Feedback on my gluten free blend


Hi everyone,

Would I be able to get some feedback on my DIY soylent blend I’ve put together?



Cursory look:
Drop the sulfur. It’s not needed - what you need are sulfurous amino acids (SAA’s) which come from your protein.
Unsure if rice protein is complete by itself. Check on that, consider adding another protein to round it out if necessary.
Don’t worry too much about salt if you don’t need it. If you have high blood pressure, consider dropping it entirely.
Double check on the K-gluconate. I’m not sure, but I think it has more potassium in it that what you’re stating (someone else had the reverse problem with brown sugar).

As a woman, you might want to consider getting more than the base level of calcium. Unsure about iron levels. Someone else may be able to offer more info.

But looks good overall.


20 should be more than enough iron, unless she does up the calcium significantly. Calcium inhibits iron absorption.

I disagree with dropping salt entirely. We do need it to live. We don’t need that much, though, so you can get away with a lot less.

I’m not sure about the potassium thing. I think Potassium Gluconate is not the most efficient way to get potassium if you’re using it as your only dietary source, because it’s not very potent and you need SO MUCH OF IT. I use pure Potassium Citrate powder, and only need 1g, but the trouble with that is the risk of overdose, because chronic potassium overuse is bad news.