Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


I just got Coffiest and Cacao today from the Amazon specials. i like Cacao but don’t particularly like Coffiest, which surprises me a bit. I don’t like caffeine, but I normally like coffee-flavored things. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll drink the coffiest.


Just tried my first bottle of ‘Nectar’. I gagged at first but I was determined not to waste it and kept going. After the last sip BOOM… I painted the floor. Now I am psychologically damaged and can’t even look at the case without gagging. It tasted like someone spilled Mr. Clean in the mixing vats at the factory. Very chemical taste. Just horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Awesome of them to refund my purchase, though.


Just started Cacao today as I got it through the Amazon Prime special. It is the bottle version, not the pouch. I would say it is very similar to other meal replacement drinks flavored with chocolate. It is very palatable and not overbearing in flavor. There is a slight after taste but nothing obscene and I noticed it was gone within 10 minutes of finishing the bottle. I’ve been quite pleased with it. We’ll see if it gets too boring after a few days, but for now I am quite happy with the taste.


I’m another Amazon first timer. I got Cacao and like the flavor, smooth texture, and level of sweetness. It’s slightly chalky but nothing too serious. Unfortunately it upset my stomach but I’ll try again in a couple days. It tastes good enough to buy again if I adjust to it.


Huge fan of cacao, not so huge a fan of nectar. I can’t really figure out what I could alter it with, either, so it’s either love it or hate it. Chocolate and original are better palettes. I see a lot of disagreement on the taste of Nectar and after deciding I was going to tough out the case I’m finding more variability within the different bottles than I’d expected. The first one I absolutely couldn’t stand. My description was ‘floral, but like perfume.’ In subsequent bottles I was seeing more of a honeysuckle than an astringent taste though, and I was thinking maybe there’s a shelf stability problem. My SO also likes the flavor more after getting past that first awful bottle.

The description ‘fruity pebbles plus lemon pledge’ was spot on for the first bottle but after that either I was properly braced or the disinfectant taste was more muted. I’d try leaving more bottles out in unreasonable heat and chilling to different points to test but I’m not that brave. I think I’ll just work my way through the remainder of my 12 and buy a different flavor.


I have a box of Nectar (less one bottle). I really really don’t think I can drink the rest of the box. Are you saying Soylent will refund me? Do I need to send it back to them?


Go into your account and click “report a problem with your order” and simply tell them you didn’t like it and you would like to request a refund. They will ask for a pic of one of the bottle caps for the lot number, and they will issue a refund, no hassle. You don’t need to send it back, they will tell you to share the unused product with friends.


Honestly, I’d rather force myself to drink it at this point, if only to help keep Soylent afloat. I would hate to chip away at their profits and have them become a defunct fad of the past. I only ordered 1 box anyway!


I concur. Though apparently we are in a minority; I think Rosa Foods is entirely too accomadating in their return policy. I can’t buy a can of soup, for instance, and ask for my money back because I don’t like the taste.


You’d be surprised! Most Supermarkets that I know will take back a food item for any reason, as long as it is not entirely eaten.


Not to mention the company that makes the food will probably offer you some kind of compensation (like coupons for another product or something) if you contact them.


I do think they are too lax with their return policy though. At least from my singular experience. I asked for a refund on Nectar since I didn’t like it at all and won’t be finishing the box. I provided the order number I purchased it on and even mentioned that I bought it at a discount but they provided a refund equal to the full price of a box.


I personally think they need to do a better job preparing people for the taste of Nectar, although I admit this is a bit of a challenge. I was deceived by the red labeling and the photo of the strawberries being dropped into the glass. The first time I put it to my mouth I was expecting it to have some sort of refreshing berry flavor, or juice flavor. Instead I was hit with what I can only describe as “Pinesol” or “Mr. Clean”.

The fact I wasn’t prepared for this flavor made it even worse!

If I could describe it as any natural food, I would say it was Lemon Grass flavored, at least I would have been slightly prepared!


This. My roommate and I were completely thrown off by it, in all except for Cafe Vanilla and Nectar the color of the bottle matches the color of the liquid inside the bottle and they all taste what you would expect. Nectar just flat out throws you through a loop because as you said the Strawberries and red coloring on the bottle makes you think that it will be fruit punch like or something berry like, but instead you get a yellow liquid that tastes like lemon.

It’s similar to when you grab an opaque pitcher from the fridge expecting it to be one thing and it’s something completely different and you’re like WTF?! My dad would always make Iced Tea in a opaque yellow pitcher, one day my mom decided to put lemonade in there and that completely threw me off because I was expecting Iced Tea and got Lemonade (I drank it straight from the pitcher haha).


Cacao should not be touched or changed at all. It’s perfect. However, Nectar… I’m not sure what the flavor plan was but it’s definitely not something I could pleasurably enjoy to drink. I honestly regret purchasing the product and if I had to live on just Cacao I could deal with that. However, I think Nectar should be completely tossed out the window. I was able to test it after my friend who bought a dozen with the expectation it was going to be as great as cacao. Sadly, he and I were disappointed.

My suggestions, keep Cacao 2.0 as it is and improve Nectar so that it actually tastes fine. Instead of Nectar, how about Strawberry?


purchased my first box of Nectar… can’t even drink it! It is just bad! Sad that I am out $40 now, but that is the risk we take.

Cacao - tastes great. Using this as part of my 100% soylife and helps break up the taste of original every meal.


I didn’t even consider the hassle of returning it. Having gone through the original order plus a reorder now we’ve jettisoned the Original but Nectar is strong in rotation with Cacao. If I didn’t want my taste buds to get too acclimated I might go straight Cacao, but it’s amazing how fast Nectar grew on me. The lemon plus flower plus perfume thing is still there but I’m absolutely drinking it on purpose. I do think the branding makes it hard to expect since to me it didn’t actually have much in common with flavors of things I intentionally put in my mouth. There really wasn’t a point of reference like there would be with just about any fruit flavor where I could at least sort it into the ‘consumables’ category until I’d put in some serious effort.


“I can’t buy a can of soup, for instance, and ask for my money back because I don’t like the taste.”

Actually yes you can. In Canada anyway. Consumer protection laws here guarantee a full refund on any purchase if the consumer is unsatisfied for any reason. Large corporations are fully insured for any losses incurred.


“purchased my first box of Nectar… can’t even drink it! It is just bad! Sad that I am out $40 now, but that is the risk we take.”

I got a refund for mine just by asking. You’re not out $40. And the corporation is insured for this so there is no loss to them either. By not asking for a refund you’re basically telling the corporation you were satisfied with the product and they don’t need to change anything.


Just tried Nectar. The rest of it will be used to keep a nice sheen on the wood floor. I am NOT a picky eater (I thought powder 1.4 was fine after I got used to it!), but there’s no way this isn’t complete nutrition mixed with Pledge. Even I have limits.