Feedback on Nectar + Cacao

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I can only speak on Cacao since that’s the only thing I ordered, but to summarize my opinion: wow! It sorta tastes like if you diluted a bit of coffee into a glass of chocolate milk but then just made the whole flavor profile a lot lighter. I was really impressed with the taste, it’s almost like desert. It’s rich enough that I don’t know if I could drink two in a row, but I just got through my first bottle and really enjoyed it.


I only have tried/ordered cacao.

First impression is there’s a weird taste at first sip, but very fortunately it doesn’t stay for the aftertaste which is more a pure chocolate flavor.

I’m surprised the flavor is as strong as it is! It’s not too much but certainly near the bar where it would be. So, not necessarily bad, but surprising.

If I was drinking 2.0 more regularly I’d think this would make a nice occasional option (once a day or every few days), but the flavor is too strong and rich for more frequently than that.

I’d rate it 4/5 if drinking occasionally, probably 2.3 or 3/5 if I had to drink it often or it was my only flavor.

FWIW I also have coffiest and can’t force myself to drink it, whereas l don’t think I’ll have problems finishing off this 12 pack.

Also it’d be nice if you made variety packs, eg 3 of each flavor or something. I’d like to try nectar too but am not really going through them fast enough to order yet another 12 pack. Plus I’m not sure I’d like it and it would suck getting stuck with 11 bottles I never want to drink. Like with coffiest.


Cacao is very nice. They made a chocolate soylent. It’s good.

Nectar is gross. I’m going to give them out at the office but my guess is everyone will hate it… cause it’s gross. like a chemical aftertaste like pure whatever beetle liver extracted natural flavor they use to make fruity pebbles…

Going to give em out at the office… will try to update with other people’s opinions…


I haven’t yet tried my Nectar shipment, but I did try Cacao.

It is really delicious! I’m incredibly happy to have another option in the lineup, since I’m not a coffee fan and Soylent seems to be the only food that reliably will let me lose weight. With the addition of Cacao I think I may be able to commit to my goals better for Soylent intake.

Cacao does have a slight aftertaste for me–however I’m not sure if it’s entirely negative nor would I consider it a dealbreaker for me.

I do also wish the cost was a little lower, but this is also not a dealbreaker for me. (Eventually hoping bottle cost is $2 per after subscription discounts on Amazon)

Overall, I enjoy it quite a bit and look forward to seeing even more potential 2.0 flavors come into the pipeline!


I purchased both the Cacao and Nectar flavors and tried both of them and I’m very surprised. To get right to the point, the Nectar flavor tastes plain weird, I don’t really know how else to describe it. It’s supposed to taste sweet, which I guess it does when it’s going down. However, the aftertaste is completely nasty. My mother said it kind of tastes like lemon a bit and I can see that a little but it’s most definitely not pleasant. However, I also think the same about the original Soylent, I just can’t stand the taste. Maybe I’m just not into the ‘subtly’ and not so subtle sweet flavors.

Cacao on the other hand is hands down my favorite flavor. This was almost to no surprise though, I completely love Coffiest. In my opinion it tastes a lot like coffiest, with less of the chalky taste you can kind of sense with coffiest. Basically it’s the same thing without caffeine, take that how you will when deciding if it is better or worse. Again, in my opinion, I think that cacao tastes better than coffiest but taste is subjective. If you like coffiest though, no doubt you’ll love the cacao flavor.

On a side note, they are a fair bit expensive. Why the price jump between the original and these? Either way, it’s a shame theres no tester pack or something like a mixed variety pack as now I basically have 11 1/2 bottles of nectar soylent that are basically going to be wasted. Nobody in my household likes it and 2 of my other friends hate it, it’s a shame really. Same goes for the original Soylent as well, I have a bunch of those just lying around as I can’t stand the taste.

All in all, in my opinion Cacao is a straight 10/10 for me and Nectar is like a 3/10, not something I like even if the bottle looks the most appealing. Keep in mind taste is subjective though, if you like really sweet drinks, maybe Nectar is for you, I just hate the fact you need to spent $37.05 minimum to find this out.


