Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


Tried both:

Cacao I love. Drank it up real quick.

Nectar… I think I got food poison from it. I only drank a tad, and I wanted to throw up, and felt sick for most of the day. Whatever they put into it, it’s way too sweet.


Whoever described Cacao as cold hot chocolate was spot on (as an old boyscout I’ve had more than my fair share of cold hot chocolate and it’s so true to form it carries a little nostalgia for me). I ordered a good bit after hearing about such a flavor and so far I haven’t been disappointed a bit. Cacao is absolutely my new go to for breakfast.


After having my first Cacao as a breakfast, I skipped having one the next day altogether. I had one last night as my last meal and it was much more delicious. Dessert like.


I like Cacoa. Its very dessert like. To me it tastes like a mix of Yoohoo and Cocoa Puffs, maybe with a little Muscle Milk taste, but its minimal.

I cant stand the Nectar. The first sip was "oh it tastes like fruity pebbles/ fruitloops. Then the second sip tasted like lemon aspartame, then I felt like I was drinking some sort of lemon soap. I highly doubt I will be able to stomach the rest of the box, I wish there had been a sample set. I had high hopes. I feel like “Nectar” was the name for something they didnt want to call something specific since it either could, or could not taste good.


To me the nectar tastes like mango with a hint of citrus to me. I liked it and will keep some on hand to add some variety.
The cacao was rich… very rich. I agree with the cold hot chocolate others have mentioned. I will keep this one on hand too.


Adding my own reviews to the mix.


The Cacao really surprised me. I am one of the rare people who doesn’t care for chocolate, and I wasn’t planning to order any Cacao at all. But a box was mistakenly sent to me in place of one of the Original boxes I ordered, and I decided to give it a try. I’m really glad I did!

I completely agree with the assessment that Cacao tastes like chilled hot chocolate. It tastes exactly like Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix to me, which is the one of the few chocolate products I more or less enjoy. Whatever the flavor is in chocolate that I usually don’t like, it isn’t present here. Also, I was pleased to find that while the Cacao is pretty sweet – almost sweet enough to be cloying but just within the bounds of what’s still good – I don’t detect any significant artificial sweetener aftertaste. A total win.

Still, my initial assessment was that although Cacao is unexpectedly enjoyable, it’s not close enough to my tastes that I would spend the extra money to buy it regularly when I find Soylent drink to taste just fine plain or with my own flavorings. But after a couple bottles, I actually find myself craving Cacao a bit and am considering putting it in regular rotation.

FWIW, my girlfriend – who does like chocolate, and is generally unwilling to drink Soylent – says it has a “fake chocolate” flavor and reminds her of powdery or chalky chocolate protein supplements. It sounds like some people here concur. Whatever “fake chocolate” flavor is, though, I like it better than normal chocolate flavor.


Nectar I’m not so crazy about, or at least I wasn’t at first. I agree with the folks (basically everyone?) who compare it to fruity cereal milk; I would say it reminds me slightly more of fruit loops than fruity pebbles. But lemon-ier, to the point of just slightly conjuring pledge. That would be ok, but what I don’t like is that it’s just too sweet and too intense for my taste. The comparison someone made to yellow and orange starbursts also seems apt; straight-up, I’d say it tastes like a cross between liquified yellow+orange starbursts and fruit loop soy milk. I also find the nose very floral and perfumey, and overwhelmingly so if you drink it out of an open vessel like a glass (which I normally don’t). Surprisingly, despite the super-sweetness, I again don’t taste any significant artificial sweetener aftertaste with this.

If I mix the Nectar 50/50 with the original, I find the resulting combination more pleasant. This brings the sweetness and fruitiness down to a manageable intensity, so it tastes less like starbursts and more fully like a lemonier/kinda floral version of fruit loop soy milk. Highly drinkable, but not my fav.

Similarly to the Cacao, my initial decision was that the Nectar was ok, if less good than the Cacao, but I don’t see it as something I’d prefer to plain or self-flavored, and I didn’t think I’d be buying more. Yet I find that it’s growing on me. There’s something categorically different about Nectar from other Soylent flavorings that keeps drawing me back to it. So maybe I’ll grow to like it enough that I keep a little around? We will see.

Plz plz, banana or cake batter next, plz! From experimenting with protein powders and Lor-Ann oils, I have found those to be the best matches for the drink’s natural flavor profile to date. Or better yet, a savory flavor! :grinning:


I don’t know how long you’ve been drinking Soylent, but the original 1.0 tasted very much like cake batter. I used to blend frozen blue berries into it, and it tasted just like blue berry cake mix. Would like to try something along those lines, but it’d probably be made too sweet like these two new flavors and the Bars.


My description of Cacao would be that it tastes like “tootsie roll with chemicals”.


Cacao - tastes ok in a fake chocolate kinda way. Daughter gave big thumbs up when she first started drinking then that after taste hit and she made a blech face and big thumbs down.

Nectar - I get the Froot Loops at first but then it tastes like it smells - everyone is right it’s Lemon Pledge. Daughter gave huge thumbs down from the start and was wretching a little. She like she Original.

I honestly wonder how this stuff gets released. I know some people like it. But no one could taste test this and think it’s a slam dunk winner. I think they taste so much they get used to it or something. We know from adding our own milk and water flavorings that it’s easy to make amazing flavors. Are they just trying to keep it cheap so can’t add the full ingredient list in a Stur, Mio or similar? I need this company to succeed for centuries to come!

And now I’m realizing how much money I just threw away on these. Le sigh. Think I can get a refund since it’s so disgusting?


