Feedback on Bar


2.0 is pretty sweet. 1.6 is VERY sweet. Must have a sweet tooth on the team.


We test the products with a team of beta testers and try and get a much feed back as possible.


How could all form factors have the same shelf life? I assume you are just taking the vitamin blend powder date and assuming that applies to all.


How do you mean? Our shelf life estimates are always overly conservative. Hence the change from powders 2 years to 1 year shelf life.


I had to explain the exact same thing to a college professor about TOMS shoes charity.


I would expect different shelf lives from the different form factors.


They do have ultimately different shelf lives, but we have established 1 year as a good conservative point.


Currently eating my first bar. I like it! It is definitely pretty sweet but not so sweet that I find it cloying. Given the cost and the less-than-optimal macro profile/sugar levels, I don’t see these becoming a huge part of my diet, but I will definitely keep some on hand for snacks. It’s really tasty! And the texture is great. Soft and chewy and not too dry. I dig it.


So many people were standing by to upgrade to bars. But ultimately RL couldn’t deliver, or decided to deliver something different than the largest subset of customers were looking for. Pity.


@Conor, can you advise as to how quickly these need to be eaten after the wrapper is opened? Will it grow mold or otherwise go bad quickly once opened? Wondering how long a partially-eaten bar will remain safe to consume, refrigerated and unrefrigerated.

Unrelatedly, I see from the release notes that each bar contains 27 mg of sucralose. I’m shocked – that’s a much higher concentration than the powder or drink right? – yet I’m not getting any bad artificial-sweetener-aftertaste at all. That’s a pleasant surprise.


I would really prefer getting two boxes of three 2.0 12-packs or three boxes of two 2.0 12-packs to getting one box of two 12-packs and one box of four 12-packs when I order six 12-packs.

The box of four is very heavy.


Uhh, ok. So I just took my very last bite of my first Soylent bar. I discovered these two little thingies in the bite? They are hard to the tooth, like the texture of plastic or fingernail. I’m not saying they are necessarily non-foodstuff – maybe they are just flakes of some hard fibrous ingredient that didn’t get chopped or ground as finely as they were meant to – but objects of that size and hard texture seem like they might not belong. I didn’t notice anything else like these while I was eating the rest of the bar. Don’t know if this is normal. Penny for scale.


Could you send an email to


Do you even lift, bro?


Gonna slap a [citation needed] on that one.


Fair enough. But how many posts on here and Reddit were saying “Man, I wish you guys sold a really expensive snack food”?


People vote with their dollars.

If they sell a lot and make money doing it, then they are a success. If not, then they are not a success.


What if they could have sold more with a product people were asking for? With all due respect, you drink Coffiest, so you aren’t the market I’m talking about.


I suspect that they will introduce more products in the future which will appeal to more or different people. You have to keep in mind this is only their fourth product they have ever offered. (and the latest two came within a week of each other) Patience, my friend.


I had a similar problem with my seven 12-packs and got no help from RL. You have to do seperate orders the way you want them delivered. But it may be too late if you’ve been on subscription for a while…the price has gone up for new orders.