Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


Cacao tastes kind of like chocolate Soy milk. I like it!

Now Nectar… It tastes like a horrible mix of fruity pebbles that has been in milk too long and a weird floral taste. It is pretty awful and would not recommend.

Luckily, someone steals things from the fridge at my wife’s office. Hopefully someone takes it :smiley:


Cacao + PB2, you are welcome. Wouldn’t do it every time, but if you want a treat or just a little change in flavor profile, it’s a nice change.


I’ve only tried Nectar and Coffiest so far. Love them both. Don’t know that I could do Nectar every day, but it satisfies my sweet tooth. I’ve ordered the Cacao and I’ll be ordering the Regular soon. I honestly didn’t expect to like Soylent, now a week in and I’m addicted. I find my self asking my girlfriend if she could just make her own meal so I can have another bottle. XD


I had the new flavors right after they were introduced, just to try them, and haven’t had one since (until yesterday, thanks Amazon ‘Pantry’!).

I had a Nectar yesterday, it is still awesome! Gonna have another right now.


I must say that Nectar is a little too lemon-scented cleaning product and not enough Froot Loops milk for me. Cacao tastes good, though.


I’ve had both Cacao and Nectar. Unfortunately, I have to agree with most on Nectar. It tastes and smells like Lemon Pledge. Not a big fan of anything lemon flavored. There is a “hint” of Fruity Pebbles cereal, but it is mostly Lemon Pledge. The Cacao on the other hand is awesome. To me it tastes really airy. Closest I can describe is a mix between cake batter and Cold Stone chocolate ice cream. Very tasty! I didn’t order Coffiest because I am trying to avoid caffeine.


New Soylent user as of an hour ago! So happy to be a part of the family. My first and only experience has been the Cacao, and I love it!

I was prepared for the overtly chalky flavor you taste with some protein shakes. I was also prepared to be disappointed by a chemical or artificial flavor, but to my delight it tasted wonderful.

I totally understand that it comes in its own bottle for conveniences sake, but I might try to blend a frozen banana and the Cacao and make it a richer smoothie-like breakfast. Have any of you mixed fruits with Cacao? What were your thoughts?

Going to order Coffiest next, but already added Cacao to my subscribe and save on Amazon, so with 5+ items I’m getting 15% off. Love it!


For me Nectar is my favorite, original is satisfyingly unoffensive, and the Cacao tastes like ever other Chocolate protein drink I don’t like. Please don’t ditch nectar


Cacao is my favorite. It’s a very tasty chocolate, just the right strength of flavor and sweetness. Original is bland but fine, and Nectar tastes great but I wouldn’t mind if it were just a tiny bit less sweet. What I do is drink Cacao as is, and mix Original and Nectar together to even both of them out.


I’m back after having tried all flavors now. I like original, especially when I’m not feeling anything sweet. Not a fan of caocao. Tastes like fake chocolate powder, and not enough. It’s chalky and almost bland. Not sure why people love it so much.

As for my last post, still love coffiest and nectar. My monthly subscription: 3 packs of coffiest, 1 pack of original, and 1 pack of nectar.


Haven’t tried Coffiest yet, but I agree about both Cacao and Nectar: Nectar tastes (to me) EXACTLY like Fruity Pebbles. I may alter my subscription to include both it and Original.

As for Cacao: If my Nesquik tasted like that, I’d stir another spoonful of powder in. It’s just…weak.


Because people’s tastes vary.

Not sure why people write things like this.


Not sure why you’re being so defensive…


I’m not being defensive. I’ve never tried nectar or cacao.

You do realize you might like food that others dislike? And vice versa.


You do realize you’re being condescending and aggressive for no reason? I’m not pretending that there is an objective way to taste things, simply stating my disbelief that people can be any more than ambivalent about a flavor that’s nearly non existent. If people love it they love, doesn’t mean I understand it or even need to understand it.

Maybe take it down a notch?


You called me condescending and aggressive.

Maybe take it down two notches?


I just want to point out that minimally flavored drinks seem to be in fashion now; I have a whole case of slightly fruit-flavored water, and lots of people might like slightly flavored chocolate. (But I havent tasted cacao yet, though I should be receiving some soon.)


Fair point. I even enjoy flavored water. But personally I don’t “love” the flavor of those waters, I love that there is any flavor at all with 0 calories and sweeteners. Doesn’t mean it tastes better than a coke, I’m just happy I can mindlessly drink it.

But caocao has, in my opinion, less of a flavor than original. With three other other flavors to choose from, all with more prominent flavors, not sure how caocao winds up on anyone’s love list. shrug I would just like to see a different chocolate option personally.


Keep the discussion on point or i’ll start heavily moderating the thread.

FEEDBACK on Nectar + Cacao.


This is baffling to me. I know that tastes can vary greatly from person to person, but saying that Cacao has less flavor than Original just makes no sense. It’s pretty much universally accepted that Original tastes like milk that Cheerios has been sitting in. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for a flavorful beverage. It’s intentionally bland. Cacao, on the other hand, is like delicious chocolate milk, and it is decidedly sweeter.

Oh well, different strokes.