Feedback on Nectar + Cacao


I know that some people like Nectar but it seems like that vast majority of people, including myself, do not. I hope that they are working on a formula alteration for this one. I would like some kind of fruity, sweet drink, but Nectar just isn’t it.


I would like to try a miniature bottle of Nectar. Like 2oz. Maybe they can work on that after the Variety pack.


Just tried Cacao today. Gotta say, I’ve never disliked the powder or original 2.0 but they’ve always been kinda meh. Cacao on the other hand was, dare I say it, GOOD. Actually enjoyed drinking it rather than being indifferent.


Back on Soylent here after a while.

I’m sorry to say that I found the taste of Nectar & Cacao to be pretty bad. If original Soylent tastes like Cheerio flavored milk (oats), Cacao and Nectar taste like Coco Puffs and Fruit Loops.

I love my Coffiest and hope the formula hasn’t changed in the new squarish bottles. Vanilla isn’t bad though.



Just want to piggyback on this for others reading: s/he’s right. Rosa will either refund you or send out a replacement if you contact customer service and express your distaste. They’ve always been good about this sort of thing (so please keep it this way and don’t abuse it!). Like many, I had some digestive issues with 1.6, and they replaced what I didn’t drink with 1.7 as soon as I asked. Some of my 1.5 was way too close to expiration when I got it, and they replaced the full one-month supply. And I just got a box of 2.0 to replace the Nectar I’m now using to treat my new deck. All the neighbors love how lemony fresh it is.

P.S. Apologies to anyone involved with designing or selecting the flavor profile of Nectar who’s read any of my awful Pledge jokes so far. I have virtually no palette and thus no place judging flavors for anyone but myself.


I’ve used that comparison a few times and pretty much everyone who’s tried it agrees that it’s not inaccurate, even if they like it, and it’s grown on both of us who are drinking Soylent regularly in the household to the point we’ve reordered it. Lemon plus perfume or lemon plus disinfectant is a pretty common response (which is funny because I didn’t immediately catch the lemon over the flowery flavor at first).


I probably have missed others, but this is the first time I have seen someone say they don’t like the flavor of Nectar and also Correctly identified the taste as Fruit Loops.


My review of my first 12 pack of Cacao:
Amazing 10/10 will not be even consider soylent original now


sarcasm? lol 20 characters


Finally stepped up to try Cacao as I’m a bit of a chocoholic…

Unfortunately I found it to taste much like the cheapest chocolate milk. I prefer something a bit stronger and darker… In the chocolate milk department my preference is something like the Trader Joes/Rockfield stuff…

I’ll stick with Chocolate Schmilk which I personally find much tastier and a lot cheaper (and even that I add a bit of Hershey special dark to).


I like Nectar but Amazon seems to be phasing it out. Looking at the reviews up there, I seem to be in a minority.


Nectar is out, by popular demand. I never tasted it. Some flavor like strawberry is rumored to be coming.


Yes, I saw the threads on it after posting. I guess I’m the weirdo with bad taste!

I would not describe Nectar as great by any means, but I found it better than the unflavored stuff. The Cacao is okay, but it’s a bit rich to drink on a regular basis.

Hopefully, more people will like strawberry and it will stick around a while.


You might try the Chai if you’re into that kind of spicy cinnamony flavor. It’s in there Cafe line, but it’s only got about as much caffeine as a can of soda, so it’s not as bad as drinking coffee or something. The other two Cafe flavors do have significantly more caffeine in them though.


The Cafe line is more expensive than Cacao which in turn is more expensive than original, right?


I thought all the versions were the same price except the original which is


Original is the cheapest. All flavored varieties are the same higher price.


Love them both. Even though Nectar is gone now :frowning:

The only issue: they cost about $4 or $5 a bottle when buying from Canada (exchange rate + foreign currency bank fees). We make less money than Americans on teh whole, so using the bottled stuff is not at all sustainable up here. I use the powder for breakfast and lunch then eat chewable food for dinner.


Cacao has been my flavor ever since I was forced to abandon Original due to a reaction to an ingredient.

Cacao at its best is a very good, rich chocolate taste. However, Soylent still has some quality consistency issues, so… Cacao at its worst can sometimes be an awkwardly too sweet chocolate with a weird aftertaste.

If you can get it to be more consistently like Godiva-rich luxurious chocolate, I will order Cacao forever. Less artificial sweetness, more rich chocolateness.

I find that shaking before drinking helps a little.