Feedback on this formula?


I’d like to try a formula that I found on the DIY site.

But before I will buy all the ingredients I’d like to ask you guys if you can give me feedback of any sort. I’m especially skeptic about the big amounts of coconut milk. I don’t aim to have a perfect Soylent as I will probably still eat “normal” food 30% of the time.


The only thing I’d be worried about is the fact that you’re getting a lot of your vitamins from pills. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but because vitamin pills are usually not time released, you end up excreting a lot of it right away after taking it, which could cause some vitamin def. problems.


Thanks for your input. I also noticed that the dosage from the vitamin pills is too high, so I would cut it down to 1 pill/day instead of 3 pills/day.


The ratios are not great, but it seems like it would be tasty, and pretty good for 1 or 2 meal/day. (Disclosure: I’m a bit biased about the importance of ratios)

The phosphorus-calcium-magnesium triangle could lead to long term bone health issues if this were a complete meal replacement diet. From what some of us have found (sources in the link above), you need to cut the phosphorus by at least half, push your calcium up a bit and do everything you can to increase magnesium.

Also, you ought to try to get closer to a 1:1 on your omega3:omega6.


Way too much psyllium husk. I would cut back or remove it completely. Too much fiber can cause problems. Excess insoluble fiber can also reduce absorption of nutrients.


Again, thank you both for your feedback and especially for linking to your thread about ratios, I didn’t see that one yet.

Muhd, I will follow your advice and probably leave the psyllium husk out. The only reason I added it to the formula was to fight the hunger that I got in the past drinking Soylent for a few days.