Feedback on Coffiest

Since it looks like this hasn’t been created yet, here it is!

Can’t yet comment on my energy level, mental clarity, digestive effects, etc., but wow is this stuff delicious! I can easily see this being my breakfast most days. Since I’ll save a bit on coffee, the extra eight bucks for this version seems worth it to me.

Will add more later, but initial impressions are very positive.


How strong is the “coffee” flavor, in your opinion?
(comparison? black coffee, frappaccino, etc.)

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I’d say it’s definitely Soylent-with-coffee, which is a nice flavor as far as I’m concerned. I used Stok shots a number of times with Soylent, and the coffee flavor of Coffiest is a little more pronounced than that mixture I’d say. The main issue for me now is that Soylent may seem less interesting in comparison, but I probably shouldn’t drink Coffiest at all hours…


Just got my box of Coffeist, but I’m not sure how I feel about it.

First, it’s terribly bitter. Between the coffee and unsweetened cocoa, it’s not terribly pleasant on first sip. Maybe even the L-Theanine adds a bit of bitter/umami flavor that doesn’t mix well. It’s a strange mix of familiar flavors. However, It doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste at all.

The coffee portion doesn’t taste like a good cup of coffee, more on the instant coffee scale. The cocoa really stands out, but again, it’s unsweetened. If you like very dark chocolate, you will probably like this.

It has the same consistency of regular Soylent. It does not taste like Soylent at all, the other flavors completely mask the “cheerio milk” flavor of the original 2.0. It, also, doesn’t have any discernible scent. Just a very light chocolate scent.

Overall, tastes like unsweetened instant coffee made with soy milk and bitter cocoa powder. I’m not sure I’ll purchase this again, but I’ll decide that after drinking the rest.


I think Coffiest is outstanding; it tastes like a very good, only very mildly sweet, coffee drink. I am definitely buying this again. I wish I could have this all day, as I like it better than all versions of Soylent.

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It’s really, really strong. I think the blog post said it’s medium roast, but it’s very bold regardless. Almost like a good cappuccino with a less sugar than usual, so more toward the black coffee end of the spectrum than the Frappuccino end. Definitely bitter, but not unpleasantly so.

More feedback: In terms of psychological effects, I tend to be a jittery June bug when I have coffee; the experience with Coffiest was markedly different. I’ve never tried L-theanine, but this is making me wonder if I should, because it helped keep me incredibly focused and relaxed despite the extra mental energy.

I also suffer from misophonia, a sensitivity to specific patterns of sound, and I was surprised to notice that I could listen to sounds that normally drive me up the wall without wanting to remove my eardrums. Usually, if I drink more than a cup of coffee or so, the sensitivity worsens, so this is a nice benefit that I definitely wasn’t expecting.

All of the above, of course, comes with the caveat that it may be placebo or the body may adapt to it. YMMV.


My first case of Coffiest arrived yesterday, so you can probably figure out what I had for breakfast this morning. :slight_smile:

First impressions:

  • Same mouth feel and consistency as Soylent 2.0
  • No sweeteners added - if you like black coffee, this is perfect
  • Adding 1 packed of stevia provided enough sweetness to take the edge off the black coffee bitterness, made it taste a lot like a latte drink from [insert vendor name here]
  • Provides the same sense of “fullness” as a bottle of 2.0

I can’t speak to whether or not the addition of amino acid l-theanine makes a difference re: coffee jitters because I need to drink about 4 double espressos before it becomes a problem for me.

Bottom line: I like it and I expect to buy more. Bravo!


It tastes about how I would expect a bottle of Soylent 2.0 plus a packet of Starbucks Via instant coffee to taste. It definitely tastes like theres a full cup of coffee in the mix, and because there is no sweetening (that I can detect) it may be off-putting for people who don’t like black coffee. Probably perfect if you take your coffee with cream but no sugar.


My feedback on Coffiest: Brilliant name. I read “The Space Merchants” as a child, and still remember the bits about the product. It fits in with Soylent hilariously well. I wonder what other dystopian fictional foods they’ll find for future product names?

And that’s all the feedback I gave give, because caffeine doesn’t work with me. I love the taste of coffee, but when I drink caffeine regularly my energy drops to zero and I sleep all day long. Ah well.

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My box arrived yesterday and I took it on my morning hike. The first taste for me was a hint of moca with a definite coffee finish. After a few sips the moca was less pronounced. I like really strong coffee but this is not strong yet has enough coffee taste to make me want more. So yes I am in the “addicted to Coffiest” camp.


Wonderful sunrise! :sunrise:


I am not a coffee drinker but I do like the smell of coffee.

I think its the chocolate that makes it for me. Like @BrianL said it seems like dark chocolate.

My bold Starbucks wife tried it ( rare Soylent drinker ) that does not like dark chocolate and she liked the flavor.

It seems to cover a wider palate.


Thanks. Just another day in paradise


I was expecting it to taste like Starbucks Frappucino-brand bottled coffee drink. It tastes like that, except unsweetened and with a bit of chocolate added.

I do not drink coffee. I like the taste of coffee-flavored things, like coffee ice cream and the aforementioned Starbucks Frappucino coffee drink. So yeah, it doesn’t taste sweet enough for me. I like it to be sweeter so I will try it with a packet of artificial sweetener and report back.

On the first day I feel awake and alert, much more than usual, even now 5 hours after the “dose.” Might be the placebo effect, though.


I’ve been a Soylent consumer since the last version with the oil bottles (1.3 IIRC). Wasn’t that keen on the textures of the powders and was blown away when I tried 2.0, best taste with minimal to no sliminess; cost was a little high and was also pondering going to a lower carb powder variant at the time so held off getting a subscription.
I was one of the folks who got the questionnaire email (signed up as a beta tester) and saw the coffee variant question but didn’t think much of it at the time.
With 1.6 and Coffient having come out, I decided to get a case of each.
Feedback: only tried the Coffiest so far and I have to say it’s great. And I would consider myself somewhat of a coffee snob. We had an espresso machine and most recently a Nespreso machine, and, since apparently I’m a hipster, I’ve made cold brew coffee occasionally for about two years or so. I like the mild coffee flavor. Yes, I find it to be mild. I usually take my coffee black, unsweetened.
One surprise is why they didn’t advertise it as a mocha drink, I mean…it’s mocha…?
As far as the caffeine effect, I didn’t get any of the physiological effects I sometimes feel after a cup of coffee. Might be that there’s less than in a regular cup of coffee than in Coffiest, but I also don’t feel any caffeine withdrawal so far (haven’t had coffee since Friday)

Wasn’t Coffiest intentionally made to be addictive in the book?

Yes. The drink was explained to contain a “harmless alkaloid” that is extremely addictive. The main character’s marketing plan was to give away tons of coffiest, and anybody who took some ended up with a choice between expensive rehab or drinking three cups with every meal for the rest of their life. Then the rest of the book had frequent gags like “I could tell by the glassy stare of the desk clerk that he was a coffiest drinker…”


The taste isn’t good, it’s really just tolerable. And I drink 2 cups of black coffee a day.

I have a theory they intentionally made it not taste that good so that you don’t see filthy casuals drinking it and it loses its hipster appeal.

Let someone thats never tried soylent take a room temperature sip and it was promptly returned to me after a gagging sound.