Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


Haha. Yeah, when I first tried 2.0, I thought wow, this stuff is going to work for me. But after a few days excessive stinky gas became a problem. I kept drinking one or two a day for a few weeks. When I finally stopped, and I went back to a normal gas, what a relief!

I’ve been here from the very beginning, still waiting for a version that’s good for my system…


I’m sticking with 2.0 as a daily driver, mixing in a Cacao here and there. I’ve adapted to the relatively neutral flavor of 2.0 and know I’ll tire of any specific flavor eventually. If RS eventually releases some kind of variety pack I’ll put that in my mix. That said, Cacao is really good and a nice option to have.


Makes sense, really. The powder version is extremely simple to flavour yourself.


Nectar – I have been able to drink it, but I almost knew before ordering I wouldn’t like it. It is just too sweet and reminds me of Fruity Pebbles smell/flavor, comes off as very chemical/artifical.

Cacao – Excellent, by far my favorite of the three to drink, I could drink this all day


I did order a second box of Cacao, but after that ran out it didn’t seem worth ordering a third. Original flavor 2.0 is cheaper and between the two flavors I prefer original anyway. I would probably continue to order Cacao for variety if the price were the same, but it’s hard to justify spending more on a product that is functionally identical; I probably wouldn’t be happy about it even if I preferred the flavor.


I had only ordered one box of Cacao and wish I had ordered more. Now I have to drink about 25 bottles of 2.0 and 10 of Nectar before I order more Cacao and Coffiest :sob:


The new formula makes me puke my guts out. The new 1.7 Soylent makes me sick


I did not like Nectar at all. Cacao was the best by far though. Some background:

I started with Coffeist when it first came out because I wasn’t really ready to commit to a whole box of Original if I didn’t like it. After that, I didn’t order again for a while and by then Cacao was available so I gave it a try, along with a box of Original and Nectar.

For all the flavors, I’ve taken to adding some sugar syrup to sweeten to my liking. However, this trick didn’t work for Nectar - it was not palatable to me either plain or sweetened with syrup.

I’ve also found that Cacao is much smoother than Original or Coffeist. For some reason. I get a hint of a fibrous or maybe sandy texture from the other 2, but Cacao has none of that and I really like it better for that reason.


We have never tried 2.0 (still on 1.3 until it runs out and then… ???) but when Soylent started shipping officially on Amazon, the discount was so crazy good that I couldn’t resist giving cacao and coffiest a try. That being said, I have not tried either of them yet because I want to use it as an excuse to do another video as it’s been a looooooong time since we had anything worth videoing, and I’ve just been too busy to do the vid. But my other half has tried them both (she’s the coffee lover not me) and both flavors got a surprising and rousing thumbs up. Cacao “tastes just like chocolate milk” and coffiest is “really strong, but I like strong coffee so it’s good”. Her words.

So while we still have our own concerns about Soy being the protein source and likely won’t be making a Soy-based Soylent our primary Soylent, a bottle a day or so seems to be working out just fine for her at this time. I will post when I’ve eventually done a video of my taste test…


Good to see you around again, @vanclute


I have tried all the flavors. I don’t really like chocolate at all but surprisingly I actually like the Cacao flavor. I don’t really like the Nectar flavor; it tastes too sweet. I compare it to like drinking sugary kids cereal.

I still love the regular soy Soylent 2.0 and Coffiest (in that order) the most, though I may pick up a Cacao case here and there.


just started my first cacao flavoured soylent. I had to shake it, the first sip was incredibly sweet, i liked coffiest more, but i like drinking coffee on it’s own. I dont always want to get caffinated since it’s not good for you.

an hour after drinking the cacao soylent, my stomach has been hurting and the pain grows and is growing still now. I know you guys changed some ingredients and have moved around some of the orders, but i’ve never had this problem before with soylent or coffiest.


I can’t imagine that i will ever order original again. I could drink cacao all day every day it is so good! One coffeist in the morning, then cacao all day from now on! I really want to try nectar but i don’t think i can bring myself to order anything but cacao from now on lol



Really enjoying cacao and nectar. It is my perception that nectar is on the weaker side in terms of flavor whereas cacao is right where it needs to be. I was under the impression that nectar is intended to be a “fruity” variation of Soylent. I thought that it tasted similar to rosewater with added sugar. Perhaps a more specific fruit flavor would be popular - strawberry or banana maybe? In many respects nectar seems only to be a sweet version of soylent (some people may prefer this) as opposed to being flavored by identifiable fruits. Non-Soylent users in my family found nectar to be much more approachable than the unflavored.


