Feedback on my "organic/natural" take on Soilent


I have completed my research and put together this recipe to replace my meals. I wanted something primarily organic and natural. All ingredients are powdered up with the exception of olive oil and vitamin D. The non-essential CoQ10 and Calcium D-glucarate I just swallow in pill form.

The mineral ratios should be adequate in terms of suggested research. A tad high manganese though. I receive B-12 shots so I’'ll let that stay where it is.

I finished a batch just 1 hour ago, had a sip. I like the taste but it needs sweetness. The masa flour contributes to most of the flavor.

Any opinions on this recipe. Will it kill me? :wink:


I would suggest lowering the manganese. Even though the upper limit is set somewhat arbitrarily its still not a good idea to press your luck with it. High intakes in the long term have the potential to cause brain damage. I personally would air on the side of caution. Unfortunately there is no ethical way to determine exactly how much is to much.


Regarding the Manganese, you can also read this.

As for the recipe, you have 60 grams of fiber, which is quite a high amount. People usually don’t get even that 28g per day in their normal diet and that’s why switching to Soylent can cause stool/gas/movements problems. Hence I’d recommend lowering the fibre amount (e.g. leave out the psyllium at least), or starting really slowly with this food.

Also, the iron is on 40mg, which is lower than RDA but quite a lot still. You only need 8-10 as a male and 18 as a female, anything more than that is useless and your body AFAIK doesn’t have any way to excrete the iron except by loss of blood. Assuming that you come from Northern Europe, please make sure you don’t have this condition in your family.


Because iron from plants is less efficiently absorbed than that from animal sources, the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) has estimated that the bioavailability of iron from a vegetarian diet is only 10%, while it is 18% from a mixed diet. Therefore, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for iron from a completely vegetarian diet should be adjusted as follows: 14 mg/day for adult men and postmenopausal women, 33 mg/day for premenopausal women, and 26 mg/day for adolescent girls (17)


Thank you both for replying!

I have revised my recipe and committed a new version

Previous version was:

  • Too thick and probably too high in fiber.
  • Not sweet at all.
  • Too high in manganese.
  • Barely any quick carbs.

These changes were made:

  • Added: Maltodextrin
  • Added: Folic acid (nutritional yeast I have had wrong vitamin B values
  • Removed: Hemp protein
  • More: Whey protein
  • Less: Brown rice, Buckwheat, Oatmeal, Chia seeds, Psyllum husk, Iron

Iron/Copper ratio
The copper levels are exceeding the recommended 1:10 iron/copper ratio, now that I have reduced the iron contents. Should I worry about it and try to reduce the copper content? Optimal Micronutrient Ratios


It looks much better now. Now I have concerns about the amount of omega 3. Your about 2-3x the generally accepted “max safe” level of about 5-6g. Large doses of omega 3 can, among other things, thin the blood, lower your immune response, and cause uncontrolled bleeding.


I haven’t looked into all the ratios posed in that thread, but there is not an “ideal” iron:copper ratio of 10:1. Rather, you simply need to be concerned if your iron intake is too high, because in the presence of very high iron, copper intake is inhibited. So any ratios you see in the literature are more likely to be proposing safe upper bounds, not ideal zones.

Your formula is 25.4:3.1 for iron:copper, which comes out to about 8:1, if we care, which we shouldn’t, unless you’re a woman… women need more iron than men. If you’re a pregnant woman, you are likely to be taking pre-natal vitamins, which can deliver a very high amount of iron, and then having a ratio of Iron:copper too high is a concern because it limits copper intake.

In your case, you shouldn’t worry, and should feel free to lower your iron more, or to give blood regularly. Your spirulina is the big hitter on both your copper and your iron, and neither mineral is one where getting a lot more than the RDA is strongly associated with benefits.


Great info. I’ve analyzed the data available and you are definitely correct. I have decided to replace some of the flax seed with MCT oil. The omega-3 levels are now at 6g/d.

Since I vacuum pack my doses, I would rather have a flax-seed like ingredient that actually can be pre-mixed. I will search for available options, but right now MCT-oil seems like a good ingredient.


I’ve removed a lot of iron and the recipe is currently at 17.5mg/d. I’ll try that out for a while, then do a blood test again in a few weeks time.

Thanks again for valuable information


Good luck with it, and do come back to tell us how you got on with it.

You have a fairly complex formula, but it’s interesting to see it done with these ingredients.