Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


I also understand that taste buds are not uniform.

I also found that person’s comments re: cacao to be bizarre though. I would think virtually wherever you fall on the taste bud spectrum, Cacao would not be described as a “minimally flavored” beverage/meal or comparable at all to those aforementioned infused waters.

Anyways, I’ve been drinking a lot of Cacao lately and I think I like it better than Nectar now. Nectar became my clear favorite once introduced, but now all three are pretty close to equal when it comes to my preference.


Original doesn’t even taste sweet to me, which I would expect from cheerios. Just tastes like oatmeal, with like a hint of butter or something. It’s slightly savory. Still a more pronounced flavor than the airy “chocolate” flavor of caocao. Maybe my pallet doesn’t taste subtle flavors anymore due to my many years of pizza for every other meal. XD


This. I drink three bottles of 2.0 per day, one each of Original, Cacao, and Nectar, but I think I like Cacao the best. The only reason I don’t drink it exclusively is that I enjoy a variety of flavors… plus I still feel just a little bit guilty drinking “chocolate milk.” I feel like my mom is going to come into my room and ask if that’s seriously what I’m having for lunch.


They are both excellent in my book. Nectar is it’s own kind of thing, but I like it. Variety is a good thing, especially for those of us who drink/eat Soylent 3-5 times per day, every single day.


Cacao tastes like a melted frosty from wendys. Love it.


i know that i personally prefer chocolate flavored sweets to fruit flavored sweets, so it was no surprise that i went through 2 boxes of cacao and couldn’t even finish 1 bottle of nectar.

the one thing that held me back from enjoying it was probably the lemony aftertaste. i do enjoy the sweet, strawberry start (although i could be misplacing that fruit flavor), but the distinct lemon at the back end made me put the bottle down and discouraged me from picking it back up.

maybe instead of lemon, it could be banana paired with strawberry? that would definitely be a mix i’d try.


I liked the flavors for a little while but eventually got tired of them and didn’t want to use them up. I unsubscribed from Nectar and Cacao in favor of just original and Coffeist.


Cacao is definitely very good… The nectar is terrible. Someone said lemon pledge and I agree. Nectar tastes like lemon pledge smells. Will not order that again and its disappointing that I have to try and drink the rest of them.


You don’t have to. Individual bottles sell for quite a premium on eBay.


Ahh. Thanks! Never thought of that.


Caocao is a tiny bit too sweet so I usually I mix it with Coffiest and it’s perfect.

Nectar just tastes awful to me. I bought a box and noped out after one sip. it tasted so bad I had to rinse my mouth after. It just kind of tastes like really bad licorice icecream and a bit soapy. I gave the remaining bottles out ot my coworkers and only one of them found it bearable.


I might be changing my mind about nectar. I really hated it when I first tried it. So I decided to drink those first to get rid of them. By the time I got through all 12 I started to like it. I may give it another go before I make a final decision.


It’s funny how many times I’ve heard that for the various flavors. Good for you for at least sticking with it.


Any relevant experiences mixing in MCT oil?


This was my experience with Coffiest.


Stop asking for samplers! Samplers are unnecessary since you can just ask for a refund if you don’t like any Soylent product.


I’d rather spend $30-40 to see what flavors I like instead of spending $200 to see what flavors I don’t and then asking for a refund.


That makes no sense whatsoever.


It can make sense it you do not want to waste resources.


I didn’t get it at first either but I guess what he/she is saying is that he/she doesn’t want to buy a 12 pack of every soylent drink product to test them out.

That’s basically what I did though, I’ve purchased a box of each new product once released. But I don’t anticipate not liking something new, from a company whose products I’m so familiar with like Soylent, so much that I wouldn’t’ even be able to finish the box.