I still don’t understand you people. Get yourself some Fruit Loops cereal and eat a bowl. This is exactly what Nectar tastes like, I mean exactly. If you don’t like Fruit Loops, then you don’t like Nectar, but some of the descriptions people are giving for the taste boggle my mind.


Fairly new Soylent user here. I use Soylent to replace 1-2 meals per day, and I usually eat a “real” lunch or dinner depending on the day and my circumstances. I drink Coffiest consistently for breakfast and either Cacao or Coffiest for lunch or dinner. I started with Coffiest and fell in love (although I’ve found it to have an occasionally granular texture that is gross and not unlike coffee grounds).

At first I was just drinking Coffiest, but I wanted an option without caffeine that still had a flavor. So I bought Cacao and Necter.

Cacao- I don’t have much to say on Cacao, and that is a good thing. I like the creamy texture and the chocolate taste is good. I really like this product and will continue to buy it along with Coffiest.

Nectar- I tried hard to like this. I don’t think it is as bad as some people say, and I think that a lot of the hate stems from the flavor being so hard to identify. There is something frustrating and unsettling about not being to precisely identify the flavor of something. I agree that it has an artificial sweetness flavor similar to Fruity Pebbles or Fruit Loops, but there is something else intermingled that pushes it over the edge for me. I still can’t place it but the closest I have come is a floral peach like taste. I know floral is a scent, but taste and smell are hard to separate sometimes. I might still buy a case and use it infrequently just for a change, but I highly doubt I could drink this regularly.

In summary I’ll say that Soylent has a hit in Cacao and a dud in Nectar. I’d really like to see a vanilla flavor similar to Premier Protein’s vanilla product.

Coffiest 8/10- Points off for occasionally texture issues
Cacao 8/10
Nectar 5/10- At the breaking point between “would drink” and “would not drink”


I too have experienced significant GI discomfort 30-60 minutes after drinking Soylent. Thought it was just me.


My previous experience is with only Powder 1.6, which I actually like and tastes like pancake batter to me. Over the past two weeks I’ve transitioned to about a 50% diet of Powder 1.6 using stockpiles that I had purchased in 2016.

I recently ordered a case each of 2.0 Original, Cacao, Nectar, and Powder 1.8, and it just arrived. I’ve cracked open a bottle of each, and mixed up a small tester of Powder 1.8. Here are my initial impressions…

Powder 1.8 kinda tastes like skim milk that’s starting to go bad. It’s not nearly as sweet as 1.6.

Drink 2.0 Original tastes kinda oaty. Maybe a watered down version of the flavor of the leftover milk in a bowl of Cheerios.

Drink 2.0 Cacao tastes exactly like artificially flavored chocolate protein powder, with a little bit of chemical after-bite.

Other people are spot on about Nectar. It has that chemical taste of Fruity Pebbles. It’s not good, but not revoltingly nasty like some people claim. I also don’t catch the aroma that some people have mentioned.

I didn’t order any Coffiest because I think coffee is incredibly disgusting and had no interest in trying it.

Cycling back through a sip of each, Powder 1.8 tastes much worse after trying the 3 liquid variants. The slight sour milk tastes is more pronounced now.

Just in order of taste, I would rank them:


Ultimately, I will stay on Powder, but will also order some Cacao now to supplement in situations where I need the added convenience of the pre-prepared version.

I routinely add a little bit of cookies ‘n’ cream or strawberry flavored protein powder to my 1.6, and I’ll do the same for 1.8. I may also try the peanut butter trick. Others have indicated that 1.8 also improves after it chills. My intention is to live on about 75% Soylent for the rest of the year since I’ll be on the road full time for work starting in May.


I got a chance to taste Nectar and Cacao courtesy of the sampler box offered in an email campaign.

The Cacao tastes like malted milk to me. Ok, but given a choice between Cacao and Coffiest, I’ll stick with the caffein hit.

Nectar reminds me of milk left over from Fruit Loops cereal, has a weird chemical taste to it, and made my stomach queasy for hours after I drank it. (I’ve never had stomach issues from Coffiest or 2.x, so this was a surprise.)

Granted, after reading the name “Nectar” I was afraid it would be annoyingly sweet, but even though it isn’t as sweet as I feared, the taste has zero appeal for me.