Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


I caved and bought a case of nectar and cacao. Will see how it tastes for me. (The community coupon code still works!) :slight_smile:


The nectar tastes like fruity pebbles with a squirt of lemon pledge furniture polish. Drank one and chucked the rest of the case. Nasty. Drank one of the cacaos and did the same. In the future I wish they would give little shot size 1oz sample bottles to subscribers with their normal order. I deposited $65 directly into the garbage.


I just tried the Nectar. It doesn’t taste like fruity pebbles, it tastes like fruit loops!!! I like it.
I also like the Cacao flavor as well.


The cacao tastes a lot like muscle milk tastes. I wish it was a little more authentically chocolaty, but then maybe itd be too rich to have on a regular basis. I havent tried nectar yet, I am scared to because I’ve heard its nasty. lol


Got a case of each a couple of weeks ago. I love the Cacao! It was hard to go back to regular Soylent 2.0 after trying it, especially since the regular stuff has not been sitting well (gastrointestinal speaking) for a couple of months now. Fine for a year, and then… suddenly not.

The Cacao, in contrast, sits just fine. Beautiful texture, rich taste. Great stuff!

The Nectar is decent. I like it, but it’s a bit sweet. Not something I could do every day; I’m cycling it with the other two. My husband, on the other hand, loves it. He swore he wouldn’t try Soylent until there was a fruit flavour, the likelihood of which he put approximately on par with the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. However, he’d had some dental surgery and was off solids for about a week. He tried it, and wound up going through a case. We have since ordered more.

So yeah, Nectar has at least one really big fan. If RF come up with a decent raspberry flavour, we’ll save time and just mail you our wallets.


Cacao is amazing. Seriously great job! Almost tastes too good to be true :yum: . Great texture, flavor and aftertaste. We will likely make 2/3 of our orders Cacao from now on.

Which leads me to the “Nectar”… with a RED bottle I was expecting something “berry”/“pom”. So when it had no apparent smell or color I was a little surprised. Well, I cannot even name what that awful taste is. I have never sipped on gasoline but I expect it to taste like this (with a dash of coconut milk) and leave the same type of gross fumes in my mouth as an aftertaste. I can’t even tell what it is I am drinking - as in it does not fall within my regular “realm of taste”. I don’t think I can finish a single bottle, I’d rather have regular.


Wanted to expand on this; Soylent has colored the other 3 boxes (original, coffiest, cacao) to relatively match the color of the drink/product. Nectar breaks this color trend/design approach. Making it almost misleading. Something to think about.


I’m really interested to see how nectar tastes. It’s either a love or hate, I hope I love it.


I agree, it would be nice to have a sampler since anyone that wants to try a new flavor has to commit to buying twelve of them.


If this is true I’m going to love Cocao, because before I found Soylent, a 20 oz chocolate Muscle Milk was my go to meal before class in college lol


Cacao tastes like Yoohoo. (thumbs up!)

Nectar tastes like the leftover milk after you’ve eaten all the Froot Loops in the bowl. (thumbs down!)


My wife says I need to finish off the five bags of Joylent we still have before eating the nectar and cocoa… :frowning: I still have 10 bags of 1.6, some of which I bought from a buddy that couldn’t tolerate it. Plus I have two boxes of 1.7 - I forgot to pause my subscription for longer.

I got a lot of emergency preparedness food on my shelf! :wink:


I love them both and I wouldn’t change either. Currently, my preference (taste alone) goes:

Cacao > Nectar > Regular 2.0 > Coffiest > powder

[pre-post edit] didn’t realize I already posted here, heh.


I like this flow chart. Other people should add theirs. Mine would be -

Powder > 2.0 > Nectar > Coffiest > Cacao

I reserve last place for the bar >.<


If we are talking purely on taste alone, and not the convenience of caffeine in Coffiest, then I’d say my ranking is:

2.0 > Cacao > Coffiest > Dish water > Toilet water > Nectar

Just kidding. Of course I’ve never tasted dish or toilet water, but Nectar is definitely my least favorite by a mile.


:joy: That is EXACTLY what it tastes like! Been a while since I had those toxic Fruity Pebbles, so thanks for the reminder… Very fitting since 2.0 tastes like the milk left over after Cheerios (or maybe Alpha Bits). Why couldn’t they have gone for Crunch Berries instead? Perhaps Peanut Butter Crunch is next. :call_me_hand:t2:


OMG… so I took 11 Nectar bottles that I didn’t want to a card night with the dudes… They tried it and exclaimed it tastes like Cap’n Crunch right away… that’s when felt justified that Soylent messed up the flavor of “Nectar” IMO.


So, Bailey’s minus what makes Bailey’s worth drinking?


I just got my box of Nectar along with my box of Cocao, and I must say that Cocao is a slam dunk and definitely tastes like Muscle Milk, which I love. Nectar isn’t as terrible as everyone is making it out to be, but it’s definitely not appealing and I won’t be buying anymore. I’ll probably switch my subscription to 2 boxes of Coffiest, 2 boxes of Cocao and one box of 2.0 since I always tend to drink that last and am kinda getting tired of it.

Cocao > Coffiest > 2.0 >Nectar > Powder


I enjoy Cacao quite a bit, though I’m not sure I’d order it again as it’s so easy to achieve the same by just adding some chocolate to regular 2.0.

Nectar I wanted to like, but… it’s really quite bad. It tastes to me like someone took a regular 2.0 and spilled some lemon scented perfume into it. Not just lemon flavor, but perfume - it’s got that weird chemical / oily vibe to it that I get when I smell a lemon air freshener or something.
I drank a quarter of one bottle and had to pour the rest out. I don’t plan on drinking the others (which also means I really wish you’d make a sampler pack available).