Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


Always been a fan of Soylent. But in all honesty, Nectar needs to be pulled, or reconfigured. It tastes like perfume and chemicals and leaves a lingering after taste. The chemical-ness is so strong that it hits you with a small first sip.

Really wished Nectar was pink on the inside with the taste of berries. What fruit in nature tastes like Nectar? I can’t think of any.

Or change it to taste like bananas or mangos…

Nectar is really bad. Can’t finish one bottle of it, can’t even take more than three sips. Each sip, wishing the taste would grow on me, but alas, does not.


People taste/like different things (reference: every feedback thread on this forum). Can we stop saying a product needs to be pulled based on individual taste buds or whatever?


I don’t think most people ask for a product to be pulled. I hate 1.7 but I don’t ask that it be pulled. We just want to both vent our disappointment, and if enough people think a product tastes terrible, that’s useful feedback to the company (and might lead to the product being pulled or replaced, but it’s the company’s decision to make).


I don’t think most people ask for a product to be pulled either, I don’t think I implied that, if that was in response to me.

Anyways, I’m just breaking the thread rules to vent my disappointment in a specific type of feedback that virtually all the feedback threads I’ve recently skimmed through have (Food Bar immediately comes to mind).

Obviously you guys are in the right, posting feedback in the feedback thread. And I’m in the wrong, going off topic and now engaging in a back and forth within the feedback thread. I’m just saying that I thought we realized that taste is a very strange sense on a very wide spectrum (or whatever), based on the other feedback threads (not everyone reads those though, I realize). So saying a product should be pulled as part of your feedback based on anecdotal taste buds makes me internet sad for a minute is all.

Doesn’t matter, this will all probably be deleted.


Lets keep the thread to purely feedback (not back and forth discussion). If you wish to talk about product directions make a new thread. Seems theres enough interest for some good conversation to be had.


I am taking my first sip of Nectar now… Cold, over ice…: Very let down, it tastes fine, underwhelmed.

It does remind me of fruitloops milk. A little tart, mildly chemical/perfume-ey in the middle of my tongue. Overall it’s pleasant, not great, definitely not bad. Almost half way done with it now - it’s a good change of pace from 1.6/7 and 2.0. A little change is nice.


I am taking my first sips of Cacao now. It tastes like chocolate milk. (It’s been years since I have had chocolate milk,) but it tastes like how I remember chocolate milk. It does have a slight artificial after taste, maybe the sweetener?

This one is hands down a win. Much better than adding cocoa powder to regular Soylent. I like it a lot!!


My wife just tried Nectar, and I quote, " oh yea, I’m all about this… it tastes like fruit loops milk… and people really don’t like this?.. Their inner child is crying! People who don’t like it have lost access to their inner child and probably deserve to get punched in the throat."


I love my wife so much!


Lemon Pledge furniture polish is how my buddy described it to me. I thought that was right on the mark.


As a person who had the displeasure of getting lemon pledge in my mouth before… no, just no. :laughing:


I just began giving Soylent a try as of last week, and started on the Original and the Cacao. I wish I had only done the Cacao because coming from nothing to that was fantastic, it is easy to stomach and it tastes great. I wish there was a powder option, or I wish I knew the secret for the powder, because I just ordered it and I want to make it taste like Cacao.




Don’t be surprised if Soylent releases a Cacao Powder in the not-too-distant future at a slightly higher price point. Pretty sure flavoured powders are on the horizon.


Makes sense that RF would do some kind of flavor change for powder (although it might well be separate flavor packets the way Huel does it). Also, RF is pretty slow and cautious about new products in general. So – what’s your basis for this prediction? Just gut feel?


I’ve been drinking both nectar & cacao for a month, and I like them both. A couple days ago my friend’s 7-yr-old daughter was curious about my cacao beverage while she was drinking her McDonald’s chocolate milk. So I poured her a sample of Cacao. She taste tested & compared them both. She said they tasted slightly different from each other but she honestly liked them both.


I’ve been advocating for powder flavors, but chances are low.


I thought it had been discussed elsewhere, but I stand corrected. Not that I’m interested in powder flavours, I just thought it was a thing that was happening.


Interesting that the Cacao is easier on your stomach than 2.0. Only a few ingredients have changed. Hmm…


Just got my first shipment of Cacao, and I definitely think that it’s a big improvement on the normal flavor. I’d been ordering two boxes of Soylent a month but skipping using it until recently, so I’m working through ~6 boxes of normal 2.0 from the last few months in the background. The biggest thing I’ve been feeling after drinking 2.0 non stop is that I’m always craving something sweet at the end of the day (to the point where I’ve dropped everything to go buy candy bars).

Anyway, Cacao may solve this gripe really well. I’d say that it tastes miles better than 2.0 Normal. The taste is a bit like a chocolate milk from Nesquik, but not. I like it more than 2.0. I can’t really detect an aftertaste that’s bad, which is also good.

I think Cacao > Normal 2.0 in every way. Like many others, I didn’t realize that we’d stopped using seals, so finding that this was easier to open was a nice treat. I agree with the fact that it feels much more homogenous than the batches of 2.0 I’ve experienced. Pleasantly surprised by this. I agree with calling it “velvety smooth” as per Feedback on Nectar + Cacao.

The price inflation does kinda suck. I’m not sure that I want to pay the overhead, but I dunno. I wish all of 2.0 was competitive with Powder/1.7.


I changed a medication not long ago, so there’s a chance it might be causing some of the issues. That would irk me, since IBS is one of the things it’s supposed to help with-- a happy side effect, if you will. Biologics are nasty business at the best of times, so it’s nice to find one that has a perk on top of “lets you close your hands again.”

Might be both factors, might be one or the other, or might just be the body deciding to to weird stuff. Bodies are jerks like that. Either way, the Cacao and Nectar are both easier on my system now than regular 2.0. Whether that will continue remains to be seen.

Don’t you just love the fickle nature of Meat Tyrants? Just when you think you’ve got yours figured out, it changes its demands.

Edit: Heh. That medication did not work. Hopefully the next one will mess with my innards less and let me go back to Original 2.0 without causing me to create localized national health emergencies. Seriously, why four different chemical sweeteners? Is sugar not good enough?