Feedback regarding the new bottle design (taller, round)


Dear Soylent,

I received my recent shipment of the Original Flavored Soylent drink and noted the new rounded and taller bottle design.

I regret to say that I am not a fan of the new bottle design.

Unlike the previous squarish, shorter bottle design, there are now 2 additional waste articles that result from opening the new bottle: one is the plastic wrap around the cap, and the other is the thin safety foil underneath the cap. These two pieces of trash increase the likelihood of littering by the user. Furthermore, these articles are plastic and aluminum; materials that do not degrade if littered in nature and pose health risks and hazards to pets and wildlife if ingested.

The previous bottle design was simple and straightforward and resulted in minimum separate trash articles; you simply twist the cap open, and there is no additional litter to be concerned about. The entire bottle of the old design is also readily recyclable. In contrast, the new bottle design requires sorting those 2 extra trash articles in regular trash before being able to sort the main body of the bottle in the recycle bin, complicating - and impeding - the user’s effort to recycle. This runs counter to your company goal of helping to better the planet.

In summary, the new bottle design is very unfriendly to the environment, promotes additional littering, and is not user-friendly due to the added steps to get to the content of the bottle.

I highly recommend that you move away from this new bottle design for one that is more simple, environmentally friendly, and minimizes the effort needed to recycle the bottle.

Thank you,


From what I’ve read, Soylent prefers the square bottles too, unfortunately they’ve had production issues…


I am in the other camp, as I LOVE the new bottles. Once again, they fit in all of my coolie holders and in my car cupholders. I drink it slow for max protein absorption and this is a welcome change for me. The square ones would be ok if they were taller/slimmer.


While I prefer the shape and dimensions of the old bottles, my wife has arthritis and cannot open the old-style caps without incurring extreme pain. The new caps and foil seals have been a massive benefit for her.

The new labels are also substantially easier to peel off in order to recycle the bottle.

These are significant improvements; I’d hate to see Soylent move backwards on them.


I figured they switched for that reason: the old bottles were a major PITA to open when they were chilled, it’s not just us, many people noticed it. I had a fun time watching my roommate, who is stronger than me, struggle to open it. I also saw many people with weaker grips complain about it on here as well. It was a combination of the ill-fitting label that would twist and bunch up so you couldn’t get a good grip on it, and the cap hugged on to the bottle for dear life when it was cold. If you heated it with hot sink water for a few seconds it would off with no issue.

The new bottles are easier to twist, but you have to deal with two seals again, which creates waste and is just annoying in general.

I have no preference on the actual style and dimensions of the bottles, though.


Oh, you’re too right about those wrappers bunching up! :tired_face:

The new bottles don’t have two seals, do they? There’s nothing meaningful inside the cap; to me it just looks like the cap is there to protect the actual seal, moreso than to form one.

With the old bottles the seal is non-recyclable material wedged inside the cap, so someone – either you or someone at the recycling facility – has to dig it out and discard it before the cap can be recycled. It seems likely that that frequently doesn’t happen, leading to the entire cap winding up in a landfill.

With the new bottles, if I’m going to drink the whole thing, I can take the cap off and pitch it directly into the recycle bin, peel off the wrapper, remove the foil seal, wrap the (messy) foil seal in the wrapper, and that bundle goes in the trash. (The wrapper is not considered recyclable here.)

So from a creates-waste standpoint it seems not so cut-and-dried which one is worse. For my recycle flow, the new bottles are an improvement across the board, but I’m sure opinions and practices differ.

A nice improvement might be to get rid of the wrappers entirely and label the bottles directly with soy-based ink or something along that line. That would reduce waste by a lot.