Feedback on exercise plans

Hey everyone,
I’m looking to get some feedback on my exercise and keto diet plan to gain weight in muscle mass. Anybody else is welcome to post their diet/exercise plan for critique as well. I’ve been doing this routine for a week now and have gained a pound or two already, but it’s hard to tell if it’s water weight or actual muscle gains

Stats: male, 5’6, 130-135 lbs, 23 years old, very active

Mon - upper body + 3 miles cardio + p90x stretching routine
Tues - legs/abs + 3 miles cardio + p90x stretching routine
Wed - upper body + 3 miles cardio + p90x stretching routine
Thurs - legs/abs + 3 miles cardio + p90x stretching routine
Fri - upper body + 3 miles cardio + p90x stretching routine
Sat - legs/abs + 3 miles cardio + p90x stretching routine
Sun - 500 calorie fasting + rest + p90x stretching routine

Water intake - 1 gallon per day

Diet:(altogether about 3500 calories per day with ~30g of carbs)
1800 calories of KetoOne
almond butter
2 eggs
peanut butter powder (mixed in KetoOne)
pork rinds
Qdoba keto friendly lunch
grass fed butter
heavy cream

fish oil
korean ginseng
cayenne pepper
kelp (for iodine)
ZMA (zinc, magnesium, B6)
B vitamin complex
vitamin C
vitamin D3
Raw One Men’s Whole Food Multivitamin

What does discourse think? will the pork rinds help me to gain structural support from the collagen? it seems like theyre a good source of calories even if the protein is essentially useless amino acids that support other more useful proteins

for my resistance training I’m following this advice and workout plan:

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My take: That’s a lot of time spent exercising. Let’s say 45 minutes on weights, 30 on cardio, more on stretching - I wish I had time for something like that! Plus I would need a second rest day, but then I’m old and need more time to recover.

Have you taken creatine before? I took it for a while and got lots of tendon pains. I know, the studies all say creatine doesn’t cause injury - but the moment I started taking it, tendon pains came on, and when I finally gave up and stopped, they slowly tapered off. Probably the creatine let me work out harder, and my tendons couldn’t take it. So be careful with that.

Thanks for taking time to read my plan! it certainly is a lot of exercising. thankfully I’m a senior in undergrad now and only have a few classes, so i have a ton of free time.

I have thought a lot about including more recovery time. However, that T-Nation article I posted seemed to say its better for “naturals” aka normal human beings not on the juice, to exercise more often. Am i reading that right? I think it says frequency is best for naturals, but I am pretty worried about over-stressing my body with all this work. I’m taking ginseng and a host of other supplements I didn’t list to combat this stress on my central nervous system, though, and I feel better than ever after week 1! I guess that’s a good sign that I can handle the stress. I have been training at this level for quite some time though and that must be why.

and I have taken creatine for the last several months. not sure if i notice anything beyond placebo since I drink it with coffee, but maybe its increasing my pumps. thanks for the advice about the tendons, I haven’t noticed anything but it may just be because im young and spry. I heard all the research says it’s safe too, and it seems to be the most well-researched supplement in existence. I spent a lot of time on longecity before finally deciding it was right for me. I am noticing some excess water retention and its hard to get accurate weight readings because of this. did you notice any of this when you were taking it? I should probably get my body fat measured but I’m not sure where to go for this.

Creatine definitely causes water retention. But I’ve heard that keto tends to make you shed water. So if you do both at once, what happens? No idea.

Anyway, if you’re young enough to be able to do 6x per week, and you have the time - go for it, should be a good plan to get into great shape.

Yea it’s totally weird and seems arbitrary whenever I step on the scales. I weigh myself every morning and some days I will only be 130 lbs and other days I will be 134-135 lbs. I forgot to take the creatine for a few days and this changed nothing in terms of this strange arbitrary weight reading, but it seems I have a little more fat in my facial tissue when I have the creatine.

And we’ll see how long I can last, but so far I’m feeling great. I talked to the head of sports medicine at my university and she said I should be consuming more carbs if I want to gain weight, but I can’t stand being addicted to the sugar. Keto is making me feel great and I have so much energy I don’t wanna frolic back to the land of constant sugar cravings. I do miss that pancake batter taste of Soylent 1.6 though