Cacao sadly has that “fake” chocolate flavor, similar to some of the Capella flavors if you’ve had those. It’s nothing like the bittersweet chocolate flavor in Coffiest, which I love, but it’s not undrinkable. It’s much sweeter than I expected. As someone said earlier, it reminds me a lot of the flavor in a sweetened chocolate protein powder. It actually reminds me of Yoo-hoo, but I don’t think I’ve had that since I was a kid so maybe the comparison is off.

If they ever release a caffeine-free Coffiest, that would be a better chocolate flavor than Cacao. The biggest reason I’ve settled on drinking one Coffiest a day is because of the caffeine (as well as the vitamin A and C levels). I may order more Cacao in the future purely for variety, but it’s not what I was hoping for.

So, Nectar. Whoever mentioned Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles is right on. I can finish off this box, but I don’t see myself ordering another. I didn’t expect to like it and I’d say it’s about what I expected. If I wanted a sweet Soylent, I think a honey or almond flavor would be more palatable than a fruity flavor.

Also, wow, Amazon’s shipping boxes suck compared to the official Soylent boxes. I’m surprised it made it here in one piece.


Cacao is absolutely delicious. Its aftertaste is much more palatable than the traditional Soylent 2.0. To be honest with you, after long periods of drinking nothing but Soylent 2.0 it can be really hard to knock them back at times which has kept me from going 100% Soylent. But I feel like I would have absolutely no problems drinking these four times a day.

In general Cacao has a rather delicate and soft chocolate flavor with a pleasant amount of sweetness that’s not cloying…and like others have said the drink goes down incredibly smooth. The taste does distinctly remind me of a chocolate protein shake, which I LOVE. But the fact that Soylent has far more nutrition, and the fact that it’s 100% vegan, makes it a much better choice than your typical protein shake. Cacao also feels much more filling than usual…I think it’s because the rich chocolate flavor tricks my stomach into feeling an extra level of fullness.

Right now Cacao is shaping up to be my defacto Soylent along with Coffiest (which I can’t have very frequently due to the high levels of caffeine). I haven’t tried Nectar yet.

In my opinion:
Cacao = Coffiest >>>>>> Original 2.0

If you’re following this thread, Rosa Foods, I too would love a non-caffeinated version of Coffiest with all the vitamins intact.


Got my cacao last night, tried it this morning.

Oh my gosh it’s delicious. I tried adding cocoa powder to Soylent before, but never got anything near this good. It’s a really fantastic dark chocolate milk. There is a hint of chemical-like flavor in the background, but it’s faint enough not to distract. As a whole it’s too sweet for me to have it for every meal, but just right for once in a while. My daughter even tried some, in the past she hated Soylent, but she loves this and says she might have it for breakfast sometimes. A real breakthrough! (Especially because Soylent is a lot healthier than what she usually has for breakfast).

Now my problem is that I was planning on switching back to powder, but I’m not giving up cacao! So I’ll have to figure out a plan of having sometimes 1.7, sometimes cacao. It’s a nice problem to have.


Cacao (and Nectar, but haven’t tried Nectar yet) was delivered yesterday. Just drank my first one for breakfast. It was good. I’m reading some people somewhat negatively comparing the flavor to protein shakes. I haven’t had many protein shakes but I like them and this does remind me of a thin protein shake, specifically this one I see at Costco all the time:

Light and smooth, but with the nutritional benefits of Soylent products. When it first hit my taste buds I thought it was going to be way too sweet/overpowering but that calmed after my initial sip.

I think I still prefer original 2.0 overall and would definitely want to drink 3 to 5 originals a day over 3 to 5 Cacao’s a day. But Soylent’s near blandness was a major selling point for me. I was never looking forward to flavored options. A Cacao as my last bottle of the day probably sounds best, so I’ll probably be doing that until I run out of this box. I [probably] won’t be ordering more, but that’s just because of my preference for the original. And since I have a grandfathered in original subscription, it just makes sense to stick with it (the extra cash for Cacao is not a deal breaker for me though).


Drinking Nectar now for ‘lunch’. I love it! I might like it better than original! I think I would get sick of it faster though but it is really making me consider throwing it into my mix that currently only includes powder and original (RIP Food Bar, and I didn’t like MealSquares enough).

