Feedback on People Chow variant please



I’ve been working on a version of People Chow for the UK as some of the ingredients can’t be purchased outside of the USA.

I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got, but I’d love someone to sanity check it for me.

Here is People Chow UK:



Looks like your hitting all your numbers, that’s a good start. You may consider adjusting your ratio of Omega 6/Omega 3, currently your about 10/1, the more recent research is saying that the closer you can get it to balanced (1/1) the better.

Fair warning, you may find a new hobby in this. I’ve been doing this a few months and have written a couple of main recipes, with several iterations each with different goals in mind. Enjoy.


Thanks for the feedback :smile: Do you have any links to the Omega research you’ve been reading?

I know what you mean about it becoming a hobby - I’ve been spending a lot of time on the DIY site. It’s just so addictive!


I too have made several recipes. All mine follow a 40/30/30 calorie distribution, and have a 2400 calorie daily caloric quantity.

I have one plain Jane one, which is just a 2400kcal variant of the original people chow.

I have one that I use if I want to flavor it with an extract.

And I finally have made one that’s 2000 calories, based on original people chow, but with olive oil, added fiber, and the flax oil caps and vitamin K supps here.

I added the flax oil and switched to olive oil so I could get much closer to a 1:1 ratio on Omega3:Omega6. Presently about 1:4.

However, I did a 2400kcal recipe for Vadim which includes a lot of fish caps daily and this accomplishes both an intake of DHA/EPA (important) and also achieves that golden 1:1 ratio.

Good luck!

PS - Some of the best info I found on Omega3/6 is here.


Thanks for that link @evilOlive .

According to that article current average intakes of n-6 to n-3 fatty acids is between 10:1 and 20:1, with a recommendation of reducing to 4:1 resulting in ‘a 70% decrease in total mortality’ - so it sounds like reducing the ratio is a good idea.

I expect I’ll keep playing around to create my perfect recipe. Any other advice would be very welcome.