone delivery (including to the wilderness) would help my nomadic existence. Reasonably priced Powder vending machines (at airports to start) would also help. GNC type stores would be an easy win, too.

RF provided flavor addons (in powder and liquid forms). Especially savory.

Published research on the health and environmental impacts of this diet.

Information on products available the day they are announced. :slight_smile: Still waiting on glycemic data…

A web site for users to upload health metrics and diet journals. Make the data publicly available for scientific purposes, even though it would be imperfect.

An early access/beta program.

Articles by RF’s nutrition experts on their opinions of ideal nutrient quotas, absorbability of sources, etc. Powder Release Notes with more information on why/how changes were made, like they used to be.

A list of all ingredient sources (companies) for Powder.

Custom subscription intervals (i.e., every two weeks). I know this has cost implications for their processing and shipping.

Longer shelf life!! 30 years would be a nice end goal. Any interim improvement would be nice.

Time-release so you can consume a more nutrient dense version once a day, along with an appetite suppressant, but still have consistent energy throughout the day. Perhaps the nutrients can be stored/released/refilled in nanites.

How about adding chemicals that makes your body think it’s experiencing physical exercise? Tearing of muscles, etc. back to the nanites, perhaps.

Nootropic mixers. CBD, THC and psychonauticals should be included.

In the mean time, let’s get some better packaging. Bulk, better recyclability, greater ease of use/scooping, better resealing, etc. A tour video of the mystery manufacturer would be nice, too. People these days like to understand how their food is made.


Just hire @Ode already!


Yup. I’m really finding myself held back by the lack of zero-gravity Soylent. It’s 2017 for crying out loud.


I was listing mostly long term goals. In the mean time, don’t you want RF to pleasantly surprise you with something big? Before they hid RR away they were very audacious. Or maybe shipping to your tiny island would be a good start.


Thank you! But they can’t afford me. I’d settle for them actually listening to customers, and speeding the hell up. That won’t happen until they stop making mistakes for a while, though, since the fat cats likely blame their (still glacial) former pace for those mistakes.



Not particularly — personally, I’d rather see Soylent become sustainable as a business, and acceptable by regular people as a convenience food.

I fear (with like zero evidence) that it’s unlikely to stick around unless that happens. But I also want it to be more than a niche thing. I think it can be of benefit to people, and it won’t be of benefit to people unless it’s attractive to them. As such, I’m pretty happy that the new things they’ve announced are new bottle flavours, as I think that’s a more palatable thing for newbies to try.

Not really an innovation, but that’s my dearest wish for 2017. Or indeed manufacturing it here. Rosa Labs, we’ll give you a great deal on taxes and regulation! We need all the new business we can get now that Europe is going to shun us!

I’d love to see this too. I guess there’s a conflict-of-interest argument that it should come from a source independent of Rosa Labs though.


The Soylent Food Bar was my “go-to” late afternoon snack. I enjoyed the taste, texture, and feeling of “fullness.” Fingers are crossed for a release of a reformulated Soylent Bar in the next few months.