I think that the point is that flavoring is a fairly cheap way of getting attention and increasing sales. I don’t think it does much with regard to RF’s main mission, which has something to do with making improved nutrition available at reasonable prices.

I have been thinking more lately about the attempt to promote food as entertainment, something dear to the heart of restaurant reviewers and food columnists everywhere. It is no wonder that they tend to criticise Soylent, which is just not an all-singing, all-dancing food.

Encouraging consumers to flavor their own Soylent was very much in the spirit of the real nature of Soylent, it seems to me. Asking consumers to passively sit back and enjoy flavors created by RF endorses food as entertainment.


I’ve tried both Nectar and Cacao. They’re both delicious, and I really enjoy being able to have an ready-to-eat Soylent that I don’t have to futz around with flavoring when I’m hungry.

One issue I’ve been having is that the Cacao seems to solidify in the fridge much more easily than anything else. Even setting the temperature higher in the fridge, my Cacao bottles have turned from liquid to a ice-cream like texture, and end up needing to be thawed at room temperature. The Nectar bottles (literally right next to the Cacao bottles) don’t seem to be having this issue, nor does anything else liquid in my fridge.


I like Cacao, reminds me of Bailey’s without the booziness. And my wife, who detests regular Soylent, actually likes Cacao and agrees with me on the flavor profile. Not 100% sure how I’m rotating it in yet but I’m sold on Cacao.


I tried Cacao last night and I liked it. I finished one bottle and immediately drank a second one. It’s a bit sweeter than I was expecting (I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate). I’m not sure it I’ll buy more because of the price. I think I’ll just experiment with adding to Original 2.0 to get a chocolate taste. (I bring 2.0 to work in a Thermos so adding something to it would be easy)
Someone above mentioned that Coffiest tasted more like mocha and dark chocolate than coffee so maybe I’ll give that a try next month.


Like Cocao, it’s sweet in a chocolatey way I like. Nectar is sweet in a candy-ish way I don’t like. I’ll finish my shipment of Nectar but won’t order any more.


Cacao 8/10
Nectar 7/10
Coffiest 5/10
Original 2/10

So I like the new flavors a lot! I’ve been using flavor drops from capella on 2.0 but the new flavors are way better. Once you know the Nectar tastes like Fruit Loops (Fruity Pebbles) then you accept it right away.


Just received my Order today, 1 box of Cacao, 1 of Nectar, 2 of Original.
Had a Nectar for Lunch and man, The smell is like perfume and that taste is very odd. Don’t think its like fruit loops. It’s not awful, it’s not great. Palatable, no aftertaste issues, not a fav
Just opened a Cacao and wow, the smell is epic chocolate. Taste is very Cocoa (not Cacao). loving it!

I have been having some stomach/acid issues with 2.0 last 2 batches. No issues with the Nectar or Cacao so will be looking forward to breakfast tomorrow


I love them both. Coffiest is my least favourite thus far.


Let’s start with the Cacao, I love it! it reminds me of the Fairlife Chocolate Milk and I’ve found if served over ice, it brings out a slight coconut flavour. My wife detests the other flavors but loves Cacao, so that is being added to the subscription.

Nectar…ohh sweet nectar…it’s too sweet. Growing up in England and never experiancing Fruity Pebbles as a kid (Banned by EU for unsafe colours and flavours,) so I don’t get the nostalgia drinking it. It tastes far too sweet and far too artificial, to the point that I had to cut a bottle in half with a original. I feel like I can maybe get through the box if I only mix it or use it as smoothie bases, but I think I’d vomit if I had to drink a whole bottle on it’s own again.

I can’t wait to see what flavours come next, as I’d love to have a bunch of flavours to hand, just not nectar.


I’ve had the same issue too. I take my frozen bottles of Cacao to work and they’re a nice cold (thawed) temp by lunch.


As someone who “eats” ~75% Soylent, of course I had to try both Nectar and Cacao as soon at they came out.

My first observation is that they seem very expensive compared to plain 2.0. How much could a little flavoring cost? I was able to mitigate that by adding it to my Amazon Subscribe & Save order, which gives me a 15% discount, but still it seems pricey for a daily drink.

The first flavor I tried is Nectar. I have to say it is horrible. I can drink it, without vomiting, but I am only doing so because it was so damn expensive and I hate to waste money. The flavor is hard to describe. Given the name, I expected it to taste like Peach, but instead it tastes like a melted Creamcicle that I bought once off a Good Humor truck as a kid with a hint of tartness that seems like a faint synthetic orange flavor. Ugh. I really wonder who the hell is in RL’s focus groups…that is assuming they use focus groups. They should admit the error and pull it from the store ASAP.

When I told my son about the flavor he said, “Why don’t they just look at Nestle Quik? You can bet Nestle did a lot of research to figure out people like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.” Seems almost too simple for RL which likes to march to the beat of of its own drum (i.e. over think things). If RL wants to be hip, perhaps they could have gone with Pomegranate instead of Strawberry, but no…we get Nectar! :tired_face:

As for the Cacao, I have to say it is much better. It tastes like a Yoo-Hoo made out of milk rather than water. It is velvety smooth and pleasant to drink. Almost feels like desert. Still, it is unfortunately inexplicably overpriced, so I’m not sure it will become a mainstay in my Soylent diet. It’s at least plausible to charge more for Coffiest (which is itself overpriced) because it at least has the benefit of Caffeine and L-Theanine.

I hate to unload like this, but RL needs to hear from it’s diehard customers. I still love Soylent and drink it for 75% of my calories, but they need honest feedback to improve and mature as a company. I realize that not every product will be a hit, but I just can’t fathom how Nectar made it out of the lab.

Nectar tastes really bad