I’m definitely getting the Fruit Loops vibe, combined with an unexplainable Soylent vibe I get from the rest of their products. Way better than Cacao IMO. A++

I’m thinking Nectar for breakfast, Original for lunch and Cacao for final meal… until I run out. Then I’ll have to make an executive decision on what goes and what stays (if anything).


Just to be clear, I’m a [vast] majority powder user (with, ATM, a one box 2.0 grandfathered subscription for emergencies/convenience/etc). Had to try the new stuff out though (with new subscription discount codes :smiley: ).

EDIT: oh the post I was responding to was deleted or something.


I have deleted non feedback discussion. As the original post states if you want to have back and forth discussion on a topic you are welcome to make a new thread or take said discussion to PM’s.


I’ve only had nectar so far. I like it, a lot. Thats all I have to say about it really. I hope you start selling powder bags of nectar. I feel bad about the extra waste produced when ordering the bottles. And shipping the water.

Any plans for a savory flavor?


I’ve been drinking three or four bottles Soylent 2.0 per day since it debuted. Added coffiest to my subscription as soon as it came out (yummy).

Cacao Soylent? Good. Tastes like Yoohoo. But I like Coffiest better because it has a darker chocolate flavor (I’ve never though it tasted like coffee - it’s Mocha).
Nectar Soylent? Tastes like Lemon Mylanta without the chalky texture. Does not taste natural, and has a chemical smell that hits you before the fluid hits your mouth. Bought my first case of Nectar on Amazon and instantly removed it from my pre-order at Soylent.

My favorite 2.0 (in order) are:

I’ll continue my 3-bottles a day, but I think I’ll keep my 50/50 Coffiest/Regular subscription as/is - they still make the best smoothies :slight_smile:


Before I even read the other reviews, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts on Cacao and Nectar.

The cacao is pretty self-explanatory… tastes just like the chocolate flavor I’ve tasted in several nut milks, which is good. It’s not very sweet, but it’s not supposed to be.

I had no idea what to expect with a flavor called “nectar”, but as soon as I tasted it I immediately recognized it… Fruity Pebbles! It’s an absolute dead-ringer. I really don’t like the color, though… this sorta neon yellow instantly makes me think of stomach bile, not something I want to be reminded of when eating!

Neither is overly sweet, but the flavors are very strong, maybe even too strong. I’ll have to see if I still want more after drinking a case of each.


I’m gonna agree with the fruity pebbles comparison that keeps coming up. I just tried it and I could see myself having it multiple times every day but not for all my meals. That’s not due to it being too sweet or anything, I just like other versions too.

The color surprised me, it’s kind of a pale yellow liquid, figured it would be pink too


“Original” 2.0, tastes really good to me, even better with a tea spoon of instant coffee shaken in. Coffiest is wonderful, even better than I’ve ever been able to make any Soylent taste by adding coffee and/or chocolate. I would drink it for every meal if it weren’t for the caffeine.

So I was assuming the two new flavors would follow suit, and be two more variants I could add to my diet. Cacoa is passable, I could drink it without too much complaint, but it’s not a good chocolate flavor. It tastes very artificial, and is sweeter than I would prefer. Nectar on the other hand is just awful. It tastes like a bottle of chemicals. When I saw the Fruity Pebbles comparisons I though, “unexpected for something called nectar, but I liked Fruity Pebbles as a kid.” Yeah, it definitely has a hint of that, but somehow worse. Of course if I think Cacoa is sweet, this is cloyingly so.

I’ll be forcing down the Nectar as quickly as I can to be rid of it. Once the Cacoa is gone I won’t order more. At least this little experiment has show that I don’t need to pay extra for fancy flavors (other than my morning Coffiest).


My family (four of us) sampled Cacao this evening. Two of us liked it and two of us hated it. The thing is, we’re all chocolate lovers and like every chocolate soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, etc. we’ve ever had. So it’s not too hard to make a chocolate drink that pleases us. Therefore, even though I’m one of the two that liked it, I have to say that Soylent missed the mark on this flavor. It comes out better when I make chocolate Soylent from scratch, using calorie-free chocolate syrup.

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